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Join the right command line in Mac

I am trying to learn about commands and join to them.
I’m trying to join the command line of


on mac terminal.
It can be any command that’s in the same line with the above shown.


join lets you decide which of the items on the command line to join together. You can pipe the output of one command into another, so for example:
printf „%s %s
“ „$(date)“ „$(hostname)“ | sed „s/ //g“ | sort | uniq | tail -n +2

Will produce:

Mon 01 Jan 1970 07:46:41 MST

The printf with a constant format string is used to force the output to be formatted in the desired way. The date and hostname information can be piped into it. The format string has the form:

With parameters specified like this:

The typeconverter is chosen by the backslash character. If it is a single character then this is the type converted to, otherwise the backslash is replaced by the type.
With a width specifier:

The number of characters displayed.
With a precision specifier:

The number of characters to the right of the decimal point.
Or a type specifier:

A floating point number
Or a format specifier:

An exponent value
The date is formatted in the „long date“ format.
hostname is formatted as an IP address.


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