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Gordie Serial Key is an Electron-based application that aims at making your card collection tracking as simple as possible.
It does not require installation and can be started just by launching its executable file. Upon its launch, the application opens with a bare window that displays the total number of card collections and cards available.
To begin organizing your card collection, simply add new collections or records for each different type and click the ‘Add’ button to begin organizing your collection.
Once all your cards have been added, go ahead and start manually entering the basic information about each card such as its name, year and publisher.
After the data has been entered, it’s time to start exporting the list of cards to a.JSON file. To get started with this process, simply go to the menu and click ‚Export‘ from the top toolbar.
In case you want to make a backup of your card collection before exporting it to a.JSON file, simply click on ‘Save to disk’ and choose where you would like the backup file to be saved.
The app has a similar feature that can be used to import your card collection from a.JSON file. To begin with this process, simply click on ‘Import from disk’ from the menu.
Once the import process has been started, all the cards that are imported will appear in the main window.
How To Download & Install Gordie Crack Keygen on Windows & Linux

Manage your card collection with Gordie Torrent Download – The card collection manager
You may have downloaded your first baseball cards growing up, and kept a baseball card collection as you got older.
Now you have grown up, and moved on to other sports. However, like many of us, your collection has grown too big for your wallet.
It is very likely that you prefer to browse your collection on a computer, rather than on your phone. However, many of the card collectors also have a smartphone they take their cards with.
If you fall into this category, you may find yourself with multiple collection management solutions that are not compatible with your device, or not compatible with one another. This leads to a lot of chaos within your collection. It is often difficult to get a complete overview of your collection, and managing your cards is a real pain.
Gordie Torrent Download is a solution that allows you to store and organize your card collection from various sources, all on one platform. Let us take a look at how you can organize your baseball cards, basketball cards, football cards,

Gordie Crack+ PC/Windows

Gordie allows you to build a rich set of cards, complete with name, publisher, image, type and plot. Then you can easily get, browse, search and collect them.
Key Features:
* Free to use or to pay for upgrades, as the service evolves.
* Easy and fast collection building.
* Powerful features such as the ability to replace plot, or delete bad characters from the character image.
* Fully accessible offline.
* Extensive tagging option.
* Unique ‚gallery‘ feature.
* Bi-directional sync support.
* On-screen editor and viewer.
* Browser for checking out other card sets.
* Computer or mobile phone integration.
* Export/import/backup support.
* CPU usage reduction.
* Android version now available.
* Supports the.JSON collection format.
* Translated to 12 languages.
* Support for multiset collections.
* Spotlight support.
* Repetitions can be controlled.
* More information, settings and help available at:

Thanks to:
– Apple for the development platform used to build this software.
– Joao Paulo Braga for his help in the software development.
– Matt Houghton for his ideas and advice.
– Saira Kooerats for his advice, testing and feedback.
– Liming Tan for his hints and for his awesome proofreading.
– @nagatani_nomunaka for the feedback, suggestions, ideas and for being such a sport.
– Sugarfrosted for the audio file for the intro screen.
– @shoutout-ed for the wine suggestions.
– This Software is released under the ‚Free To Use, Open Source‘ license.

In just a few words, Gordie is an Electron-based app that provides you with a streamlined way to organize

Gordie Free

Gordie is a free collection manager that keeps your card database in sync on Windows and Linux. Free downloads for Windows & Linux, Ubuntu 12.04.

Great tool for organizing and sorting your card collection. It even works on OSX.

The app is free to use and open to contributions or suggestions.

You can keep up to 2,000 different card collections with Gordie and keep track of all of them.

A powerful and easy to use front end to already well structured database.

Have you ever thought about organizing and sorting your card collection? Of course, you have! Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog post now, right? Well, what if you could do it easily and quickly? What if you could do it while also being able to keep your collection organized? What if you could keep track of all of your collections and organize your card collection simply and easily? What if you could update your database in a timely fashion? What if you could do all that and more? If any of the above were to apply to you, you would realize that a card collection database program is in fact a necessity. But how could you do it? Well, like many of us you probably already sort and organize your cards using a computer based program. So why not take this process to the next level by making use of programs like Excel, a basic, dated and flawed spreadsheet application. Why not take your computer based card database and make it just a little bit more useful and easy to use. Like why not convert your computer based database to a more user friendly, feature rich software program that can be run on more than just a Mac. Like why not convert your card database to a program that can run cross platform on both Linux and Windows. Why not convert your card database to a card database application that can get you organized, learn about, store, track, collect and organize and keep all of your valuable card collections for years to come? Well, why not!

Enter the free Gordie collection manager. Just as its name implies, it will be taking a minimalistic approach to organizing and sorting your card collection via its main window. A simple utility that keeps your card collection organized. Not to mention, it’s cross platform compatability. Running on Windows and Linux via an Electron based application. If you are running on a Mac you could still run Gordie but you would have to utilize PC like applications. This is due to Gordie being written in.NET and you

What’s New In?

If you run Excel and already have a database of cards, you should consider making use of it for your card collection. Gordie is a much more streamlined utility than Microsoft’s Excel, so you’ll be able to perform a lot of tasks at once.
Easy to get started with
Gordie’s main window displays the total number of cards and collections it currently stores. You can add new collections by just entering a name and hitting the „Add“ button on the top of the application.
Managing your collections is easy as well, and you can sort them by clicking on a few different columns. The first column contains general collections, and the second one contains specialized collections. You can sort these collections as well.
Aside from adding collections, you can also import and export cards from your collections, and you can even backup your collections by accessing the „Gordie“ menu and clicking on the „Backup“ button.
One of the easiest ways to sort your cards using a computer
Gordie is a simple utility that allows you to organize your cards using a computer. It comes with a clean interface, is accessible for any level of user, and is very easy to get started with.
Why should I buy this software?

You have already decided to get organized. Gordie does just what it says on the tin and it should make your card collection much more convenient and enjoyable to manage. You no longer have to spend hours crisscrossing your collection, shuffling and organizing it.
With this in mind, you can enjoy a streamlined process for card collection management with Gordie. No more worrying about mistakes – everything is perfect, orderly and in sync with each other.

General aspects

No tutorials are included.
The Free edition is limited to storing 12,000 cards. You can upgrade to the Pro version for a one time fee of $9.99 USD.


Windows, Linux


Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Linux


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Operating Systems:

Windows, Linux


Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista

Gordie is a tool that we have tested on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Linux


System Requirements:

– Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
– Internet Explorer 9 or higher
– Adobe Flash Player 11 or higher
– Microsoft Silverlight 10
– Apple, Android, or Linux OS (Safari or Chrome web browser)
– On-screen controls, mouse or touchscreen
PlayStation®4 system specifications:
PlayStation®4 (PlayStation®4 Pro)
– PlayStation®4 (PlayStation®4 Pro) system with 32 GB or more of internal storage
– DualShock