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And a new study carried out by Cancer Research UK scientists and others has linked this progress to an innovative new tool – called CRISPR – that can allow researchers to pinpoint the gene responsible for a specific disease and knock it out in a targeted way.

The new study is one of several that have found that mutations in the BRCA genes – genes implicated in breast and ovarian cancer – arise in both tumours and normal tissue in the body.

This means that the cancer cells are likely to have acquired this mutation at some point during the course of their development, making them more likely to be sensitive to treatments that target this gene mutation.

However, if researchers don’t know where the mutation came from, they have no clue which patients are most likely to respond.

So by mapping mutations across all the tumours in a breast cancer patient’s body, researchers can start to map those patterns back to the cells in the patient’s normal tissue and find out which cells are genetically abnormal and which ones are healthy.

Taking the whole body of a patient as a single map, researchers then can pinpoint any abnormal cells and get a clearer picture of who’s likely to respond to treatments that target the mutation that has caused cancer.

This is made possible by an entirely new tool called CRISPR – for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats and associated RNA-guided Cas9 nucleases.

CRISPR is a tool that has revolutionised the way researchers create new genetic mutations in organisms and cells, allowing them to target almost any part of a genome – including genes, missing parts of genes and even mutations in the DNA that makes up chromosomes.

For this study, the researchers used CRISPR to target the BRCA genes in human cells taken from various parts of the body.

They then used a new experimental technique called single-cell RNA-seq to look for the pattern of mutations in every single cell taken from patients with breast cancer, showing that

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