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Sampling refers to the use of a portion of an audio recording in another different audio recording. Ever since the 1970s, this technique has helped shape the evolution of popular music, especially when it comes to genres such as pop, hip-hop, and electronic dance music. The 1980s have seen the rise of the sampler as an instrument; synths that used this technique (instead of relying on oscillators) were more affordable than the first analog synths and sounded more realistic.
Flash forward to the present, when the advancement of music software has made music creation even more accessible than samples ever did. Nevertheless, the technique is still widely used throughout many genres. If you’re looking for ways in which you can introduce samples into your productions, then you should give Serato Sample a try.
An easy-to-use virtual sampler
If you’ve ever been interested in DJing, then you have surely heard of Serato DJ Pro. Their program is a top choice for many digital DJs, so it’s a bit surprising to see the name associated with a music production tool. Or is it?
It’s safe to say that if you’ve ever used Serato DJ, then Serato Sample’s interface will look familiar. The audio files you load will be displayed using the same type of colorful waveform from the DJ software. Also, cue markers are used to display the beginning of a sample. You can load any audio file and set up to 16 sample points on the track. Then you can easily play them with the help of your MIDI controller, directly into your DAW. This process allows you to get really creative with a sampled track, but also quicken your workflow once you get used to it.
More features
Serato Sample also allows you to control the attack, release, and level of a sample, but also add a filter. You can shift the key of the audio portion, but also time-stretch it and play it in reverse. I can only conclude that Serato Sample is an easy-to-use tool and a great plugin for producers who want to get the most out of sampling.


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– Manage songs with multiple samples
– Mix and play music
– Monitor feedback
– Export all samples to a single file
– Load up to 16 sample points per track
– Load up to 64 samples in the list
– Load up to 4 samples in the Presets section
– Highly customizable GUI to assign a key to the audio portion

With a new USB MIDI protocol version (version 1.2), a MIDI controller can now access the Midi Scout. In addition to the long list of features that had been added with the USB MIDI 1.2 upgrade, the Midi Scout now has additional support for the two new MIDI protocols used for communicating with iOS music apps: Apple Core MIDI and AVB.
Consequently, the Midi Scout supports iPad and iPhone music apps with a 3rd party controller. This USB MIDI 1.2 MIDI keyboard can now control iPad or iPhone music apps, and does so in a non-intrusive way.
The Midi Scout is also the only universal MIDI instrument on the market that offers Core MIDI 1.0 support for iOS music apps, so it is the only way to connect to iPad/iPhone music apps. On the other hand, the Midi Scout uses AVB to communicate with music apps on the Mac, so it is a more Apple-centric answer.
Unlike other USB MIDI controllers for Mac, or (even) iOS, the Midi Scout has a driver that is not offered by Apple, and is instead obtained by downloading a specific Open Source package. This adds an additional layer of security (the hardware is owned by your computer), and is the only way to ensure that your iOS music app will work as expected.
Let’s start by introducing iOS music apps:
Keyboards for music apps on iOS
Before using the Midi Scout, you need to have an iPad or iPhone, a compatible app, and one of the following options:
iPad or iPhone music app MIDI capability (i.e. a MIDI capable app, such as GarageBand, Shimmer, or Blueprint)
USB keyboard MIDI capability (i.e. the kind of MIDI keyboards that can create MIDI messages)
The Midi Scout will then work with the app, providing the app will follow the MIDI protocol and send messages to the Midi Scout.
Let’s talk about the new features of this new protocol version, for a moment:
iPad, iPhone, or MacBook
The Midi Scout will work with any iOS device or Mac (

Serato Sample

Key features:
Find the perfect sample instantly
Load and browse over 100,000 one-click custom samples from Serato Unsigned
Precisely copy samples from your favorite songs
Create seamless loops and loop like never before
Choose from 5 different sample engines
Strip samples and start over again
Play, record and share clips with the Serato DJ integration

When you’re deep into the music production process, having tools that help you time edit and mix are essential. Now, this is not a true sequence editor, as it could only trim and crossfade individual sections, or perhaps create a seamless loop. But, considering that most DAWs can already loop individual sections, this might be adequate enough for a lot of us.
Sequence editor
Toolbox is a free sequencing app that anyone can use on both Windows and Mac. While it might not have the functionality of a better-known app like Apple Logic Pro X, it offers an interesting take on time editing.
Sequence editor is a very stripped down application; it consists only of a handful of buttons. You can either open an audio clip that you already loaded, or import a new one. As soon as the clip is loaded, you can manipulate the time based on the current bar of the waveform. If you want, you can also add drop-ins to the track and edit the bar’s time position on the waveform.
Also, you can now play multiple clips at the same time, and you can also duplicate, split, trim, and combine clips as needed. Using the Time Edit option, the interface is a bit different – there’s no waveform here; instead, the app displays the position of each clip. You can edit the position of individual portions of a clip, and you can also move the entire clip around by dragging it from one section to another. You can trim, crossfade, and even play a clip in reverse!
User-friendly interface
Toolbox’s interface is quite simple, which is perfect for people who are new to the music production process. Everything is easy to use and understand. Since you don’t have any fancy features or controls, you can even get into the editing process without having to think too much.
If you’re looking for a time editing tool that does not use a waveform to display the audio, then Toolbox might be a good app for you. It’s available on both Mac and

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Serato Sample is an easy-to-use and relatively inexpensive tool for producers looking to expand their sampling toolkit. It’s a great starting point and base for sampling, and I would expect it to grow with the advancement of the technology itself.

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What’s New in the Serato Sample?

– Loads samples
– Import/Export
– Import or load samples from recordables, flash drives, or online
– Load and import sample libraries
– Load or convert any audio file to a sample
– Set sample start, loop start, start beat, and loop beat
– Split a sample by using the BPM tag
– Control attack, release, and level of the samples
– Adjust key, time-stretch, and reverse the audio
– Adjust EQ, gain, and add filter
– Export samples or copy samples with cues, key, and beat accuracy
– Load samples from multiple tracks
– Use samples in a DJ context using the same interface from Serato DJ
– Export or copy samples with cues, key, and beat accuracy
– Add cue points and beat markers to the samples
– Add filters and audio level control to the samples
– Load or import audio files from the Mac keychain
– Import 64-bit audio files
How to install:
– Google „Serato Sample“ if you don’t have an account
– Go to Serato Website, log in, and you will be given „Serato Sample“
– Go back to your Serato Website, add Serato Sample to your favorite Apps, and give it a name
– Install now

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