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Tacoma is a love letter to the space-age fantasy of the 70s and 80s, including a space-lounge bar, an opening title sequence cobbled together from footage of 80s pop culture, and the discovery of a secret laboratory.

Tacoma is a story-driven, puzzle-driven, dating simulator. This game was funded by the fans through Early Access on Steam!
The majority of Tacoma is finally available to play in English, with less text due to our self-imposed translation deadline of Oct 23rd. That’s right, we’re dumping all the text to save on translation hours… I’m sorry, but we’re going to dump all the text on our screen for 20 minutes straight until we can translate it with perfection. I don’t expect you to get through it!

We are still translating the game in Korean, and have released all the Korean text to be complete. The Korean community has also been supporting us with translations of dialogue, and for that I’m grateful.

A big thanks to everyone who supported us, and has been so patient with us!
Our goals on Steam are to get the game to 100% English, while releasing a patch that at least 50% of the game is translated. A loooooong way off but still attainable.

Half of Tacoma is now translated, which allows us to distribute most of the game in English. We’re still working on a first patch to go out before the launch of the game, and this is where we need your help!
When a character is completely translated, we need to turn off all untranslated text for that particular character, so we can start translating the rest of the cast. This patch will be available for purchase on Steam at launch.

As the beta grows, we’re aiming to release a new patch every 6 months with new features or fixes. We’re still working on the game’s end credits and the late-game survival mode, but we want to release more frequently as well.

If you want to support the project and be one of the first people to get a new feature or fix before anyone else, please check out the Kickstarter.

“If there’s a way to turn back the clock and you’re not getting that time back, there’s absolutely no point in pushing forward.”
– Dave Gilbert


Features Key:

  • The UNE modee since 2004.
  • General campaigns during that time, three Terran-based.
  • Campaigns for playing, two race-based.
  • Simple GUI under MS Windows 3.11.


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Experience Blood of the Werewolf, an all new retro-inspired Action-Platformer by Scientifically Proven. One of the few developers who still uses both a regular Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, the team creates games with a modern twist that capture the charm of the past. Blood of the Werewolf features 3 stages of gameplay in both human and wolf form, with 15 challenging levels of platforming action while taking on iconic movie monsters.
For the first time, play as Selena and battle her way to create her own family, as you slice through hordes of monsters, unlock abilities, and witness the drama of raising the family in a world where there is no escape.
Traditional platformers are what cemented the platform genre and brought gamers a sense of challenge and competition on their home consoles. Blood of the Werewolf features traditional platforming gameplay like no other by incorporating modern controls and gameplay mechanics.
Blood of the Werewolf features a multitude of creatures including the most iconic monsters of all time. Play as the creature, Hydra, Frankenstein, Dracula, Creature, Dracula, Mummy, Creature, Hyde, Creature, Mummy, Creature, Dracula, Creature, Mummy, Frankenstein, Creature and more. Play as the Werewolf, Selena, and a bevy of characters, monsters and weapons. When Selena transforms into a werewolf, she fights more powerful, takes more damage, and best of all, shoots lightning. When played using the Game Boy Advance, these controls can be remapped to the right or left analogue stick.
Blood of the Werewolf is a single-player action-platformer for the Game Boy Advance where players take on a ruthless journey of revenge and survival, as they battle and slay hundreds of classic monsters. What sets Blood of the Werewolf apart from other games is the completely new control schemes, unique weapons, collectables, and the story mode that can keep you up until the wee hours of the night.

Fandemonium (2.0)
In the town of Río Grande, you find your family lies in ruins. Your Uncle Peter has vanished without a trace and your father, Alejandro de Torres, has been murdered. With no other choice left, you set out on a journey to find the truth and avenge your uncle’s death.
The Setting: Rio Grande, 1952
It’s the beginning of the 20th century and the townsfolk of Rio Grande have yet to recover from the traumatic events of the Chávez Revolution.


Legend Of Miro

Only player on the screen. He/she will choose the fastest route between the events. And the clock will begin. And the competition begins. If you can’t go as fast as others, you can feel sorry.
Follower of Games in Terms of Fun and Entertainment:
No. You will just start as a person who got a car for the first time. And you’ll go in the car with friends (if you have). All the music will be there and in this game you will have less than 40 winnings (the total points). So the music must play always in the background.
Game „OutDrive“ Genre:
Futuristic drive,Runner
Game „OutDrive“ Target Group:
Game „OutDrive“ Reviewer:
-Bio-Mechanic -2(always starts in program)
-Matiłm -2 (regular)
-Zagadek -2 (rock)
-Fytar -2(airplane)
-Amgriz (dinner) -2(food)

Since the release of the first Out-Run in the arcade in 1989, the game has established itself as the epitome of pure fun for gamers who want to leave everything they know behind and experience an exhilarating race in a futuristic world through the eyes of the driver. If the release of the first Out-Run is something that really entered the minds of gamers from around the world, then the next step on the stairs was Take-Off, a game that placed you in the cockpit of an airplane and challenges you to get out of the desolate atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic wasteland. The next step is another leap for Out-Run in OutRun2, which takes place in the urban jungle – the game emphasizes the urban atmosphere for the first time. Still, the most extreme challenge awaits in the release of OutRun World, the Last Periphsia of the Game, where you will travel not only throughout the roads of America, but also through the streets of the most exotic cities in the world.

It is a situation of absolute terror; you need to cross the world of the so-called Gold Coast, for the tenth time, reaching such a goal seems impossible. But it’s only because its developers are really challenged. This game differs greatly from the OutRun series, the same basic principles remain in the formula, but the individual components and features are new.

This is a driving game and you get to the


What’s new: