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Understanding the best photo format for your needs

Choosing the right photo format for your needs depends on your goals. Keep the following points in mind:

* **JPEG:** If you need to blow up the photo on your site, JPEG photos are definitely the best format. JPEGs can be enlarged up to six times without losing detail. You also can use them to create logos, postage stamps, and other images that large.
* **RAW:** RAW photos are best when you want to print your photos or want to edit your photos in post-processing. RAW photos also can be re-sized up to eight times without losing details, but they are hard to use when enlarging or changing them.
* **HEIF:** HEIF (Exif) and MOV are fine formats for posting photos online for printing and viewing. You can make JPEGs out of HEIF photos, but they aren’t really easy to use.

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Because Adobe is no longer offering a free version of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements is probably a good alternative to Photoshop for most users.

How to use the PDF plugin of Photoshop Elements

Adobe provides a PDF plugin for Photoshop Elements 11 and the free trial version. You can download the plugin for free, but it is only available for the trial version.

To activate the plugin, go to: File > Plugins > Plugin Manager and select Use Adobe’s PDF plugin in Photoshop.

You can now use the PDF plugin in all of Elements‘ functions, such as create PDF files, edit PDF files, add effects on PDF documents, etc.

How to activate the old Adobe Photoshop „edit“ command?

Adobe no longer provides an option to activate the old Photoshop „edit“ command which lets you adjust a layer directly and make changes without opening the image.

Follow these steps to make the old „edit“ command work again. If you are on a Mac, go to Adobe → Preferences and open the panel where you can enter the old edit command.

On Windows, open the Panel Options app and go to Edit → Enter Edit Command.

To quickly get back the old Adobe Photoshop „edit“ command, you can add the command shortcut to an application or to the macOS system with the Key Combinations dialog. Go to System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts and then add a new keyboard shortcut.

Since Photoshop Elements 11, Photoshop has another shortcut instead of the old „edit“ command. It is the main command now, which makes it easier to access.

How to switch among different layouts of Adobe Photoshop Elements

Although you can easily switch between different views with the View menu, it seems that Adobe has added a new way to switch among different layouts in Elements.

Go to Edit → Preferences, click on the Layout tab and then click on the new button in the middle of the panel.

The preferences will open with different alternative layouts. You can now turn the View menu in order to switch among those layouts.

How to change Element Settings in Elements

If you are a creative pro, you probably need to change a lot of settings for your elements‘ files. To start, go to Edit → Preferences and open the panel where you can enter some Elements Settings:

File Settings Go to File → File Settings and change the import or export settings, such as Image Size or the export settings to save the

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System Requirements:

OS: OS X 10.9.0+ (macOS 10.11 or later)
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Additional software: Apple Remote Desktop
USB Mouse, Keyboard
CPU: 2.6 GHz+–MacWin-2022.pdf