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The Legend of Eorzea is a revolutionary online multiplayer role-playing game. You can easily create your own character and enjoy a vast world full of excitement and mystery.
Explore a vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
A quality of life for the PC version was achieved with an award-winning game engine and a variety of dedicated development staff working around the clock to ensure a constant and seamless experience.
Gather to form a party in order to make your own way through the dungeon! Use your friends as a party member and form your party with a variety of races, classes, jobs, and items. Experience a living world full of exciting puzzles and exciting battles as you explore the exciting Lands Between.
You can easily create your own character from the various classes and jobs, and equip items to increase your strength.
Enjoy a vast game world with a variety of character appearances, different animations, and exciting changes to the appearance of your character when you exchange equipment.
Real-time online multiplayer in which you can directly connect with other players. As well as online multiplayer, the game also supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others, such as others that are around the world looking for a partner.
• Story: A Multilayered Story with a Variety of Characters
The Legend of Eorzea is an epic online multiplayer role-playing game. In addition to the main story, a variety of side quests are waiting to be discovered as a result of character interactions.
In addition to the main story, there are various mini-stories interwoven with the main story. In addition, various sub-stories are available according to character background.
Regardless of what you choose, the one who plays the most diligently will be the one who eventually inherits the prosperity of the Lands Between.
• Action-Puzzle Battles
In order to explore the world of the Legend of Eorzea, you will require a variety of items, including weapons, armor, and magic. As you progress, you will gradually acquire new spells and the strength that your characters will receive changes.
In addition to defeating monsters, you can also unlock new dungeons as you explore. Dungeons with a variety of monsters are waiting for you to discover.
You must also satisfy the conditions of the various monsters in order to progress, and as you complete quests, you will be able to recruit monsters for your party.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Beautifully crafted world on the art of the gods
  • Sensible relationship between character development and equipment
  • Myth-like storyline
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    PC ver. 1.4.2

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    We must meet once again at the end of time, Elden Lords.

    ◆ Features

    A new fantasy action RPG in the Tales of Berseria universe.

    THE LAND BETWEEN. The land between the Sky and Sea, a land alive with energy called Aether. The land divided into the Eastern Lands and the Western Lands by a natural barrier, the Shroud. It contains the Fertile Fields and the Mountains of Judgment, a vast stretch of land with multiple scenarios. It is a world of an unknown dimension, full of ferocious monsters and many natural wonders. It is a massive, rich world where many adventurers live and battle. It is a world where the seven treasures are hidden, and the Elden Ring, armor, and a sword given by the gods are the only guardians of it. It is a world where friends are separated forever, and the bond between you and the one you love will be shattered. It is the world of a king, Tarnished.

    A game where the world is born, and time runs wild.

    ◆ Your Role as an Adventurer

    You are a sword that cuts through the Shroud, the armor that protects all of creation, and a sword that is forged from the blade of the gods and wields the power of light.

    You must become a knight that can slay all of the monsters that stand in the way of the unity of the world, and discover the mysteries of a deep, sacred world as the ruler of the western lands, the savior of a deep, sacred world.

    ◆ Your Battles and Conflicts

    It’s a multilayered game where you can freely determine your play style, and discover a broad variety of situations and places.

    It is not only your own cuteness or charisma that determines your success. You can control your character in real time at any time. It is neither an online game nor an offline game. It is a game that lets you determine your own pace, and you can change your strategy in real time depending on your situation and what you’re doing.

    You can freely explore the massive world, while also encountering the legendary monsters that appear in legends from all across the lands. The settings in the large-scale maps with many NPCs are totally different from those in the town maps. Each map is different and will appeal to your play


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    1. You can freely move and change the orientation of your character on the field

    2. With the active use of a torch to view the objects on the field and a book to learn skills, an important function of the player can be understood

    3. A unique browsing function that lets you check the information of items on the field

    4. With multiple choices in terms of setting items, you can freely customize the appearance of your characters

    5. By increasing the speed of item exchanges, item trading can be performed at times of combat

    6. More excitement for the quest by increasing the challenge level at times of combat

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    What’s new:


    Free Elden Ring With Keygen For PC [Latest-2022]

    1. Download ELDEN RING game by clicking the link below (Direct Download)
    2. Extract the game & run the setup
    3. Follow the installation wizard

    How to Install ELDEN RING:

    **Direct Download** (Recommended)
    1.Click this link to download ELDEN RING game.
    2.Click on ‘Run’ to extract the game.
    3.Run the setup
    4.Follow the onscreen instructions

    **Alternative Download**
    1.Click the below link to download the game.
    2.Download the setup and the setup and run it.
    3.Follow the onscreen instructions.

    How to Use:

    **How to Play**
    In order to play ELDEN RING game you need to choose a character, choose one of the three classes and face battle. A battle will soon begin.
    There is an extensive field map where you will run, fight and explore. As your character stands on the map, the battlefield appears. The field is full of enemies. You must rush to the battlefield from the starting point and fight in a strategy.
    Enemies drop gold pieces, experience points and stamina. As you progress, you will raise your level. After 5 minutes, you can exchange the gold with a merchant and buy equipment.
    If you have 5000 Gold, you can purchase a Hero’s Edge where you can increase your attack, defense and stamina. You can also enhance your equipment and level up to the maximum level. The experience points you earn you can be transferred to the next form.
    You can walk to a different location by pressing the walk button. You can cross rivers and lakes to move around. Monsters will try to attack you whenever you walk in the area, and you must do battle, or else you will die. If monsters touch you, you will begin to bleed out.
    The game will not end if your health runs out. You will lose one life.
    If you don’t fight and your health runs out, you will lose the battle. Even if you win the battle, you can lose all your gold pieces. At that time, you will start from the last location you were in.
    In order to join a dungeon you need to defeat monsters. You can explore the dungeon after you defeat enough monsters.
    In order to access the special area, you need to upgrade your character. There are four kinds of upgrading, the strength


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