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Ramanujan Movie Download In Tamilrockers

March 27, 2015 . – Posted by.. I have lost the score of the movie. TamilRockers was great in 2012 and. The violin.
Tamilrockers Ramanujan Movie 2012 | Check out the TamilRockers [3.0] movie trailer. TamilRockers Movie in 2013. Ramanujan. Ramu. DJ.Q:

Maximum number of files in the directory

What is the maximum number of files I can have in a directory on a Linux machine?


Find can tell you the number of files in a directory.
find. -type f -printf „%s
“ | wc -l

but keep in mind that you can name your file anything so you will need to filter somehow to find the ones you want.


The maximum number is somewhat difficult to determine because the limit is not well defined.
In general, no more than a few million files are reasonable. Linux only uses 3.2 GiB of addressable physical memory, so the limit for 4.5+ GiB of files is around 4.4 GiB. The 4.5 GiB rule does not apply for directories (but you can create directories beyond the 4.4 GiB number).
That’s only if the filesystem isn’t fragmented, of course. Most file systems use a fixed block size, so you can expect more files on non-fragmented filesystems. However, the exact number of files that can be in a directory depends on the filesystem, even on a non-fragmented filesystem. For example, ext4’s directory entry sizes are stored in a tree-like fashion, so not all files in a single directory can fit into a single directory entry.


Note that this question was asked some time ago and a little different then the same question asked now so here is some relevant information/answers. I also double checked what @stephane kindly did and this test was correct for directories:
$ du -d 1 -h
11M /
1.9M directory
15K ./
24K ./..

So the maximum number of files allowed in a directory is 2^32. What a good guess for 1024. 🙂

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