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Portable Visual CD Torrent Download, a software designed to catalog the contents of your media storage devices.

Track your CDs, DVDs, and media by name, owner, release date, drive and even folder, and file within the drive or folder.

Get backups of your discs to help you recover quickly if you accidentally wipe them or destroy them.

Locate duplicate files, split items, import/export ID3 tags and NFO files, rename photos, find songs, thumbnail them, and more.

You can create and view password-protected catalogs.

Catch problems that might keep you from saving songs to your computer.

Searches can be run by file name, folder name, comment, MP3 tag, format, type, and more.


Take Screenshots of your images and automatically crop them to small size

You can drag and drop multiple files at once

Easily create file shortcuts to a drive

Multiple Windows may be created, each containing a different catalog

Ajda Radcliffe

3 years ago

Portable Visual CD is a very useful utility. It helped me find two CDs I had lost and made it easier to organize my CDs by file type, format, release date and disk number. I was able to automatically catalog the contents of my CDs and make a backup so I can quickly find the files if I accidentally delete or overwrite them.

Ajda Radcliffe

3 years ago

I work in computer support and was glad to find a solution to my problem. I had problems finding my files by simply searching them by name and was looking for a way to find and organize my files. The software made it much easier.


4 years ago

the program is working well and has all the functionality to do exactly what its designer designed it for. I like the fact that it has a really pretty interface. i will be using this program again for the 100th time as it has really helped me organize my music. very satisfied.


5 years ago

It is easy to use and offers all the features you can need. I would never use a simpler program.


5 years ago

Once again I am pleasantly surprised that I chose to use a simple interface for my files. They are great and easy to browse and organize.


6 years

Portable Visual CD Activator For PC

[Full Description]

CD Manager
CD Manager
The Software is designed with the ultimate goal to automatically organize,
manage and backup every CD
on your hard drive. CD Manager is a fully
featured disc based storage manager,
which offers a highly intuitive user
interface for the user. With the
CD Manager software you are able to
create your own unique CD
cataloging scheme, which will allow you
to easily keep track of all your discs
as well as sort them with just a couple
of mouse clicks.
Key Features
Create a custom CD catalog
CD manager will allow you to create a
custom CD cataloging scheme.
e.g. burn different catalog for home
media, burn another catalog for
classical music, etc.
Easily browse and manage your CDs
Your personal library can be
browsed in a treeview.
CD manager is able to handle
different types of discs and will
find duplicate files on the discs.
Only most used CDs are stored on the
hard disk. Unnecessary CDs are
Create a simple backup system
When you make an important
change, you can backup your
library to a CD or floppy drive.
When you need to restore a backup,
you are able to restore the entire
backup, or you can extract only the
changed files.
e.g. during a backup you were
working with a certain classical
CD, but then you decide to listen to
another CD while having the
backup on hand, then just restore
the backup and listen to your
favorite classical CD.
Search the CDs
The CD manager software is
designed to help you search the
CDs in your library.
e.g. quickly locate a particular CD
by name, or date.
e.g. you can use the software to
search through a large number of
layers in the tree view.
Goto a CD using keyboard shortcuts
Using keyboard shortcuts, you can
view any CD in the tree view.
e.g. hold down the shift key to
view the current layer on the
Support for different media
CD manager offers support for
hard disks, floppy drives, zip,
rar, rar parts and 7-zip archives.
Additional Features
Create a bookmark for your CD
You can create a bookmark to any
CD. Whenever

Portable Visual CD For Windows

Portable Visual CD is a software designed to store information about multiple disk files. It allows you to associate various file attributes, information from the meta data. It also allows you to sort or search through content on your disk files.
Portable Visual CD Add-Ons:
It is important to note that because Portable Visual CD is an add-on to SynCE, the software is stored in the add-on folder of the SynCE install directory. These folders are as follows:
Add-Ons -> Portable Visual CD -> Portable Visual CD.exe
• Portable Visual CD allows you to search CD’s and DVD’s, as well as floppy disk drives. You can search for files by name, date, location, file size, file type, and more. CD’s and DVD’s are indexed by case, disc, disc label, track or chapter. CD/DVD’s can be sorted by name, case, disc, and more. Portable Visual CD (PVCD) will index CD’s or DVD’s by name, case, disc, disc label, track or chapter. You can also bulk-rename CD’s or DVD’s from the tree view.
• PVCD also supports the creation of standard CD or DVD libraries.
• PVCD also support the import of information from existing folders and files. You can import CD’s into the Software from existing folders. You can also import DVD/BD folders, as well as single files and folders.
• Portable Visual CD is portable. The software uses no installer and can run on any Media with any type of drive. You can use Portable Visual CD on a portable CD or DVD, as well as any common type of drive. You can also copy Portable Visual CD to your hard drive using the backup option.
• PVCD supports the Portable Media specification so that the software will index, backup, and restore Portable Media content. Your content will be indexed by name, case, disc, disc label, track or chapter. Your CD’s or DVD’s will be sorted by case, disc, disc label, track or chapter. You can also bulk-rename CD’s or DVD’s from the tree view.
• PVCD has a built-in backup feature that will back up single files or complete folders.
• PVCD has a restore feature that can restore the backup files.
• PVCD supports the Portable Media Format. This means that your content will be indexed by name, case, disc, disc label, track or chapter. Your

What’s New in the?

Portable Visual CD is a tool for cataloging your data on CD-Rs, DVD-Rs and CDs. All you have to do is upload the files you want to catalog to the program, the rest is taken care of. The program creates a complete list of the files from the disk, with information regarding any attached tags, and you get an output folder, plus other configuration options. The program can read and catalog any kind of file, plus you can configure different output formats.

Portable Visual CD Requirements:

Operating system: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7

Portable Visual CD Screenshots:

Screenshots of Portable Visual CD in action

Portable Visual CD Pricing:

Portable Visual CD Pricing:

Portable Visual CD is available to be downloaded for $29.95.

18-04-2007 –
Portable Visual CD
– By PortableApps.com


Portable Visual CD is an application that will help you catalog
the contents of your DVDs and CDs.
You have to browse through each of your disks, or folders, and search
for the data you want to catalog. You can decide to name each
collection, assign a password to limit access to the catalog, and
choose an output folder, where you will get a catalog file. This
file contains all the information the program has collected about
the disks and folders. You can also provide input for the program
through search boxes, since you can search by names or contents.
An ID3 tag scanner is built in, that will try to open an ID3 tag
of a file. You can check all your files, and create a catalog of the
resulting data.
Additionally, Portable Visual CD can catalog archives, such as ZIP,
CAB, RAR and 7-Zip. You just have to provide a few files on the
disk and the program will try to extract the data. As output, you
will get a file with a catalog of the data, that can be previewed.


The program is compatible with the following file formats:
Mixed Content CD-R/CD-RW, DVD-R/DVD-RW,
Audio CD, CD-I, MP3, MOD, MP3 CD, WAV,
WMA, Audible, QuickTime.


Data can be indexed by name


System Requirements:

Minimum Specifications:
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or MacOS 10.10+
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (or equivalent)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Additional Notes:
Gamecube controller support available on Windows 7/8.1, Windows 10, and MacOS 10.10+
Gamecube controller support available on macOS 10.10+
Game Summary:
Commanders such as Napoleon and Garth can be found across a variety of historical periods including Japan