ViVeTool-GUI 9.00.0200 Crack [2022]

Windows provides a multitude of ways for users to customize their experience. If you're not a fan of the default experience, there's virtually nothing to stop you from changing it altogether through the help of third-party solutions. Sure, it may not be as flexible as Linux when it comes to molding the OS to your preferences, but for most users, it's enough to satisfy them.
It is thus no surprise that there's a host of hidden features with each new Windows build. Want to enable or disable any Windows function through the click of a button? ViVeTool-GUI is the solution: it's got a nice interface that allows users to toggle any existing Windows feature with just a click.
A nifty tool
Casual users may not want to concern themselves when it comes to meddling with Windows functions, perhaps owing to a perceived complexity of the process, as well as the fear of breaking something. Thanks to the intuitive interface of this program, users already know what functions are inherently enabled and disabled by the OS.
It's worth noting that a machine running at least Windows 10 Build 18963 is required: there are numerous supported builds, but anything earlier than this won't work.
The app does a good job at marking everything, and the prerogatives of the functions are, most of the time, self-explanatory: it's obvious what a function named AutoBrightnessService does, but that doesn't mean that more cryptic features don't exist. MKTme, for instance, has to do with memory encryption on newer-gen Intel devices. As usual, if you aren't sure about what a feature does, it's best to look it up on the internet.
Enable, disable, or revert
The program is among the most to-the-point we've tested as of late: you can look up a feature or pick it from the list, and you can activate or deactivate it via the Perform Action button. Tampering with hidden Windows functions does pose a risk, however, which is why reverting a feature to its default state is also an option.
ViVeTool GUI is a simple piece of software with a relatively complicated task: there's no easier way than this when it comes to accessing hidden Windows features, which makes the program worth appreciating.







ViVeTool-GUI Crack + [Mac/Win] [March-2022]

Disable/revert hidden Windows function in Windows 10 with click of button. This tool is an easy to use software solution to enable or disable a Windows feature through the click of a button. It shows all features in handy easy to use GUI interface. The functions will be disabled and reenabled as you wish them to be. This is a one way to quickly disable or reenable a Windows feature like auto brightness, sleep, hibernation and many more.

Windows has plenty of settings available for users to tweak and fine-tune their system. If you’re not a fan of the default environment, there’s little stopping you from changing it completely through third-party apps. The problem with third-party solutions, however, is that they often require you to become root, and that’s not something that the average user can readily grasp or access.
There’s no denying that this is a security and privacy issue, but even when it comes to bypassing that security, there’s no perfect solution. Until we have root access and can run many software under a user context, we need tools that allow us to do just that.
Thankfully, ViVeRXP, a small utility from Microsoft, provides just that. It is a utility that not only lets you toggle certain Windows settings, but it also lets you disable them completely. Moreover, it’s completely free and does the job, largely because it works.
The interface is simple, to say the least: there’s a Recent feature, that lets you list the settings that you’ve already toggled; Status, that lists any changes that are being applied; and Disabling, that lists the settings that are available to be disabled.
You’ll need to have a specific version of Windows 10 in order to use the tool, as you’ll have to have build 17623 or newer to be able to use the utility. You can download it here.
ViVeRXP Description:
ViVeRXP is a utility for Microsoft Windows 10, allows you to toggle or disable settings on Windows 10. You can toggle hidden, unadorned settings such as Display Brightness and Sleep Timer. This tool is totally free, completely safe to use and has no nags. The main purpose of this utility is to allow you to toggle and disable these hidden settings which normally requires you to be root.

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ViVeTool-GUI Crack+

View and control various Windows features with a few clicks.

Turn key Windows features on or off.

Performance: Turn on/off features that may be harmful to the computer.

Performance: Toggle the on/off functionality of the not displayed features of Windows.

Enable/Disable Windows features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Video modes, Power management, IPP printer, T-IP telephony (SIP) and many more. These settings are not changed directly by Windows, so they cannot be altered by the user.

System Efficiency: Disables all unwanted features on Windows (including uninstalling them from your machine).

System Efficiency: Use command line tools to control all hidden features on Windows (and they work on all latest Windows versions and even in safe mode).

System Efficiency: You can even save your system to a compressed file and install it back on another Windows machine or another computer.

How does ViVeTool-GUI do it?

ViVeTool-GUI uses WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) to retrieve all hidden features set in Windows by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). All the features are read by means of the Win32_SystemProduct class and are saved into a file. ViVeTool-GUI uses a list of features provided by Win32_WMIFilter, which is a cmdlet created to get those features. These features can be accessed by using the CIM (Common Information Model) or WQL (Windows Query Language). There are already thousands of features and a number of other CIM/WQL classes out there (documented at, but we have taken great efforts to reduce the effort needed to acquire all the features.

ViVeTool-GUI Features:

You can toggle any hidden Windows feature on or off.

You can activate or deactivate Windows features that may be harmful to the computer.

ViVeTool-GUI Features:

You can toggle any hidden Windows feature on or off.

You can activate or deactivate Windows features that may be harmful to the computer.

System Performance: Modify certain features that could affect the performance of the Windows.

System Performance: Disable all automatically activated features on Windows.

System Performance: Toggle the on/off functionality of the non-displayed features of Windows.

How does ViVeTool-GUI work?

ViVeTool-GUI uses WMI (Windows

ViVeTool-GUI Free [Updated-2022]

ViVeTool-GUI provides an intuitive user interface to the services, registry values and compatibility information of the operating system under the Microsoft Windows operating system. The program does not modify Windows, but it does provide a pleasant and quick way of performing tasks that some Windows users may find inconvenient.

While not as robust as the Googlesearch options that Windows 10 is so famous for, finding information about the OS is possible with this feature-rich (if not very robust) app.
We’ve had to reinstall the Windows operating system multiple times over the last few months because the windows update crashed and had to be fixed, but ViVeTool was always there and saved the day.
What’s great is how short it takes to find any information about any Windows feature and how accessible the tool is. From bootup to finding things that are being hidden away, the app takes just a few seconds.
The only problem we’ve encountered with it was when we tried to record a video tutorial, but after updating, ViVeTool-GUI crashed. It’s unfortunate because if I had saved the video before I played with the settings, I’m certain it would have worked.
If you aren’t a regular user of Windows 10, ViVeTool-GUI may not be the solution for you. But for those that are, it’s a useful tool.
ViVeTool-GUI Features:

Include features of Windows version 10, version 1703, version 1709, version 1710, version 1719, version 1730, version 1731, version 1733, version 1734, version 1735, version 1738, version 1751, version 1762, version 1768, version 1771, version 1774, version 1775, version 1778, version 1787, version 1803, version 1809, version 1810, version 1811, version 1816, version 1819, version 1820, version 1821, version 1822, version 1823, version 1824, version 1825, version 1826, version 1827, version 1828, version 1829, version 1831, version 1832, version 1833, version 1834, version 1835, version 1837, version 1838, version 1839, version 1841, version 1842, version 1843, version 1844, version 1845, version 1847, version 1848, version 1849, version 1850, version 1851, version 1853, version 1854, version 1856

What’s New In?

DISCLAIMER: This is an unsupported third-party application that does not qualify as an official Microsoft product. ViVeTool GUI is not intended for distribution or redistribution and does not claim any rights or titles to any products or trademarks appearing in this application. We support an open-source community that develops the tools we use. Where ViVeTool GUI requires registration, registration is voluntary and free.
System Requirements:
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
How to Install:
1. Download and Install the application
2. Enjoy
ViVeTool-GUI has a demo-version available as well. The demo shows off all options and gives you a taste of the app before you decide to get it. The trial version is here so you can see if the app fits your needs.

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How to Customize Windows 10 for Users
Choosing a specific look for the Windows 10 Home desktop is best left to the very capable Windows 10 Home users. You are going to need patience when you are looking for that balance between the look that a Pro user would be happy with and something that would be attractive to a Home user.
If you have a tablet PC in the

System Requirements For ViVeTool-GUI:

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 1.8 GHz
Video: Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
Network: Broadband Internet connection (for multiplayer)
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 20 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound card (for multiplayer)
Have fun!