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The game is set in a fantasy world inhabited by the elves, humans, and men. In order to protect your home from an attack of an evil force, you take the role of a young warrior who is heading in the direction of a mysterious region called the Lands Between. On this journey, you acquire the power of the Elden Ring to slay countless enemies while recruiting allies and uncovering the mystery of the Lands Between. One day, the Elden Ring was entrusted to a mysterious organization called the Silver-bloods. In the modern world of Hennebella, whose existence no one remembers, a female lead named Brynhildr seeks revenge for the destruction of her home. With her companion, a man known as the leader or “the savior,” she travels to the Lands Between in search of the secret of the Silver-bloods. A series of events leads to the development of the Elden Ring—a real-time action RPG that sends you on a journey to overcome challenges. ABOUT COSPLAY STORE CO., LTD.: Cosplay Store is an online store specializing in High-Quality and Low-Price Anime and Manga Fashion Accessories, including cosplay wigs, cosplay costumes, cosplay shoes, makeup, keychains, and other items. We provide our customers with an innovative and transparent service that facilitates the exchange of cosplay and cosplaying culture. NEWS: Cosplay Store and Crypton are collaborating to provide more services. From the perspective of popularity and growth, we will be developing “Cosplay Store Gumi”, a sub-brand of the service for Cosplay Store.


Features Key:

  • Card and action gameplay
  • 2 to 6 player online multiplayer
  • A variety of different classes, each with different stat builds
  • An exceptional story for those with a good memory
  • An epic fantasy world full of drama, mystery, and adventure
  • ※ New Fantasy is completely free to play but charges real money for additional items to purchase.※ ・ Please be aware that when you set up the game the hotkey to turn on the chat system is set to C by default and will require you to modify the hotkey within the game.

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    PlayStation products:

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    [5.5/5] – [UK] – [Reviews] MODDING / CONTACT US / GAMES The Elder Scrolls Online Official Website Facebook Twitter YouTube Elder Scrolls Online – Modding [Elder Scrolls Online Modding (ESOMA) Site] [Mods Can Add or Remove Books and Maps – Ultimate Modding Guide (Guide)] [Main Villagers Modding – Ultimate Modding Guide (Guide)] [Esoms/Starts/Havens Modding – Ultimate Modding Guide (Guide)] [Elder Scrolls Online Better Statistics Guide for Beginner (Guide)] [Editing Active Player Frames (Mod) – The world is your (Guide)] [How to Mod the ESO Atlas for Enhanced Graphics – 1 of (Guide)] [How to Mod the ESO Atlas for Enhanced Graphics – 2 of (Guide)] [How to Mod the ESO Atlas for Enhanced Graphics – 3 of (Guide)] [How to Mod the ESO Atlas for Enhanced Graphics – 4 of (Guide)] bff6bb2d33


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    ■KEY GAME FEATURES • An Adventure World with Endless Excitement In a vast world filled with exciting adventures, you can freely roam and go everywhere as you please. A wealth of items can be acquired from battles with monsters, daily quests, and through new events. • Many New Enemies to Kill Take on a variety of enemies of all types: monsters, bosses, and powerful bosses for more difficult battles. • Deeper and More Challenging Dungeons The dungeons have been improved to be more difficult and interesting. If you can’t get through them, consult the dungeon’s special NPC to find a way to go on. • Epic Combat You can also embark on epic battles with the Elden Ring. In a battle, you will have to use the Ring’s special item of the same name to acquire the power necessary to overcome the enemy, and use special attacks to surpass your enemy. • Easy-to-Use Interface Friendly with the user, the interface is simple and easy to understand. ■ABOUT THE GAME “THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG” is a game where the player is given an opportunity to rise as an Elden Lord through an epic adventure. You can create your own character using the game’s Create a Character function and its basic appearance can be changed. During the game, you can easily acquire a variety of items and increase your strength. The game also has a multiplayer mode that allows you to directly connect with other players via an asynchronous online function. The game is mainly comprised of various locations that you can freely explore. They can be visited in any order. ■The Lands BetweenThe Lands Between is where an area that lies between worlds has been settled by people who have lost their memories of the past. A land in which the stories of six people are intertwined. The Lands Between can be explored by the hero’s party. They consist of various locations and have a unique atmosphere. There is a definite difference between the six locations, and you will be unable to get accustomed to them quickly. ■The Elden RingThe Elden Ring is a tool that can be used to access the lands between, and the power possessed by the Elden Ring is transmitted by the Elden Lords that currently reside there. The powers of the Elden Lords, as well as the limitations on them, have changed from the previous game, and the Elden Ring is a secondary part of this story. The power of the


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    • Bringing Together the Best of Japanese RPGs, Western RPGs, and Fable Rise, Tarnished has the same battling system as Fable, games that were really popular in Japan. You can learn a vast assortment of skills and items to equip. However, in order for you to have the power to rule the world, you will need to master new powerful skills such as Heavy Wounds and Bloody Death, which are a little bit difficult for beginners to learn. Also, in order to lead the Lands Between to the future, we will bring together the rules and optimizations of Western RPGs and the exciting and extraordinary atmosphere of Japanese RPGs to create a truly new online RPG.

    • UI Adapted for Smartphones Use our astonishingly intuitive game interface while showing dynamic gameplay with an easy-to-navigate game map.

    • Play What You Want When You Want No timers, prompt searches to be done as you like. It offers you a welcome pause from the overwhelmed pace of your usual RPG.

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    System Requirements:

    Windows 10 or higher. Minimum Resolution of 1280 x 720 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended) 15 GB available space Broadcom WiFi (Adapters not compatible with Intel CPUs are not supported) GPU: Nvidia 675 or higher 1080p30 or higher 1080p60 or higher 720p30 or higher 720p60 or higher Actual fram


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