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Name Kubz VR
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.73 / 5 ( 1816 votes )
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Kubz is a rhythm-based puzzle game, where you have to get the rhythm (like the music in the background) and press the button on time to remove the blocks from your playing field. It is the story of a simple new beginning, as well as a quest of a world where the events are connected and want to be released.
It was developed by a team of 2 independent developers.
That team comes from English and Spain and are already starting to work on the next projects… What are you waiting for? Download it NOW and enjoy this version until the final release.

Game Code: „KUBZ“
How to install the game:
1) Download Kubz. OTA or f2p.
2) Play Kubz.
Enjoy yourself!

A Linux gaming PC optimized for, and for its specific needs, Cross-Platform VR gaming.
Orpheus is a PC that is built and built for VR gaming.
Built from the ground up for Virtual Reality, Orpheus is specially designed for Cross-Platform VR Gaming. As such it supports VR headsets from both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
It also features a number of mouse/keyboard options for optimal gameplay, right down to a 3.5mm joystick.
Orpheus is a desktop PC with a GPU built for virtual reality, but also a machine for other uses. With a Core i7 6700K and NVIDIA 1080 graphics card, Orpheus has good performance and is very quiet under load.
In comparison to it’s larger, high-end relatives, Orpheus uses less power and noise, allowing you to enjoy Orpheus in a larger living space, or to play in noisy locations.
For the experience of watching movies or playing games on a PC, Orpheus is also a great option. Your movies and games can be upscaled to 4K and Orpheus can be connected to an external 4K display for the same 4K playback experience.
Orpheus is fully spec’d to run virtually every major DirectX 12 game on your desk, including the latest VR games.
Here’s the full specs of Orpheus:
CPU: Intel® Core i7-6700K
RAM: 32GB DDR4 2133MHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Lan: Broadcom 5170

System Requirements


Features Key:

  • Deluxe RTS and Arcade Gameplay
  • Plenty of extras
  • Original Gameplay Compared to the Original
  • Kubz VR Gameplay:

    • Very fun and easy to play
    • Only 5 levels, plus a failed mission

    Plenty of Extras:

    • 30 artillery levels
    • 30 infantry levels
    • 10 multiple battles levels
    • 5 bonus missions
    • 5 bonus beacons
    • 6 maps
    • Sound FX
    • Tutorial


    MVVM – Adding data to the database

    Trying to add data to my database I recieve an error message saying that

    Cannot implicitly convert type ‚System.DateTime?‘ to ‚System.DateTime‘

    The Message is pointing at the text inside the DateTextBox
    If I change it to string type and wrap the MessageUpdater in a try catch I don’t get any errors, and my record is not being added to the database.
    However, in the UI, I do not have any errors, and all I can see on the sdtOut is a string, with the value = „2“, no matter what date I put in the date box.
    Here is the my view model class:
    Public Class SaracasViewModel
    ‚Public property Saracas parent Person
    Public Property Saracas As SaracasViewModel()

    Public Sub New(saracas As SaracasViewModel())
    Me.Saracas = saracas
    End Sub

    Public Property MessageUpdater() As IDataErrorInfo
    Message = Nothing


    Kubz VR With Full Keygen For PC

    Play with the same sensation of a real Tetromino falling in Kubz!
    Your goal is to move all the tetrominos in the sky and place them in the grid.
    In order to achieve that goal you must match and place your Tetrominos like in a real room.
    Don’t forget that the tetrominos are always falling from the sky and you have to move them along!
    How to play:
    – Move the controller to simulate the falling of the Tetromino
    – Place them in the grid as much as you can in order to push them to the edge of the room
    You will be able to play with the official app for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in the near future.
    The source code of the game is under GPL 3.0

    To add a new controller please follow the link here:

    Don’t forget to enable the controller in your VR view!

    About the game:
    Kubz was first released to the public in 2006.
    The game which is one of the most popular puzzles on the Market has been ported to the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and now to the virtual reality!
    You must survive the tetromino falling from the sky and place them in the grid in order to make it.
    Game modes:
    – 1 to 6 player mode
    – 1 to 16 free play mode
    How to play:
    – Move the controller to simulate the falling of the Tetromino
    – Place them in the grid as much as you can in order to push them to the edge of the room
    – Watch the instructions in order to control the game.
    You will be able to play with the official app for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in the near future.
    The source code of the game is under GPL 3.0

    Spheron Kart is a Formula 1 Kart Racing game powered by Unity! Play with unlimited number of players in offline and online.

    First of all Spheron Kart is a 1 VS 1 game only!
    Game Mode:
    Single Race
    Endurance Race
    Battle Race
    How to play:
    The aim of the game is to pick the best combination in order to win the race by finishing first.
    Select or change gear to pass the other players.

    Kubz VR Cracked Accounts is a Tetris game for The Virtual Reality!
    Play with an HTC Vive or


    Kubz VR Activation Code With Keygen [April-2022]

    Game Zone is a free browser based social platform where you can build your own game in the virtual reality. With easy integration to Unity/Unreal Engine, you can begin developing the prototype within minutes.

    You can also publish and share your game in real time.

    Today, we want to introduce the new UI work of game zones that we worked on and which will be available in the new version. We present you here the different components of the UI:

    – Lobby / Portal: you can link different parts of your VR game to your lobby page

    – Project Widget: you can publish all the information of your project on a single place. All the project information is accessible in this page. All the projects present on this page are in the Widget. You can add, and edit, and publish a new project from this place

    – Status Widget: this widget is dedicated to show all the status of your projects. By default, you can check if your projects are saved or not. You can also know the number of save attempts you have done on each project. This widget is the same than the one of the Projects page, so you can access the status of all your projects at the same time

    – History Widget: this widget keeps a record of the time you’ve spent on your projects. You can see the time of your first save and the time of your last save. You can also record the date, the time, and the name of your project

    – Team Widget: this widget allows you to see the members of your team. By default, you can follow a member of your team, or a project that he participated. You can also follow projects or members individually and set your own preferences

    – Stats: All the statistics of the UI will be available here. This will allow you to know all the different stats of your projects and statistics of the statistics per projects. You can also check if the template used for your projects is available in this stats

    – Bookmarks: this is a widget where you can bookmark all the pages that you have visited. You can also bookmark project pages for all your projects and a „bookmarks“ widget. You can use this to keep track of your visits and your projects

    Game Zone: a free browser based social platform where you can build your own game in the virtual reality. With easy integration to Unity/Unreal Engine, you can begin developing the prototype within minutes.

    You can also publish and


    What’s new in Kubz VR:

    Fall Event Schedule: Head’s Up! First of Two Events This Week!

    Date & Time


    The theme of this week’s Kubz VR Fall Event is “RETROSPECTIVE” – looking back at previous Kubz multiplayer games and seeing how they haven’t aged as badly as we hoped. First up, we will be playing “Survival of the Fittest”, a game that offers players the chance to play two or three games against each other in a series of rounds. The winner of each round will be declared the winner. This is was first multiplayer game programmed for Kubz VR, so it is a really great place to see how things have improved from our previous efforts. You will need a VR headset (any type) to play, a permission slip (optional) and your own controller (you will need one of the Xbox One controllers).

    There will be a change of scenery as we move away from the open “escape the room” venue of the last event and head back to a more secluded location. This will be better for the social aspect of Kubz, and the environment will be a bit more intimate.

    The venue will be closing down so soon after the venue switch that refreshments will be available. However, due to space constraints (and by popular demand), refreshments will be a cash only option, so by buying a pass you will be saving yourself 50c and will be able to use your cash for a round of Kubz instead. Additionally, guests can expect this to be our most enjoyable, personable Kubz event yet!

    We will be playing “Survival of the Fittest” next Thursday, November 30th at 10am PST. I will be joined by Kubz DX 01.

    We will have one more Kubz VR Games event to attend before the holidays and then we will be taking a break until January 1st. We will be playing “IT’S GAME ON!!!”, the classic arcade game. Initially, we will restrict ourselves to one game in a round of matches until we can negotiate with the venue owner. Hopefully you are all excited to see what will happen.

    Last but not least, this will be a Kubz VR Gaming Meetup and I have been in contact with the venue to facilitate a space for it (and hopefully Kubz) during the year. It will be held at the venue at


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    System Requirements:

    Intel® Pentium® CPU G7200 or higher / AMD Ryzen™ Processor
    4 GB of RAM
    32 GB of available hard disk space
    DirectX® 11
    Windows® 7
    Minimum of 10 GB of free disk space
    Additional hardware requirements:
    A Radeon™ HD 6870 or higher graphics card for DirectX 11
    NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 or higher graphics card for DirectX 11
    NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 7800 series graphics card for DirectX 9 or higher
    Additional software requirements:
    The installation and runtime files


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