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The future is now. And it’s coming from around the corner. The latest of Microsoft’s HoloLens development kits is now available to developers, and it offers a full-blown augmented reality experience within a headset. You can play games with it, or you can wear it on your head to get a 3D visualization of your surroundings.

Cute little robots will be happy to help you put their new service to the test. The company will release a few apps to developers, including a particle system to create flowers and other natural-looking effects. Of course, you can also make your own cute little critters.
HoloLens Description:

The latest addition to Microsoft’s HoloLens developers’ kit is now available to developers. While we still don’t know how the HoloLens headset will work in the end, this device certainly looks like something that’s designed to be used for developing applications rather than for entertainment. It contains a holographic display that’s meant to make it appear like you’re in another world, so you can do things like play games or view a 3D visualization of your surroundings through the lens.

Ahead of the Hololens’ official launch, Microsoft is also revealing a few more details about the headset’s capabilities. The HoloLens technology is based on the optical technology used in modern contact lenses, so it’s not quite like trying to see a 3D image using a smartphone. The camera is located on the headset instead, and it’s used to obtain a detailed image that will allow users to scan their surroundings for 3D objects and play games with their holographic avatars.

The camera is also used to scan objects that the HoloLens user could be using in their environment, like a cup of coffee or a bottle of water. This is meant to help you identify the item and for Cortana to quickly suggest appropriate commands for your avatar. To speed things up even more, you can use gestures to control Cortana when she’s in your field of vision. For example, you can just raise your hand and say “help,” and Cortana will now help you open a desired menu or program.

The headset is meant to be paired with a special edition of Windows 10, and Microsoft also revealed plans for a Hololens app store, similar to what we’ve seen in the Windows Store. Microsoft is also working on its own Holo

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Cute cat that looks like he’s ready for a walk.

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Cats have a unique design that adds personality to their owners’ living rooms. In today’s article, you will get to know how you can decorate your cat’s living room with the help of an animated cat figure that can assume various forms.

Living Room Tips:
If you prefer to have a peaceful place in your home, where your cat can sit back in a cozy corner and relax, you should probably try to create a kitty habitat. If you do not have time or the space to arrange a real kitty house, you can definitely go for a space-saving animated cat figure that is able to fit in most places in your home.

Decorating With a Cat:
Some cats are such active animals that they need enough space to walk around freely, so you should definitely place their favorite places in your home where they can run around without feeling cramped. Try to keep these spots free from obstructions that could force your kitty to jump from one spot to another in an irritating manner.

This brings us to our next tip: A cat can get bored quickly if they are not exposed to enough stimuli or too much stimuli, so you should try to make sure that your cat gets enough attention. Since this article is about the decoration of a cat’s living room, we suggest that you place your kitty’s favorite items around you. The more things that your cat can see and understand, the better.

Additionally, you should try to make sure that you’ve got a decent amount of things that are appealing to your kitty. There are many gadgets that make kitties purr, such as those that provide live kittens in their environment, ones that have a kitty cam, and gadgets that play cat videos on loop.

Living Room Designs:
The next thing that you should not forget is that the cat’s living room should be decorated in a manner that reflects your kitty’s personality. If your cat is active and energetic, then the design of your living room should definitely focus on various activities. If you prefer to keep calm and relaxing, then you should probably go for a design that is somehow more zen-like.

Another important aspect is that you should arrange your cat’s living room in a way that you can access it quickly

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MaoMao animated desktop cat who watches your every move and waves at you!

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The world would not be as colourful as it is today, had it not been for the discovery of movie screens. We have come a long way in terms of technology, and technology’s only limitation is the size of the device that it is being used on. This is why we made it possible for you to enjoy your favourite movies on your Android phone. We are not talking about Blu-ray discs, however, but movies that are compatible with mobile or tablet devices. You don’t have to go out and order special-edition Blu-ray discs just to watch your favourite movies. With our collection of movies, you are not even limited to watching only mainstream movies.

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Movies are one of the most popular forms of entertainment these days. However, we have all heard horror stories about the quality of movies as well. If you own an Android device and want to watch movies on your phone, the best thing to do is go online and download the movie files from the website. But if the phone you have does not support downloads, then it is best to get the movies as a local files. These are then played on the phone using the built-in media player. These files are usually in MP4 format. You can also convert them to Mp4, so that they can be played on phones that support this format. The best thing about this method is that you can quickly share movie files with your friends and family, who can then watch them online. This is a far more convenient method compared to getting movies as hard disks or Blu-ray discs, which you need to carry around.

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What’s New in the MaoMao?

MaoMao is an animated feline that can keep you company while you complete your day-to-day tasks. He is guaranteed to keep a close eye on your work, even though both of his are always closed, and he will happily wave at you as you get through your day.
MaoMao can:
• Watch videos on your computer
• Play games
• Watch movies
• Take pictures
• See new feeds
Cheerful desktop companion that can keep sad thoughts at bay
First and foremost, it must be noted that MaoMao will only make an appearance if Adobe Flash Player is available on your PC. Cats can be fickle like that, but this one can at least help you download and set up this component if it has not already been installed.
Once that is done, you will surely notice the new addition to your desktop in all his glory: MaoMao, the cute critter that always seems to be smiling even though the corners of his mouth are pointing down. He even brings his own little cushion to make your workspace more cat-friendly.
Animated critter that is much too comfy on your desktop to actually do anything
The cushion certainly seems to do the trick, as MaoMao is content just to wave at you while carefully scrutinizing your actions. While his legs are not quite visible, you can rest assured that he will jump to your aid if you ever run into any issues.
Your well-fed desktop companion is far from selfish, as he is willing to shrink in size if you find that your desktop cannot accommodate his dimensions. However, we cannot guarantee that his feelings will not be hurt.
On top of that, MaoMao never seems to mind when you move him around across your desktop, although he may need some time to familiarize himself with his new surroundings if you change your wallpaper very often.
Faithful companion that is a bit rough around the edges
MaoMao will be at your side through thick and thin, but it may be a good idea not to bring up the subject of his jagged edges, even though they are quite noticeable. It would also be wise not to mention anti-aliasing in his presence, although he is probably not familiar with the term.
As long as you give him the love and attention he needs, MaoMao will be at your side for years to come, or until Microsoft finally manages to update your PC to Windows 10. Some will say that the cute little kitten

System Requirements For MaoMao:

Nvidia 980 or AMD equivalent
CPU Core 2 or equivalent (C2 or greater)
Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 (GTX 1070 recommended)
30 GB free disk space
9 GB free disk space on SSD
4 GB free disk space on HDD
DirectX 11
Monitor screen resolution 1024×768 or higher
Keyboard and mouse
Xbox One Controller (1 or 2 sticks)
Optional: Gamepad (with analog sticks)
Hard Disk Install and Game Hard Disk: