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Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



Little Busters! Ecstasy is a series of heavy adventure games and visual novel on the PlayStation 3 with a main heroine: Shana of Sigma. She is like a heroine that everyone wants to be close to and befriend. By leading Shana to meet the right people, you can enjoy a nice and awesome time!
In the ecchi RPG, Shana herself knows a lot of secrets about the ecchi world. Although Shana is a bit of a tsundere, she has some really cute moments. Through Shana’s sweet disposition, the entire ecchi world will change for the better!
* Basic game information
* There are many extras in the game besides the main story mode.
* There are 30 ecchi and action gameplay segments and lots of ecchi and action mini-games in the game.
* There are little touching ecchi moments in the game.
* You can play as a boy with your male friends.
* The game series has a large selection of characters.
* Many people love the story of the ecchi RPG because it has lots of humor.
* There are many ecchi events in the game, such as ecchi action gameplay, ecchi manga, ecchi bath, etc.
* Depending on the situation, Shana can approach ecchis like in the ecchi manga.
* In the ecchi world, there are many ecchi folks and you can choose which to approach.
* A surprise is waiting for the players.
* Shana and her friends cannot be played, but there is a fun ecchi game where you can play as Shana.
* By completing ecchi activities, you will obtain maid clothes.
* You can change Shana’s clothes at the ecchi wardrobe.
* Little Busters! Ecstasy is a good ecchi RPG for both the male and the female that enjoy ecchi anime, manga, and video games.
* As an ecchi game, Little Busters! Ecstasy has a lot of ecchi scenarios for everyone to enjoy.
The Game Scenario
This game is being released in Japan in June 2010 with English language.
Completely translated into English, please look forward to your enjoyment of Little Busters! Ecstasy.
All our characters are original and are located in different areas of this world.
Enjoy the ecchi game series as you have never experienced before!
Shana of Sigma
I will use this game as an opportunity to tell you about the heroine


Features Key:

  • Improved gameplay and Graphics thanks to the new engine
  • Up to 4 players can play the game on 1 controller (use PS4 Wired Controller or DualShock 4 with six pre-assigned buttons)
  • New A.I. Programming and tweaking of character abilities.
  • New Areas: Highschool, Midnight Mountain, Outer Space, and New Moon
  • New Characters: Slow but steady increase in Level Cap up to Rank-10
  • Possibly various new characters in future releases

Complete Story releases 38% complete

Little Busters! – Dynamic Tournament Mode

Little Busters! – Dynamic Tournament Mode (Continued from the Eden Saga parts) Game Key features:

  • All characters and possible plot lines seen in Eden of the Goddess available in this Mode
  • Add any number of the new characters and they will appear in the Grand Format Arc
  • Catchable, fatal, and permanent status effects from previous releases in this Mode as well
  • Magnificent graphics and HD rendered content exclusive to this Mode
  • Possibly various new abilities and events, depending on the character code and unlocked through Battle Sequence or Narration chapters in this mode
  • The Characters from Eden were presented in this Mode as well as the original Characters
  • Up to 80 Characters may be played in this Mode
  • Use the option menus from this Mode in the Eden Setting Screen as well
  • Currently the Grand Format Arc in this Mode consists of 35 Battle sequences and 4 Narration chapters to eliminate any User Stories you already unlocked
  • Newly unlocked characters will be added to this Mode one at a time, depending on the included extensions


Little Busters! – Ecstasy Tracks Crack + [32|64bit]

Music from Little Busters! – Ecstasy Tracks Serial Key was originally released as an orchestral soundtrack album in 2008. Music from this soundtrack is now available on Steam as a digital version of the original original album.
Ten additional background music tracks and two special theme songs composed for the Little Busters! – Ecstasy game are now available on Steam, providing the perfect soundtrack for all your Little Busters! moments.

Comments and ratings for Little Busters! Ecstasy Tracks (13-Aug-2013 PC)

70out of100

Little Busters! Ecstasy Tracks Background Music
06 August 2013, 13:59

I agree that the album is a great addition to the game, as it is the music that adds to the story. Though, I feel the OST was a bit weak compared to the game music of the same genre. But the music we get from the Game is far better IMO.

I have a few questions though, regarding this album. What is the order for the songs on the album?

Is the game music and the soundtrack pieces different? Or is the game music the original in the original game and the soundtrack songs added from the original DVD version?

I was wondering if the game music and the soundtrack pieces were different, because the character image for the game music is on the album cover.

The cover of the game’s disc says „Introducing new tracks by BERTRAIN.“
The anime cover does not say anything about the soundtrack.
The cover also does not mention any of the track names.
The anime intro also does not mention any of the song names or track names.

Considering that the game music is „Bertrain’s“ but the soundtrack is „Eric’s“?

Good but not perfect.

No I agree, this is fantastic, but the game music „Alicemagic“ is mostly background music playing while you do stuff in the game, rather than the game soundtrack that plays when you’re in your room. These are different tracks, and imo, the game music was stronger than this soundtrack. I actually thought this soundtrack was for the game rather than the anime, so it’s not a bad thing they added it, but I felt it didn’t fit the game music very well.

I thought that the game music had better quality and beats, as it was a feature in the game? The anime music sounds like the background music in the room in the game, while


Little Busters! – Ecstasy Tracks Crack + Download

Each song of Little Busters! Ecstasy has its own characteristics and features. There are 10 pieces of background music that are featured in this album. The accompanying song plays when you clear certain objectives in an action. There are two themes that appear when you clear the main story. This album also contains the song that plays when you clear certain background objectives.The Little Busters! Ecstasy -Ecstasy tracks are very emotional, catchy, and addictive. They have various themes that will draw you in. Each song features a distinct style, the sound effects, and visuals that make each song a whole experience. You will be pulled in by their catchy hooks and true-to-life style!Music Director:



There’s something that every high schooler dreams of doing. Ever since I could remember I had always dreamed of becoming a SAO. I thought I was still dreaming. But I wasn’t. I found out I’m in a game…

SAO – Girls with Guns!!

Rui is one of these girls, trying to keep her school a secret, because of her SAO’s powers. Like how she has a red ID card, her unique ability, along with her angelic looks, which hides what her true identity is…


Unusual friendships, twists and turns, an unexpected return and a life-altering sacrifice are some of the obstacles players will have to overcome to get what they truly desire in this finale of the story.


PlayStation 4 (PS4) is the world’s most powerful console. It will launch in Japan on July 9 and then expand worldwide. On PlayStation 4, players can explore a massive world, overcome powerful enemies, and form the ultimate weapon against the enemy…



Using the unique power of HERO, players can unleash their Might Skills, turn them into weapons, and use them to bring down massive enemies in a single strike.


With a huge world to explore and the freedom of shape-shifting, players can travel to areas they’ve never seen before. Find what the next step is for your party and change your surroundings using tactics and skills.


Collect all the unusual gems to earn exclusive items for your hero


What’s new:

(full game)

Made by very talented artist at Studio Janus, developed by Idea Factory, and published by Square Enix. This game is already a classic among the otaku with it’s beautiful and stylish graphics, a fantastic storyline that intertwines otaku fandom with destiny, wonderful characters, pretty and sweet music and 2D. Although many people say the game is 2D, they are referring to it’s cutscenes. Half of the game still uses the 3D engine, with Anime style art.

From the moment you begin play, you will be mesmerized on the best soundtrack among games of the period. Endless music for action, adventurous, exciting, sad and funny times. Most every track of this game, are beautiful and very different from each other. With perfect compliment some characters and role each other. Beautiful chiptunes, Japanese moe, cute girls and bittersweet romances with long and short, yet hectic sequences.

Now, let’s have a look at the music itself and tell you what I’ve seen in these tracks.


Each song has a duration, mainly divided into 3 parts. The first part is named Girl’s Theme (also SPOILER, some points in some songs). The Girl’s Theme is mainly composed of singing (which doesn’t mean to any of the girls in game) and the guitar. The second part is named Walker’s Theme. Here some of the Game’s characters happen to have several scenes in this period. However, one important event of this period is where Walker disappears, a part of it is sung. The last part is named Murata’s Theme. Here, some themes become simple, but every theme has a reason to exist. However, one important thing to notice about the Murata’s Theme, is there’s a song that’s composing by this theme, that may be the theme of many of the songs throughout the game.

SNK 3rd VS. – 01

„Sharakami“ Also named „Perfect Spring Love“ (Developer’s notes)

The first song. It is played at the opening of the game.

IT’S MUSIC!, that strange little creature, is very fond of classical Otaku Music.

Quite sad and melancholic, at the same time, less than the other songs of the game. However, this song is very strange, it sound like the Otaku When They Play In Front Of Their Picture

First we heard the


Download Little Busters! – Ecstasy Tracks Crack + Keygen


How To Crack Little Busters! – Ecstasy Tracks:

  • Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot…
  • Run setup….
  • Click finish
  • Go to „Game Settings“ click on Settings
  • Go to DLC
  • Press Mount and go on computer
  • Save „freedb.conf“ save it in your game folder
  • Open „C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Little Busters!\DLC2\config-main.cfg“ and change ecstacytrack.default.password
  • After that Launch game and enjoy game…

Activating Game Universe and Patches

  • Open console as administrator (Ctrl+Shift+Esc).
  • Enter the following commands: type the following commands
    one after the other. Press enter after each command:.
    – Go to the Little Busters! Ultimate File menu and click on Edit.
    – Remove the entry for „game“ to leave only the „dbpath“ entry.
    – Type dbpath=“C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/common/LittleBusters!“
  • Type „freetrack“ and press enter.

How to Install Patch v1.05

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or later)
Windows Vista (Service Pack 1 or later)
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
CPU: 1.6 GHz processor or faster
Memory: 512 MB RAM (minimum)
Graphics: 128 MB DirectX 9.0c graphics card
Disk space: 1.5 GB
– English and Japanese only.
– The game has three difficulty settings: Hard, Normal, and Easy.
– Easy mode is recommended for people