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How to disable automatic enabling or disable toolbar in VSCode?

When I press ctrl + p/n/s/r/o/d (reflow, save, open, search, open document, etc.) and I open vscode.exe, automatically, after 30s, the toolbar automatically open for me.

Is there a way to disable that?
Thank you


It seems that the default action that VSCode performs when you press the hotkeys is to bring up the Task View. You can stop that behavior by adding the following command to your launch.json file:
„name“: „Launch Command Line“,
„type“: „node“,
„request“: „launch“,
„program“: „${command:=.exe}“,
„args“: [],
„console“: „integratedTerminal“

When you run this you should no longer see the Task View after the action performed by the hotkeys.
You can also override this with an extension like Pomegranate.


This is a new default that seems to have been introduced in VSCode 1.31.0:


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