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How can I make an.exe go to the desktop?

I am using a tool to make an.exe for a game I wrote in Python, and this works well. However, I want to be able to just start my.exe from within the.exe when the user clicks on it. My research has shown that the line:

will accomplish this. However, I also want it to save changes to the.exe if it gets closed. I have tried adding the line,

but this has not worked. I also tried to add

which also has not worked.
How can I achieve this?


You want the working directory to be the Desktop when you start the program.
You can do that in the environment by the using os.chdir(r’C:\Users\{USER}\Desktop‘).
You can also use that only for the part of the program that gets the path from os.path.realpath(__file__) and not the part that starts the program (for example, the __name__ == ‚__main__‘).


Python/Regex: how to split on whitespace only if I do not want to include new line characters (‘

I’m trying to clean a large text file and strip out only whitespace and special characters like tab, comma, semicolon and so forth.
The text file comes with multiple line breaks. When I do this:
raw_text = re.sub(r’\s+‘,“, file_content)
raw_text = re.sub(‚+‘,“, raw_text)

It removes the breaks from the string properly, but also removes all the whitespace (characters

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