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Netkill is a plain and simple software program that can immediately cut off your Ethernet and WiFi connectivity with one click.
It also implements an option for monitoring one or more processes, in order to auto-terminate the Internet connection when they are launched and restore it when they are stopped.
Portable tool runs in systray
There is no setup pack involved, which makes the app portable. You can save the .exe file in a custom directory on the HDD or a USB flash drive, in order to seamlessly run the program on any computer. However, you may need administrative privileges.
Once deployed, it creates an icon in the taskbar notifications area and gets sent there on close. It silently runs in the background, enabling you to carry on with your normal PC activity without any interruptions.
Kill and restore the Internet connection
Netkill's configuration panel is small and lets you check the current connectivity status, kill the Internet connection with one click, or restore it.
Furthermore, it's possible to create a list with processes to monitor (separated by comma), in order to automatically cut the connection when those applications run, and revive it when they stop.
Lastly, it automatically runs at Windows startup by default, and you can disable this option.
Evaluation and conclusion
The Internet connection was terminated without any issues in our tests when we performed this action manually. No error dialogs popped up and it didn't hang or crash. Unfortunately, the automated method didn't work in our case after creating the process monitor list.
On top of that, Netkill doesn't simplify the network connection disabling mode by integrating a keyboard shortcut or double-clicking its tray icon, for example. Nevertheless, you can test the software application for yourself, since it's free to use.









Netkill [March-2022]

Create shortcuts on your desktop

Automatically start any program

Exit any running program

Kill and launch any program


Add a new shortcut to any desktop folder

Automatically launch an application

Automatically exit any running application

Kill and launch any program


Start any program

Kill any running program

Add to taskbar

Please note that this is a free evaluation version, which includes a 30-day trial period. It includes all features available on the paid versions, so it’s good to try it to see if the features you may need are included or not. You’ll learn whether you want to buy Netkill or not.

Cut the connection to the Internet with one click

Monitor and auto-terminate one or more processes at any time

Settings panel

The following video demonstrates how Netkill lets you kill the Internet connection:

If you’re concerned about potential security threats or unauthorized access, Netkill’s program management options are as follows:


Block connection to external services

Block connection to external services

Block access to any site

Block access to any site

Block access to any file

Block access to any file

Block remote access to the current machine

Block remote access to the current machine

Block outbound connection to the current machine

Block outbound connection to the current machine

Password protection:

Password protection:

Browse for unattended.exe (optional)

Browse for unattended.exe (optional)

Please note that this is a free evaluation version, which includes a 30-day trial period. It includes all features available on the paid versions, so it’s good to try it to see if the features you may need are included or not. You’ll learn whether you want to buy Netkill or not.

Table of Contents

Yes! You Can Kill Your Internet Connection

If you don’t want people to use your device while you’re not around and watch TV or read on the Internet, this simple tool can help. It allows you to easily enable and disable the network connection and kill it with one click.

With it, you can prevent guests, friends and telemarketers from seeing your data while you’re in front of the TV or reading a book in bed.

Netkill is a plain and simple software program that can immediately cut

Netkill [32|64bit]

Its a one-click program that terminates the Internet connection with a single click.

Monitor, pause and close Internet connections, in an instant.

Run Cracked Netkill With Keygen without any setup and in no time.

Analyze the memory used, by processes and Internet connections to determine whether an application needs to be closed.

Kill all apps if Netkill Crack is launched and starts running a monitoring process on a given PID.

Kill and pause Internet connections, if any, of processes of a given PID.

Kill and pause Internet connections, if any, of any process launched at the same time as Netkill Product Key.

Kill and pause Internet connections, if any, of the monitored processes that were launched after the created monitor list was terminated.

Make an analysis of your Internet connection status, by executing Netkill on a process or application, while it’s running or paused.

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Netlimit is a program that can instantly terminate network connections in a predefined timeout.
It also offers a few other common network settings, such as limiting the number of concurrent connections, cutting off an Internet connection if there’s a loss of connectivity, or making sure TCP connections are only allowed in a specific period of time.
By default, Netlimit relies on an Internet connection in order to send the settings. If this choice is disabled, all the operations will run even when the PC is offline.
If the settings are changed in the.conf file, then the system will always be booted up by Netlimit, unless there is a hardware change that disables Windows‘ automatic startup. You can save the.conf file in a USB flash drive, in order to easily restore it on another computer.
The configuration of the program is straightforward, for example, you can add common settings (such as limiting the number of concurrent connections) or quickly create custom settings (and determine their type), by double-clicking on the highlighted lines.
Netlimit Description:

Netlimit uses the Internet connection to make its settings active, so the system will always be booted up unless a hardware change or driver update disables Windows‘ automatic startup.

The.conf file is written directly to a USB flash drive, where you can save and use it on another machine.

Netlimit can be configured via a.conf file (no setup), which means the system will always be booted up.

Netlimit supports custom settings.

Setup pack installation is not

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What’s New in the?

Simple utility

Auto-restores Internet connectivity with a single mouse click

Allows monitoring of processes by file name


Allows network connection configuration in the hosts file

NetKill is freeware, runs in the tray and is available for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. It’s a small tool that enables you to terminate your Internet connectivity with a single click. You can choose to manually restore it by clicking on its tray icon. At the same time, it’s possible to monitor and auto-restore your internet connection when a process file gets launched and shut down.
However, in our tests, the automated method didn’t work. It simply didn’t terminate the Internet connection even when it was created manually.
Netkill is free to use because it’s freeware. The developer is welcoming to receive feedback and feature requests, so feel free to send them.

Gdiplus.dll hijack the support

The tool is a powerful hijacker, but it hijacks only GDI+. That means that it can hijack only applet windows (such as Picture Viewer, Notepad, etc.). It can’t hijack any windows that runs in different class (such as Mail, QuickTask, etc.).

Internet connectivity hijack

It hijacks your internet connectivity and you can’t use any part of your internet connection.

Security issue

Your Internet connection is hijacked without any security issue or issue of the hijacker. It’s like virus. In this case you also need to remove it from the hijacker settings.

Missing features

It doesn’t have any feature.


The application is almost perfect. You can use NetKill without any problems. Although it’s a free program, it’s not easy to use.

The book begins with an introduction to the WLAN concept and introduces the technology necessary to provide wireless communications. The latter includes various access technologies, including 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n. The later two are discussed in some detail and a comparison of the differences between them is included. This book also covers applications of WLAN, including the use of 802.11 in mobile computing.

Network tutorials

In addition to the book mentioned above, there are a number of tutorials on WLAN technology available through the Internet. They provide a good introduction to WLAN and many of them are quite advanced in their coverage.


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