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_Figure 4-14: Photoshop layers enable you to combine multiple images, videos, effects, and text to create a variety of images._

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended is a large, mainframe application. Only the most powerful computers can handle it adequately, and the results are not necessarily what was intended by the designer. For this reason, lots of Photoshop features have been reduced to or eliminated altogether.

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Like Photoshop, it has layers and nodes. It also allows for object tracking and masks.

Given the fact that Photoshop Elements is smaller and easier to use, many of us use it to edit images.

In this article, we will be discussing tips and tricks on how to use Photoshop Elements to edit images. If you want to learn how to edit images in the best way, you should know how to work with Photoshop elements.

In this article, we will start with the Layers feature, and then we will move on to editing modes.

Layers in Photoshop Elements

In Photoshop, there are two types of layers. One is the Background Layer, and the other is the Foreground layer.

The Background Layer is the layer on top of the canvas that is always visible.

The Foreground Layer is the layer that is actually being edited, and only the Foreground Layer is visible at any time.

In Photoshop Elements, there are no layers by default.

When you open Photoshop elements, a new blank canvas opens automatically, as shown in the below figure.

There are no layers. You can add layers using the ‘Layer’ button at the top of the canvas.

You can select and drag the layers from the layers panel.

When you click on the Layer panel, you get three options at the bottom.

Figure 2. Click on the layers button to open the Layers panel

Layer 1: The Background Layer

You don’t have to worry about resizing, scaling or any other editing of a background layer. The Layer 1 is automatically resized, depending on the size of the original image.

Layer 2: The Foreground Layer

The foreground layer is the layer that contains the photograph, and it is automatically resized and placed at the top of the canvas.

This layer can be combined with other images. For example, you can combine a photograph and a drawing to make an image.

Layer 3: Other Layers

The other two layers are linked to the image itself. So, if you select one of these layers, it will be linked to the main image.

You can link one layer to the main image (Foreground Layer), and the second layer to the main image (Background Layer).

Link layer 2 to main image layer

You can also select which parts of the image are linked to layers.

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