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Train Simulator is the number one train simulation game in the world, and now is the perfect time to play. With the introduction of the base game – Train Simulator 2015, it is only possible to get better and achieve even greater levels of realism with the game.
Train Simulator is the ultimate choice for professional driving simulations, with a vast range of authentic locomotive models, routes and scenery. With a full suite of state-of-the-art engineering and physics technologies and an unrivalled level of immersion, this game is the perfect choice for any railway enthusiasts, from beginners to professionals.
In addition to the base game, there are extensive add-on products and in-game content available to play instantly. Great add-on content will help train enthusiasts achieve unparalleled realism in the game. Train Simulator combines high-quality visuals and detailed trainscen-ics with the world’s most advanced and realistic engineering and physics. With Train Simulator, every journey is unique.
Key Features:
The ultimate choice for train simulators
Based on the acclaimed Train Simulator 2015 engine
Delivers unparalleled immersion with its physics and enhanced visuals
The ultimate choice for train enthusiasts
Just as real as you can get
Create trainscenarios
Create and play your own trainscenarios
Train Simulator enables you to make your own railway journeys by creating your own scenarios
Engineering and physics: physics is what allows the Train Simulator world to feel so real
All physics in train simulators are based on real-life engineering principles
Closest thing to life you can get
With Train Simulator, your sim will feel more realistic than the real life!
A network of over 7,000km of lines across the UK, Europe, North America, Middle East, South America and Africa
A variety of routes, such as the Norfolk Southern Coal District route, to help your train journeys become unique and realistic
A dynamic world with dynamic weather, terrain and time of day changes
A vast array of train-based vehicles and services to haul your freight
A dynamic network of towns, cities, stations and other nodes which together make up the UK Rail Network
Great performance
The minimum requirements to play Train Simulator are:
Windows Vista or newer
Dual Core CPU
8 GB Hard Drive
Verify that the computer has the minimum requirements to play Train Simulator
Steam Workshop compatible
Visit the Steam Workshop to find additional download content:

Based on the award


Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern Big 7s Loco Add-On Features Key:

  • Buildroads and trainlanes
  • Improved road physics
  • Three fixed loco sets
  • Load and save camera
  • Three upgradeable loco sets
  • Powered locomotives
  • A built-in simulatoroverhead cam
  • Easy to view on phone
  • Realistic, full-color scenery
  • How to Install:

    1. Download and install Steam.
    2. Install the game.
    3. Launch Steam and log in to your account. If you do not have a Steam account, register one now.
    4. Go to the “Games” page and select “Activate a product on Steam”, find the product you want to install (in my case, Steam will find “Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern Big 7s Loco Add-On”). Then follow the onscreen instructions
    5. Enjoy playing!

    For Orange Box/Big Picture users:

    This product is only compatible with Orange Box and will not work on Big Picture.

    How to Play:

    • Start up your simulator and select the ‘Classic’ startup option.
    • Select ‘Simulator Options…’, then ‘Set a new default location’. A new folder should appear under the default location on your system. This is where the game data is stored when not running from Steam.
    • Open up the folder, and you should now be able to find an addition folder called ‘niascor’. Inside you will find a ‘videos’ folder. Place the enclosed file ‘’ in this folder.
    • Reopen the simulator and go to ‘Options > Mission Settings…’.
      Choose ‘startup’ from the drop-down list and select the file ‘’ from the newly created ‘Nisticor’ folder.

      Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern Big 7s Loco Add-On With Keygen Download [Updated] 2022

      The Norfolk Southern Big 7s were the mainstay power units for the railroad’s coal-mining operations in the southern Appalachian region. They hauled the most coal tonnage in the country and were controlled by two of the most powerful Class I railroads in the US. Three types of locomotive were produced: a B36-7 High Nose equipped with a 2,200 horsepower 4-axle, a B36-7 Low Nose with a 3,600 horsepower 4-axle, and a C36-7 ph2 GSC with a 6,100 horsepower 6-axle. The B36-7 and C36-7 were originally manufactured by the General Electric Corporation, while the Low Nose was built in Canada by Montreal Locomotive Works. In 1986, the Class 1s were split between the two railroads, ending the production of the C36-7 (and ph2 GSC). Norfolk Southern Railroad acquired the B36-7s in the late 1980s. Today, the Norfolk Southern Big 7s are a vital part of the railroad’s freight operations, working the Norfolk Southern coal route and supporting the company’s profitable intermodal and coal-by-rail operations.
      The GE Dash 7 is a four-axle, 4,000 horsepower AC6000C4C locomotive from General Electric. Based on the Dash 7, it is the most powerful American AC locomotive ever built. The GE Dash 7 was manufactured by the American Locomotive Company in Schenectady, New York. As the successor to the U36B, the U36C, and the U40C, the GE Dash 7 was designed by John J. Raskob, the American Locomotive Company’s first vice-president of engineering.
      The GE Dash 7 has an attractive appearance, with metallic fluted features on the rounded front nose and a large exhaust stack on the roof. The typical J-type cab helps to make the Dash 7 identifiable with its overall streamlined appearance.
      3D Engine:
      3D Engine allows engine parts to be changed, such as the exhaust, as well as to move them into position.
      Handlebar Unit:
      Handlebar Unit allows the cab to be pulled back so that the operator’s legs and feet don’t have to hang over the sides of the cab.
      Lights can be turned on and off as required.
      Includes animated mirrors as standard, with


      Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern Big 7s Loco Add-On Crack + Download

      Version 1.2 of the Steam Workshop is now available, which introduces a host of new features and content to Train Simulator! Over 1,100 user-made scenarios and mods are now available for this award winning game, including ones where you can drive over 40 different locomotive classes. In addition to that there are over 35,000 products for sale, many developed in collaboration with companies including PACT, Blue Planet, N-Trig and The Big in Scale. Are you game for a challenge? What if you are – and it just so happens that you can actually win some of that product in the process? Yes, it’s all true! Please note that Train Simulator is currently in ‘overwhelming popularity’ and loading screens can be slow! We recommend that you use the Steam Client. The Steam Client is available from the Steam website, for Mac, PC or Linux – and is completely FREE. You only need to register once and you can then download and play through Steam. There is a really simple and straight forward process – we have written a very detailed guide for setting up Steam that is available here. If you do need help, please contact us.
      Feature Listing
      PlatformSteam, Mac, PC
      Need for Speed
      QuickDrive compatible
      EnginetruckTransport trucks are products simmed in Train Simulator. Transport trucks appear on track where you need them to haul a variety of different goods. In addition to goods trains (such as cattle or grain cars) they will also move material up and down hills and at major junctions. Transport trucks are fast and usually do not require a crew to operate, although they can be coupled to a locomotive for heavy hauls.

      In the Train Simulator titles, the transport truck performs very similar to the Wds&Co Railway Spot (1960’s Super Taper) and Leitch’s Truck.

      If you want to assign the transport truck function to a driver, you need to add it to a route. There are two types of transport truck on the route, „Transport Truck“ and „Shippers (Standard Truck)“. If you are using this feature, the Transport Truck will haul all the goods trains. Shippers are for when you want to haul cargo between two specific locations (e.g. from Marysville to Yakima).

      Transport Truck feature

      1. Select a transport truck model

      2. To build a transport truck


      What’s new:

      Train Simulator 2014 video & walkthrough

      This is a walkthrough for Locos in Train Simulator 2014. This new
      game release from the long-running Train Simulator series adds several
      train-related add-ons that allow the player of any version (Sim, FS,
      of RailWorks to have access to the Big 7s „Big-7“ locomotives in quite a
      „more authentic“ manner.

      Newly available since the release of FS+ is „LocoShuttle“ which
      allows the player the ability to control one or more of the following
      locos from the cab of their own train.

      Big7s (LS) – locos have their own cab by default as can be seen
      at the start of this video


      Once the player has purchased all the add-ons, the game will
      allow them to unlock the „LS“ version of an of the new add-ons by
      purchasing an optional add-on pack from the GTR Store, once available.

      *Some locos shown in this walkthrough were already available at
      FS+ release, and some locos (Albany & Syracuse, Louisville &
      Northwestern, Richmond & Eureka Springs, Richmond, Miami &
      Orlando) are only available as add-on packs.

      *Loco Shuttle can be purchased as a separate add-on pack (for
      40 €) or as part of a special big7s „pack“ (160 €)which also
      includes the latest „Nichelmann“ road film, the gfx truck (and crew),
      Skyline stereophotography and Big7s‘ 8-player DX Town map.

      Note: With FS +, you can also unlock the „7 L’s“ version of the
      ad-ons at the start-up of the game too.

      Ad-ons descriptions – three of the „big 7’s“ packs add the
      option to control the three locomotive types fitted to each cab…

      Cab in style

      Great Rail Tours Cabs have their own custom cab with all
      their own facilities, and of course have that fabulous handrail which
      makes for easy climbing and alow easy access to the railroading
      facilities at every possible position.

      It is therefore to be expected that such a cab shows terrific
      build quality and brilliantly styled interior.

      Well, where do you go


      Download Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern Big 7s Loco Add-On Crack + Serial Key For PC


      How To Crack:

      • Run the game setup and install the game…
      • Open „Start>All Programs>Steam…“. Left-click this shortcut and select „Open“…
      • Go to „My Games“ and locate Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern Big 7s Loco Add-On…
      • Once it’s installed, just run it…

      How To Install & Crack Game Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern Big 7s Loco Add-On:

      How To Install & Crack Game Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern Big 7s Loco Add-On:

      • Run the game setup and install the game…
      • Open „Start>All Programs>Steam…“. Left-click this shortcut and select „Open“…
      • Go to „My Games“ and locate Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern Big 7s Loco Add-On…
      • Once it’s installed, just run it…

      How To Install & Crack Game Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern Big 7s Loco Add-On:

      How To Install & Crack Game Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern Big 7s Loco Add-On:

      • Run the game setup and install the game…
      • Open „Start>All Programs>Steam…“. Left-click this shortcut and select „Open“…
      • Go to „My Games“ and locate Train Simulator: Norfolk Southern Big 7s Loco Add-On…
      • Once it’s installed, just run it…


      System Requirements:

      OS: Windows 7/8/10
      CPU: Intel i5 2500K
      RAM: 8 GB
      GPU: GTX 760
      DirectX: Version 11
      HDD: 30 GB
      Network: Broadband Internet Connection
      CPU: Intel i7 6700k
      RAM: 16 GB
      GPU: GTX 1080