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Sweeper VR is a fully-immersive, fully three-dimensional reimplementation of Minesweeper for Virtual Reality devices. Create and place your own mines in any shape and position of your choosing, as well as adjust settings on the fly, and enjoy the entire game from any angle you choose.

SweeperVR Crack Keygen features:

3D Mode – Place mines with 3D placement directly onto your VR headset, and have them rendered in native resolution.

Touch Mode – Displays your grid directly on your screen and allows you to tap to place mines.

Vision Mode – Displays a conventional Minesweeper game style grid but requires you to look into the top-left corner of your screen to interact with objects.

360 Mode – Displays a 360 degree screen view and lets you look all around your minefield at any angle. This mode supports both swiping and tilting to navigate and place mines.

Sky Mode – Displays the entire field on your headset without the need for your head to look into the top-left corner. This mode only supports swiping and tilting to navigate and place mines.

In all modes, you can tap, place, drag and drop mines as normal. In the Vision and 360 Mode, you can also pan and rotate the minefield by swiping or tilting.

Mines, mines and more mines!

3D Mode

The 3D mode lets you place any objects (including the mines) in 3D space with a range of Z heights and orientations. You can change the z height on a mine at any time while placing it.

You can also change the mine x and y offsets at any time. Drag & drop allows you to separate the mines into multiple layers, and swap to any layer at any time. You can even stretch the grid to be bigger, or shrink it for a more detailed view. You can also use the Scroll Wheel on your mouse to zoom in or out.

Count mode

Count mode means that the mines will always show in the mines-placed layer of the grid, regardless of where the cells are in the overall grid.

Touch Mode

The Touch mode is like the Vision mode, except it requires you to press a button on your VR headset to place mines.

Vision Mode

The Vision mode is like the 3D mode, except it is a non-3D mode, where you must turn your head into the top-left


SweeperVR Features Key:

  • 3D Reproduction of the classic ARPG game
  • Choose your weapons (kick, fist, sleet, lance…your demon)
  • Unique skills and items system
  • Economy system based on energy

The Key Features:

  • Unforgettable PvP experience.
  • Dynamic map which will change according to your inputs and combat results
  • Original and Soundtrack composed by OSK Psirikou
  • Lots of content that can be further developed

Link to OSK Psirikou demo:

Click to read about OSK Psirikou’s music preferences:

What’s New:

  • Introduce the Demon to the Open World of SweeperVR


  • SweeperVR download



Minefield VR is a fun, fast-paced VR game of your favorite classic Minesweeper game, featuring music and new gameplay. A fast, easy-to-learn interface puts control over every aspect of the game in your hands. Play Minesweeper the way you want to!Requires HTC Vive / Oculustein Personal 3D Tracker
What’s New
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What’s new in SweeperVR:

    > except that it’s only superpowered to hit multiple opponents AND hit the whole thing at once. That’s why Jiraiya is on the top end of people.


    Mouth of Fire wrote:

    Hiruzen20 wrote:

    General of the Air wrote:

    Talking about wall

    Something very very similar to this happened in the last match of the last round 1, where meteor fountains got stuck to the wall at the 90th minute.


    At about the 75 minute mark to be exact for me.

    There were a couple in the last match too, actually. This one here:

    And that one here:


    Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve been watching each team’s matches separately.

    Fire Spin L vs. Water Spin R

    This one is interesting.
    The momentum is lost to Jiraiya.
    The momentum is gained by genin.

    And danzo beats the street!

    I didn’t expect that, did anyone?


    Well, I knew he was strong enough to hit it, but even I didn’t think he could get it off and hit it back.
    I basically had Danzo, DK, Jiraiya, and Shikadai lined up on a map I made, and I was going back and forth between noticing which of them could get it off and which was able to put it back up.

    Oh, and for a brief moment, I thought that Shikadai was on top. I guess it could happen.


    That’s basically how I play Diamonds & Pineapples.

    Mouth of Fire wrote:

    Hiruzen20 wrote:

    Hiruzen20 wrote:

    Actually, it does happen all the time, there are 2 or 3 hits at a time where nothing happens.


    That’s why Jiraiya is on the top end of people.


    Mouth of Fire wrote:

    Hiruzen20 wrote:

    Except that it’s only superpowered to hit multiple opponents AND hit the whole thing at once. That’s why Jiraiya is on the top end of people.


    Mouth of Fire wrote:

    Hiruzen20 wrote:



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System Requirements:

Please check that your system meets the minimum hardware specifications below.
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Mac OS X 10.11 or Later (El Capitan)
Processor: Intel Core i5-4570
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