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These are the most spectacular buildings in italy, they make your heart always want to stop seeing. Scary, beautiful, breath-taking, amazing…
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This is an application I am working on that will allow the user to create a video by layering different visual effects at will in any order they wish.
– Easily create videos with up to 99 layers of effects, and use filters, text and images!
– Add effects such as the camera shift and zoom, and paint/erase!
– Ability to create custom effects using any combination of these nine high-quality effects
Cadence for iPad offers two ways to create new effects:…

In this video tutorial, we will create a simple map design and gameplay using 3D modelling and UV mapping techniques.
We will use some digital carving tools that work well with ZBrush that can create our basic geometry. In this case, we will model the terrain in a very basic way, using planes and cylinders.
The terrain is then UV mapped using Adobe Photoshop using the method described in this tutorial:

Create a quad texture and apply it to our…

This tutorial gives you a brief introduction on how to create a visual effect using After Effects. The tutorial will focus on how the effect is created. Later on the tutorial will also see how the steps are used to create a video.
Step by Step Tutorial:
1. The first step in creating a

Procedural Generator

Nebula Glow
Nebula Glow is a very basic procedural glow with different amounts of light sensitivity.
Nebula Glow has one option that is known as „inwards“.

This option will change the glow to be positioned to face the source of the light instead of outward. This is to simulate the light coming from a star.
It also has a setting called „distance“ that allows you to control the distance that the glow is positioned.
This is very helpful if you want to use a nebula generator with objects that are positioned too close and still have a clear picture.



Image Hosting Options
Backgrounds for your website or template. These are some images I recently found from the web (not mine) that I thought were cool. All images are free to use for personal and private use only.




Question –
Create an HTML5 canvas image map based on the below points.:
* There is a need for a local cache for the page rather than the browser cache, as only two major changes may occur on a page and a cache is not required.
* The images that need to be cached must be stored in separate files
* Javascript is loaded only when the page is first loaded, to improve speed rather than loading it on every page.
* The images can be displayed according to where they exist in the page with the navigation buttons (left & right)



Please share your JavaScript framework which will help me to build an image map in the form of a simple test project.
i will test it with HTMl5 canvas tag, Thanks for sharing,









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Texture Creator

The texture creator was made with LottieWX(Vue) which can be downloaded here:

License: MITEvents

The American Theatre

With a young demographic of 34.4 million Americans under the age of 18, there is a growing number of people being exposed to theatre. Below, we’ll go over a number of events that will provide fresh theatre and variety ideas for your children.

Our Christmas play is called The Night Before Christmas. We’ll see Santa in the cast, Maria in the chorus, Mrs. Claus in the snowflake chorus, and lots of fun to come. Christmas lights, snacks, and drinks are provided.

Sailor Jerry

Once again this year, The Portland Children’s Theatre will be presenting Sailor Jerry, the classic musical comedy about an American traveling sailor in Japan. When former ensign Biff Tip decides that he can’t wait to return home to help his old sweetheart, Nellie O’Grady, he leaves her alone and alone – until he discovers that she’s just called him.

By combining the classic songs and their wonderful harmonies with the charming antics of Sailor Jerry, you can be sure that this show will be a huge success! For the children and adults who are theater lovers, you’ll be in for a treat as well. With a clever story and clever lyrics, this is a show that is sure to be a hit.

This production is directed by teacher Carrie Carrothers. The music and lyrics are by Frank Churchill and Paul Rugg. The original design concept is by Liz Wright. It’s set and costumed by Rich Pelletier.

Sailor Jerry will be performed on Wednesday through Sunday. Tickets are available online or at the door, with a suggested donation of $7 for adults and $5 for children. All proceeds will go toward supporting PCT’s education programs and youth development services.

The Easter Bunny

Holiday entertainment for Easter has been performed at PCT since 2014, when The Pacific Northwest Ballet performed The Nutcracker. In 2015, we saw The Snow Queen, and last year we

What’s New in the?

– Random: Generates a random texture.
– Noise (3×3):
Generates a noise texture from 3×3 pixel block.
– Wave: Generates a texture with a fractal texture pattern.
– Std: Uses the standard noise and wave texture patterns.
– Steps: Generates an image with a number of steps.
– Randomize: Generates a random image.
– Noise (9×3):
Generates a noise texture from 9×3 pixel block.
– Wave: Generates a texture with a fractal texture pattern.
– Std: Uses the standard noise and wave texture patterns.
– Steps: Generates an image with a number of steps.
– Randomize: Generates a random image.
– Magnet: A random magnet texture.
– Sprites: The main texture generator that uses the Std (standard) noise and wave texture patterns to create a texture and then fades the texture on screen.
– Spider: A spider texture generator.
– Flowers: A flowers generator (there are more sizes available)
– Fireballs: A fireball generator
– Scales: A scale generator
– Smoke: A smokey texture generator
– Foliage: A foliage generator
– Decorations: A number of decoration generators are available.
– Screens: A screen generator.
– Fading: Fades between colors to create a fading screen effect.
– Pattern: Creates a pattern and then fades the texture on screen.
– TexturePlane: A texture plane generator.
– Simple: Simple noise (Perlin Noise) generator.
– Basic: A basic noise generator.

As the name suggests, it uses the Perlin Noise algorithm to generate a texture, at the same time fading it to white.
It’s a very useful generator.
One of the properties of Perlin Noise is that it is quite easy to implement.

Shark Generator Description:
– Shark: Uses the standard noise and wave texture patterns to create a texture and then fades the texture on screen.
– Steps: Generates a image with a number of steps.

It creates the texture with an internal engine that generates a half a pixel image which is then repeated and used to fill the screen.
It can be used to generate some interesting patterns.

Each of the items above can be used to generate many different type of procedural texture patterns.
Another way

System Requirements For Procedural Generator:

Windows 10 64-bit
1.7+ GHz Core i5
At least 20 GB free hard disk space
Mac OSX 10.7 or later
Ribbon-Code The Bullseye Game is a 2D side scrolling shoot-em-up action game with pixel graphics and a lot of weapons and enemies. The game play is focused on shooting, avoiding death by enemies, collecting healthأهلا-بالعالم/