Revman 5 __TOP__ Download And Installation

Revman 5 __TOP__ Download And Installation

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Revman 5 Download And Installation


RevMan 5 is no longer supported and has been fully deprecated as of June 2020, see:
The part you are linking to does not seem to be a working installation of RevMan (i.e. it is written for a version that is no longer supported).

Table of Contents

Stage 1: Tools and Materials

As the one core purpose of the project is to test the viability of emergency vehicle radio communications and the ability of the overall system to support 10kW of output power, three communication radios are going to be used.


There are a number of different radios in this class. I used the RadioTruck FRS433 for most of my testing.


Next up I used the Rancher 332XB. These radios do not use the 433 MHz band and I will use it for testing the home sector and SBC service. The FRS radios are easier to find and a lot cheaper. In fact, the 433 MHz radios are notoriously hard to find. The RadioTruck has a much longer range and more features and is also cheaper. As well, the Rancher range is smaller than the RadioTruck.

Sector Strobe

I will also be testing the sector strobes in the equipment. I used the Kenwood TS-850S for most of my testing.


I have a set of 798 FM Weather Beacon models available. I used the VHF model in this test.


There are a lot of different brands and models of portable radios, but the most commonly used would be the Motorola IPAQ, PTT and PDA. I used the Motorola 5 Series with an MP3 player for the SBC testing.


For the home broadband connection, I used the Zarlink 3G USB mobile broadband dongle with the following configuration:

M1-LP31-G-10 300 MB/s

M1-LP31-G-10 (WAN) 20 MB/s

M1-LP31-G-10 (LAN) 10 MB/s

Zarlink 3G – CE SIM


I used the Linksys bluetooth adapter. It connects to the car, tablet and so on.

Setting up the Zarlink


I believe I have dealt with a similar problem with R. For some reason, the way Excel’s save as.txt file option stores things in double quotes. In this case, R would simply split at the first double quote and the remaining part would be lost.
Try using the save text command from R, like this:
save(excel_1, file=“excel_1.txt“, encoding=“UTF-8″)

Now, save that file to the proper folder and open it in Excel (or any text editor) to see what you have. Make sure you have set the right encoding for your text file.
By the way, why do you want to do this? Texts can be infinitely long and that is not a problem.

The greatest of us all and the greatest of them all is Fidel Castro. After his expulsion from Cuba he settled to live in the mountains of the Dominican Republic where he mentored young amateurs in communist movements.

The great revolutionary was recently quoted in the major Washington newspaper The Washington Post as saying „This is the most important thing that is happening in the world today: the coming revolution in Latin America.“ He went on to say, „The coming Cuban revolution has the potential to become the only truly democratic revolution in this region.“

Fidel Castro was also quoted in the same article as saying, „The only true democracy is one in which we all have a share.“

I tell you from experience Cuba is a very safe haven for the ex-political prisoners. There is no such thing as injustice nor retaliation on the island. The Castro’s do not want to appear revolutionary, they simply want to be free.

Through years of rejection and exile they have become revolutionary. In the religious sense they are just Christian, and in the revolutionary sense they are not yet Christian. They are only revolutionary. We believe that they will eventually be Christian also.

We of course believe that the communist ideology is not the true ideology and we will devote our lives to helping them find the true ideological solution.

Just recently an old friend of mine sent me a copy of this interesting book, ‚Encylopedia of Revolution“, by the late Andrei Amalrik. The cover has been ripped off by the Mugabe government of Zimbabwe and Andrei’s mother, a famous Soviet pianist has had her passport confiscated by the Cuban government.

Andrei is a materialist who believes that the real, the truth is material.

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