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Name The Walking Zombie: Dead City
Publisher umayfreq
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Rating 4.78 / 5 ( 4573 votes )
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★★★ After a zombie apocalypse, you’re now part of a militia. After your young daughter, Hansel, is attacked by a zombie, you must fight against zombies and other enemies to protect Hansel.
★★★ In Walking Zombie 2, you will not only have to face zombies, but also allies, danger, traps, oil stoves, cats and hungry dogs. Besides, there are many cross-platform mechanics that will help you pass the zombie-fight.
★★★ You will need to explore, to loot, to craft, to get items and to craft items.
★★★ You can customize your character and gear, with many slots and options.
★★★ You will face lots of enemies. You will be able to build your own weapons, to modify them and to craft them.
★★★ You will be able to use your resources to craft 3 different types of weapons.
★★★ There are more than 10 enemies and more than 15 weapons.
★★★ And there are more than 30 quests and over 60 items to discover.
★★★ There are also 3 levels, with 4 weapons, 4 skills, 4 stats, 6 perks and 3 sets.
★★★ There are 5 characters with 6 armor sets and a lot of items.
★★★ And there is lots of enemy types: zombie, dogs, cats, rats, etc.
★★★ There are more than 10 distinctive areas (different from each other) filled with zombies, cats and oil stoves, but also with an important role for players: the shopping areas.
★★★ You have a special character and you will be able to discover all the stuff with your special character.
★★★ There will be old and new quests. Some of them will be easy while others will be hard. This game is scary but never repetitive.
★★★ There will be some dialogues and characters that you can fulfill.
★★★ There is a character that will guide you throughout the game, for your help.
★★★ You will be able to create your own avatar character (same one than your friends, without the need to pay).
★ A full singleplayer FPS with RPG elements
★ Lots of weapons, items, skills and perks
★ All of them are in inventory and you can select them any time you want
★ There are more than 30 items to discover
★ There are more than 10 enemies and lots of items
★ A lot of quests and characters
★ Lots of traps and missions


The Walking Zombie: Dead City Features Key:

  • Story about a city overrun by zombies
  • Zombies in the daytime
  • Features great graphics and special effects
  • Destroy your enemies
  • Easy to learn


In the town of Viennazua, the citizens went to work as usual but in
the night, a strange mist appeared in the streets. Soon zombie-like
people started to attack the town-folk, killing all in their path.
Next morning, the doctor checked the city and found out that it was
overrun with a zombie invasion (there were only 6 survivors!) People
were hunting for food or water or repairing something but they all
became zombies after the night. So the doctor and his pet dog, alone
were left in the city, trying to survive in the night. Each person has
his own character, skills and equipment, so the game is open for
players to try out different tactics and develop a personal style of


What’s New in The Walking Zombie: Dead City

  • Added option to disable the Instant Action mechanic to save
  • Added option to increase the distance to display
  • Fixed some minor bugs.


The Walking Zombie: Dead City Crack [March-2022]

Walking Zombies took control of the tower in the city when an accident occurred and now they rule over a huge part of the city. Now, you are the last survivor in the tower and you have to take an elevator back down to the surface. Make your way back to the highest point of the tower and defeat all zombie walking over the city. On your way down, you will have to deal with many other inhabitants of the city. Choose your weapons wisely!
There are 3 main classes for the main character:
1. Gunner
The sniper of the three classes. You can always use your machine gun.
2. Hacker
The guy with everything. The Hacker is a tank. Not only he can take almost any damage, but also can take damage from one of his own allies (it’s not like he shares his buddies healthbars). Plus he also has good lockpicking skills.
3. Engineer
The man with the hardest job. He is the repairman. Fixing breaks from the zombies and give them new health. You can also use him as a weapon with items.
Walking Zombie 2: Dead City is a free game on Steam!
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published:22 Oct 2015


Hope you liked the video and its worth every penny to watch it to the end.
Thanks for watching.
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The Walking Zombie: Dead City Crack [32|64bit] [Latest]

Feel the horror as a lone survivor. Survive and survive alone as a lone hunter.
The walking zombie apocalypse:
This game will feature:
· Multi-class system
· Customization of clothes and equipment
· Combat system with moving and firing weapons
· RPG like experience system with over 350 upgrades in each level
· Difficulty settings from EASY to HARD
· Weapons like a crossbow, fire axes, machetes, tazers, knives, rifles, shotguns, turrets and even missiles can be bought and used
· “Dead City” – classic zombie apocalypse setting for the post-apocalyptic world where survivors are trying to survive, just a few humans in their zombie ridden world.
· A lot of weapons: all kinds of guns to kill the walking dead.
· Hundreds of zombies
· Hidden items and secrets
· In-game achievementsQ:

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What’s new in The Walking Zombie: Dead City:

    Walking Review

    I’m a liar. I admit it. The Walking Dead is my favourite TV show. Even though I’m terrified of zombies. But it’s more than just the horrifying images. It’s about a family’s experiences during a battle with the zombie virus and the questions posed about morality, ethics and right and wrong as the characters become embroiled in a world-changing conflict. Zombies could be seen as the monsters. Vampires as the heroes. Demons as the normal people. And a corporation almost as evil as the man behind a zombie outbreak. If these characters were real and if there was a miracle cure for the zombie plague, a remake of Walking Dead from Fargo possibly fronted by Steven Speilberg and starring some of America’s greats might take the US by storm. I know that it’s a huge leap from the TV show to the film. But I’d probably be willing to take that leap, just to have a taste of zombie Horror, if there really was a cure and the zombie epidemic was curable. But this film doesn’t cure anything. This is just another zombie flick.

    Obviously if a zombie epidemic is real, it would be a huge deal. If there is a cure for the zombie virus, it would be terrifying. But this movie’s premise is far too simple. It’s about a group of people who wake up in a city and later discover that it’s not the city they remember. And then they’re outnumbered and may die in the killer virus. But no, it’s not the virus. It’s a madman and his zombie disciples that led the zombies to their home town. Our main character is played by Sarah Wayne Callies. She’s a great actress, but this isn’t her first time in this type of movie. She had a role in Dead Birds, and she’s one of the stars in Blade: Trinity. The story is just as cliched as the premise. A group of strangers are in a town that’s strangely like their hometown. They’re not welcome and they’ll meet a lunatic and his army of zombies. The zombies just aren’t as terrifying, because they’re so grey. These people are like the walking dead. They’re not scary, they’re just like one of a hundred zombies you’ve seen in a hundred ‚walkers‘ movies.

    There’s a story that involves greed, cruelty, murder, delusion and revenge. It’s a car accident that leads to the zombie apocalypse. The accident left one survivor, Gabriel, with


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    How To Crack The Walking Zombie: Dead City:

  • DRM (requires Xautomation
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System Requirements For The Walking Zombie: Dead City:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit), 10
Intel Core 2 Duo or better
DirectX 9.0c
HDD space for installation (approximately 2GB)
Minimum specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo
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