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* This is a simple, easy-to-use tool that can animate your desktop with a new Windows gadget
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* Supports all the most popular web-sites
* Redirection to your default feedIn a statement, the company said that an overwhelming majority of PS4 gamers asked for a patch to fix the problem, but that these requests were ignored. This didn’t go down well with many gamers, who accused Sony of being arrogant. And it’s clear that the company has no intention of doing anything about it – ever.

Sony says it „100% denied“ that it deliberately left this vulnerability in the system, and that it is currently investigating what went wrong to prevent it happening again. With two and a half years left until the PS4 hits retail, it’s unlikely we’ll see a patch before then, and the damage has been done. Still, it doesn’t sound like the company feels bad about what happened.

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Now, everyone has an opinion and an ear. The only question is, how do we
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What we’re looking for is a big win over reality. For example, a CV and
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What’s the conversation like?

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Grab the latest soccer news and updates from Goal.com at your fingertips. With this free Live News widget, you can view the latest soccer news, scores, transfers, and highlights for hundreds of soccer clubs in a convenient and easy to read format.

No App-Store required: Easily access any sort of soccer news or scores, using a customisable live feed that automatically updates with the latest soccer news and scores.

Customizable Live Feed: You can enable a quick, simple, yet powerful means to view all your favorite clubs and teams by selecting them from a list. You can even select to view news from all of the top leagues in the world!

Three Great Apps In One: You can add this to your Android home screen and view all the latest soccer news, scores and updates, using either our Android widget, a universal desktop app, or a desktop app if you own a PC.

Clear and Plain: Get all the latest soccer news in a customisable live feed that automatically updates and regularly refreshes with the latest soccer news.

If you’re like most people you probably use a Microsoft account to access all your various online services on Windows. The problem is that from what I gather, Microsoft isn’t very good about supporting those accounts after Microsoft ends its support for a service.

Yesterday I installed one of my favorite Windows apps, Microsoft Office, and it asked for my Microsoft Live ID. I asked it what it would do with it, and the reply I got was that it would use that to log in to services I have with Microsoft.

I was concerned that this was a disaster in the making.

The initial release of the new Microsoft/Google TV-specific version of Windows is a stable release, Microsoft says, and should not be upgraded.

Why not? Because after update, users face problems such as disappearing or disappearing menus and experiences “down time” of a few minutes of continuous rebooting.

It shouldn’t be a shock that the new tv platform is experiencing problems as it goes into its first testing/release phase. Add to this that Microsoft’s first release of this version of the OS is a complete disaster. And this is a company that has been giving us the wrong timeframe for release of their products at least once a week for the last few years.

So, I’m wondering – is it really worth having a Microsoft Live ID associated with a Windows account?

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Live news. Your own soccer panel.
Goal.com is your go-to place for the latest soccer news in one place. We’ve built a new web front-end for you to track all the news of all the world’s major leagues.
We live-updating your soccer panel is a crucial part of this service, as keeping you up to date with all of the latest soccer news is just as important as knowing who is going to win the next game.
See who’s winning and when, plus stay on top of player moves and transfer rumors. You can even look up who scored a goal, as well as the lastest stats for all of the world’s major leagues.Q:

Is there any way to delete two variables at a time using array in java

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We have got news for you! Now you can enjoy the latest soccer news right on your desktop. No more need to open the front page of Google and search for the most relevant news.
You want to know who scored, or who has made a decisive move? With Goal.com Live news you can follow the latest development in the soccer world. All the real-time news and highlights are at your fingertips, so you won’t miss the most important details.
You can surf the Goal.com news by categories, and by topic. As often as you want, you’ll get the news you want. You can also search for a specific news in the news database.
This tool allows you to keep up to date with all the new soccer-related developments. Never before have we been able to stay on top of the latest soccer news on the web. You can keep up to date and follow all of the most interesting news with this simple app.
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* No need to find news, just follow what interests you.
You can download Goal.com Live News on the Windows Store for free.

After years of waiting, Mango 2.0 is finally here.
OS development continues apace, and the oft-delayed, long-term-planned OS update is no exception, bringing together a number of new features, performance enhancements and bug fixes.

As with each version of Mango, it’s still in development, and not yet ready for the masses. But it’s also been delivered at a time when Windows Phone devices are finally starting to gain more traction, and it shows a marked improvement in performance and user experience over its predecessor.

So today sees the public release of Mango, bringing along a host of new features and app compatibility enhancements, and making the platform a more refined, feature-rich and thoroughly polished one.

Windows Phone 7.8

Windows Phone 7.8, which was announced as a final ‘Windows Phone OS’ update for 7.5 back in June, has been around for months, gathering in and


System Requirements:

The Firefall servers have been having some performance issues and have been experiencing a significant amount of downtime. There are no planned fixes for the current issues, so the best solution at this time is to reduce your account usage. If you are still playing on the servers, you will be unable to log into your account on the primary server (Firefall.com) until the account is cleared.
In the meantime, if you are experiencing problems logging in, you can try a new account using the form below. Please be aware that the new account may not be available until the performance