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Deleting files in your computer using the dedicated key on the keyboard does not permanently remove them from your computer, even if you empty the Recycle Bin. There are various file recovery applications out there that allow the fast retrieval of deleted documents, putting your confidential information at risk. Secure Shredder is a small utility that can help you avoid such unpleasant situations by enabling you to encrypt the content of a file before deleting it. Thus, even if someone somehow manages to recover one of your documents or files, they cannot open it. Despite its name, this application does not actually make a file completely vanish from your hard drive. It functions more like an encryption tool, overwriting the file content at lower level and making it practically unusable. Its simplicity and ease of use is another of its strong points. The GUI consists of a single window, only comprising a field dedicated to entering the file path (or browse for the file using the designated button), right next to a plain button that triggers the operation. Unfortunately, drag and drop is not currently supported. Once the 'Shred' button is pressed, the application prompts you for confirmation. Please note that you should create a backup of the files you want to process with Secure Shredder, since its actions might result in permanent data loss. A 'shredded' file cannot be opened anymore with the default application. We tested Secure Shredder with videos, documents, pictures and everything worked just fine. Secure Shredder is intended to make data recovery a difficult process, with the ultimate goal of ensuring privacy protection. It can prove useful to any user who wants to get rid of a file for good.







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-Delete selected files with the mouse. -Delete a selected number of files in a specified folder. -Secure files using the AES256 algorithm. -Secure files using the RSA algorithm. -Delete old or additional backup copies. -Backup files before deleting them. -Shred selected files and folders. -Secure folders in a secure manner. -Secure entire folders in a secure manner. -Delete files according to a password. -You can specify the direction of the deleted files and the files encrypted after a partial deletion. -You can specify the number of days for a complete encrypted on a selected folder or file. -You can specify the number of days for a complete deleted. -You can delete encrypted files in different parts of the disk. -You can specify that the files encrypted on the same volume is deleted. -You can specify that the files encrypted on different volumes is deleted. -You can specify that the files in a specific folder are encrypted. -You can specify that a specific files encrypted to a particular folder is deleted. -You can specify that all the files is encrypted. -You can specify that the files encrypted to a folder is deleted. -You can specify that a specific file encrypted to a particular folder is deleted. -You can specify that all the files encrypted to a folder is deleted. -You can specify that the files encrypted to a folder are deleted. -You can specify that files be encrypted to a folder. -You can specify that files in a specified folder are encrypted. -You can specify that files be deleted in a specific folder. -You can specify that files be encrypted in a specified folder. -You can specify that files in a specified folder are deleted. -You can specify that files be deleted in a specified folder. -You can specify the date when files are encrypted to a folder. -You can specify the date when files are deleted in a folder. -You can specify the date when files are encrypted to a folder. -You can specify the date when files are deleted in a folder. -You can specify the date when files are encrypted. -You can specify the date when files are deleted. -You can specify that files in a specified folder are encrypted. -You can specify that files be deleted in a specified folder. -You can specify that files be encrypted in a specified folder. –

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– Select file, create file or folder. – Encrypts selected files and folders. – Optionally allows the editing of the key. – Users can select to use the old or the new AES standard key generators. – Creation of the raw data file (in case of files or folders). – Backups are saved in a.cpr folder created in the „desktop“ directory. – Key is deleted immediately after the operation. – It will not delete the files or folders (including the „Desktop“ directory) themselves. – The files are encrypted with AES standard. – The system file to be written in the registry to enable the execution of the application. – No files will appear in the Recycle Bin after the process has been finished (but the „Desktop“ directory will be removed). – Disable Safe File Rotation: To prevent that the file is written and encrypted on the same volume. – A complete security system. Protect your private data and avoid the misuse of your documents. Set-up, etc.. Supported Operating systems: – Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/7 – Windows 7 Home Premium/Professional If you have any comments about Secure Shredder, you can write them below. There is an official English version of the app available in the Windows App Store for $3.99. Download Secure Shredder for Windows Here. ESET Smart Security is a free personal antivirus utility, but don’t believe its name. It’s not just an antivirus product, and its main focus is just as much on offering complete protection for your computer. Smart Security offers smart, intelligent real-time protection from viruses, worms, spyware and other malicious software. It’s a basic application and comes with a fairly simple interface. Some of its features include the standard anti-malware capability, a registry cleaner, a firewall, a secure… 4.8 Satisfaction Guarantee If you aren’t satisfied with the software, you can always download the demo to try it out. You can find the latest version available for download from the Esenthel website. ESET Smart Security was released as a free 32-bit antivirus utility that received an update in 2010. This tool is designed for home or office use and can be downloaded from the Esenthel website. Some of the features in this program include: Support for Windows 2000/XP

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Secure Shredder (formerly You Shred) is designed to completely destroy files and folders (on Windows) that have been deleted. It works by encrypting the content of the file(s) then shredding the file into millions of fragments. This process is highly effective in making it extremely difficult for a data recovery expert to extract the original data from the shredding. Secure Shredder makes sure that your data is completely safe and cannot be used in any unauthorized activity. It’s easy to use: Drag and drop files on Secure Shredder and hit ‚Shred‘ to destroy them. No more awkward work arounds and complicated steps. Secure Shredder features: Prevent and recover data recovery with Secure Shredder. Secure Shredder can shred: It can shred files and folders on Windows (e.g., on Windows XP) with no additional tools or software required. Secure Shredder can shred ANY file type (e.g.,.txt,.doc,.docx,.jpg,.mp3,.mp4,.zip and other). Secure Shredder is very small (8kb). Secure Shredder can encrypt hundreds (if not thousands) of files at once with the same password and it generates unique passwords for every file. Secure Shredder can shred sensitive data, and it works on Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10, Vista, XP and Server 2003. Secure Shredder can shred any folders (directories). Secure Shredder works in stealth mode. Secure Shredder can shred empty folders, and it does not prompt you for confirmation. Secure Shredder is extremely stable and reliable. Secure Shredder is totally free. * DISCLAIMER * SHREDME IS A PERSONAL PROGRAM. You are installing and/or using this program at your own risk. We assume no responsibility and are not liable for damages or problems caused by this software. * COPYRIGHT * Secure Shredder is Copyright(c) 2014 by SCOTTIEF. You may not use, copy, modify, distribute or show this program in whole or in part without permission from us. Secure Shredder is an open source software. See the license below. Secure Shredder can be freely distributed. License: This program is free software. You may use, distribute and modify this program under the terms of the

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The VR headset (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality) The PC that is to be the hosting environment for the game The VR game (3D) SteamVR compatible game The USB Joy-Con controllers (gamepads) The USB-C cable and/or extension cable (up to 15m) Any VR-compatible game Free to Play: No, the game is completely free to play in VR. Our support: We cannot answer support questions, sorry. Our licensing: The VR game