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Beautiful 3D screensaver of colorful spring blossoms accented by a small birdhouse on a branch and geese on a lake. Give your desktop a relaxing feeling with the Spring Blossoms screensaver.


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Beautiful spring blooms, flowers, and bushes are a wonderful sight to see in the springtime. These captivating photos are made even more beautiful with a small garden complete with a birdhouse on a branch and geese on a lake.
Add to your Spring Beauty:
Spring Blossom Screensaver – 3d screensaver featuring lovely pink hollyhocks and jonquils, as well as a birdhouse on a branch with a bird perched in it.
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Flowers and Pots Screensaver: Flowers flowers and pots screensaver
Spring Blossoms: 3d screensaver featuring beautiful spring flowers and a little birdhouse in a tree
Water Fall Screensaver: Waterfall spring screensaver featuring a beautiful waterfall

Vivid 3D screensaver from Meydana.
Meydanaproject is an interesting 3D screensaver about the life cycle of the meydana, a caterpillar with a diamond-shaped body that builds a chrysalis to sleep in and then turns into a butterfly in the spring.
A set of 3D butterflies is what the screensaver offers you to see.
Your screensaver provides 3D animation with interactive effects. You will love this colorful and gentle screensaver.
-interactive screensaver – the screen changes according to the actions of the user;
-an amazing 3D screensaver – the screen changes according to the actions of the user;
-screen changer – the screensaver runs on your screen continuously, but you can change from one screensaver to another in any time.

Flower Screensaver…
The „Flower Screensaver“ will make your screen fun and beautiful. It will show you all kinds of landscapes, flowers, vegetables, etc.
You can have it as a wallpaper on your desktop!
This screensaver is the realization of the dream of many artist: to create a small fairy tale in 3D!
Have a good day, and the screensaver will always be with you!
– Animated 3D animation
– Support for Windows XP/Vista/7/8
– The screensaver can run either in a loop – continuously – or as a screensaver
– You can change the amount of time between two animations
– You can change the speed of the animation
– You can change the image folder to make the screensaver run with a

Spring Blossoms

10 diverse and beautiful graphics of flowers that bloom in the spring, animated with a scenery of a small cottage and a lake with geese.
Elements with Details:
The screensaver contains 10 beautiful full-color images, multicolor blossom, a moving background and a music.
How to use it:
1. Choose your installation folder in the „Skins“ folder and launch the application.
2. Installed skin must be removed and replaced with the new one by clicking on the „Install“ button.
3. If you like the screensaver, click on „Run“ button and subscribe.

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Spring Blossoms

Spring is upon us! With this screensaver you can experience spring in all its glory, from the emergence of flowers, to the color of the sky, and the change of weather. If you do not use 3D monitors, you will see the screen in the correct aspect ratio for your resolution, 720 x 480. The CPU load is very low, so it is perfect for Intel Core Duo/Dyanmar/Pentium D processors.

You are free to add your review and vote. What you think about Spring Blossoms? The Nexus of Bounded Chambers and the Astoundments of Holy Order

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What’s New In?

Spring has finally arrived, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Spruce up your desktop with this beautiful 3D screensaver. You can zoom around and see the beautiful flowers in motion and enjoy a relaxing 3D effect throughout the screensaver.
Spring Blossoms Screenshot:

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Spring Blossoms 1.10
Latest Version: 1.10
A 3D decorative screensaver featuring flowers and birds. Use the included free birdhouse to create your own spring-themed desktop.

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System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10
Minimum of an i3-4030 Processor or AMD equivalent.
Minimum of 6 GB of RAM
DirectX 12 compliant graphics card
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M equivalent or AMD equivalent or Intel equivalent
2GB of RAM for any combination of Windows and Nvidia.
NVIDIA GTX 750M equivalent or AMD equivalent or Intel equivalent
3GB of RAM for any combination of Windows and AMD
NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti equivalent or AMD equivalent or Intel equivalent
4GB of