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Free Ape Player is a music player for the Windows platform.
It is designed to play almost all types of musical files including APE and MP3 files. It supports all kinds of keyboard shortcuts, the familiar seek bar, visual audio display and equalizer.
There are no fancy frills in Free Ape Player, it is designed to get the job done. A pretty simple user interface is all you will find in the application.
Some features are hidden in the application’s preferences panel, but they are easy to access and modify.

8. Musix MPEG2 Player Pro

Image: Musix MPEG2 Player Pro Screenshot

Musix MPEG2 Player Pro is a free, light and fast tool which can playback and convert MPEG2 audio and video files. With Musix MPEG2 Player Pro you will enjoy your favorite music and videos on your PC. In addition, you can rip or import files to convert them to different formats. This tool also works as a powerful player for other audio and video formats.

9. ACs Audio Converter

Image: ACs Audio Converter Screenshot

ACs Audio Converter is a software tool which helps you convert any audio and video files between many different formats. The program provides its users with options to read, convert, and burn any audio or video file without any restriction. ACs Audio Converter provides a set of powerful options. This software tool works perfectly with all Windows.

10. Frog Audio Player

Image: Frog Audio Player Screenshot

Frog Audio Player is a software and windows tool which is used to play all popular audio and video formats. The application allows you to instantly play files which are stored on your local hard disk or on your USB flash drive. Additionally, this tool supports playing downloaded audio and video files as well as streaming music.

To sum it up, the above mentioned utilities can do the job if you’re looking for a simple and fast solution to play or convert audio and video files. Of course, the selection is only a small part of what the best media players are capable of.
Anyhow, we strongly recommend checking them out all, to find the one you really need. If you’re looking for a music player, you won’t find a better tool than the Media Player Classic.

Free Ape Player is a very simple software solution designed to play APE and MP3 files, providing just the basic utilities to serve its purpose. Simplicity is what makes

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ApraX is a professional and free user-friendly graphic music player. It allows you to listen to music directly from CD, iPod, MP3, AVI and FLV files and to play and copy them to your computer. ApraX is an easy-to-use cross-platform music player that can play most popular audio formats of MP3 and FLAC files (without loss of quality).
The application interface is attractive and user-friendly. You can easily change the interface colors and layouts by means of the „Theme“ panel. Additionally, you can change the arrangement of buttons in many other ways. You can assign a value to each button in the preference dialog to change its appearance. You can also change the position of the buttons, the size of the buttons and the style of the buttons. All of these options allow you to create a custom appearance for the application.
– Supports playback on almost all file formats and device types, such as CD audio and audio/video tracks, MP3 music, WAV, OGG, and FLAC;
– Plays back and manages files stored on a digital music player, a CD, or a computer hard drive;
– Copies and replays MP3, WAV, OGG, and FLAC files;
– Supports all audio playback modes (auto, flac, flv, mp3, wav, ogg, quicktime, and aiff);
– Provides easy-to-use command line interface for easy usage with external programs and scripts (ApraX CLI);
– Supports many popular file formats, including VBR, ABR, CBR, VBR, CBR and LPCM, MP3 audio format, and FLAC audio format.
– Supports almost all popular audio devices (OS/2, Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000/XP, Windows 98, Windows Vista);
– Supports both 32 and 64-bit operation system;
– Compatible with almost all portable music players like iPod, Creative Nomad Jukebox, Archos, Archos 9 and Archos 10, Creative Zen, Creative Zen 2, Creative Zen Touch, iRiver Story, iRiver iTouch, iRiver iMedia H10, iRiver iMedia H20, iRiver iTouch, iRiver iTouch, Sony Walkman etc;
– Supports playback of standard audio tracks and video tracks from CD, DVD, and audio/video devices like iPod, Creative Zen, Archos, Archos 9

Free Ape Player

Software Review:

Volume Mirrors – Volume Mirrors offers a full spectrum of visual comparison that are provided by its simple-to-use interface.
As the visual interface shows, Volume Mirrors is a very simple software utility, however that does not mean that it lacks powerful features.
On the contrary, Volume Mirrors can display both audio and visual spectrum waveforms, and provides the user with everything he needs to choose what is best.
It’s worth to mention that Volume Mirrors is not limited to Windows only and can be used on both Mac and Linux, not to mention that it also works in a standalone mode without the need of a Media Player application.
But what makes this application really special is the way it can generate audio spectrum waveform visualizations in any software or hardware device that can connect to your Windows PC.
The only limitations are the minimum size of the screen, the size of the spectrum and the typical memory bandwidth requirements.
This is where Volume Mirrors shines as it has the largest spectrum available out there, while providing a screen size that’s capable of displaying its audio spectrum in a very small size.
But with a high screen resolution can come a high memory requirement, which can slow down the performance of your system if the software is installed on your device.
Nevertheless, even when it does, you can plug in a printer to the device that owns Volume Mirrors and use it for printing measurements that can be as large as you like in order to make your own spectrum comparisons or even sell it as a picture.
With a free Version available, Volume Mirrors comes with a lot of features, including a choice of several different settings for the spectrum, as well as a delay option to increase the perfectibility of each and every sound.
Also, this version of Volume Mirrors is not limited to a specific type of file support, which is a great plus when it comes to utility compatibility.
Additional features include the ability to export the results to PDF and a beautiful ambient interface theme that can be used on both Windows and Mac.
It’s worth mentioning however that Volume Mirrors can be used both as a standalone application as well as a plugin for popular software like Notepad, WordPad or Paint.
Once installed, it’s just a matter of locating the appropriate device that owns Volume Mirrors (or a printer) and making the appropriate measurements in order to receive your custom spectrum comparison waveform.
That’s the easiest way to do it since Volume Mirrors comes with

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Publisher’s Description:

An easy-to-use player for APE and MP3 files. FAPP is a freeware player that can play your APE, FLAC and MP3 files, and you can also play the APE files in stereo by configuring your system as a soundcard.

FAPP is a freeware MP3 player, this means it will require no installation or setting up and is supplied as a portable application that can be run from any location on your computer, making it especially suitable for use on your portable audio player. FAPP can also be used as a sound card for a stereo system.

FAPP (Freeware APE Player) is a freeware MP3 player, this means it will require no installation or setting up and is supplied as a portable application that can be run from any location on your computer, making it especially suitable for use on your portable audio player. FAPP can also be used as a sound card for a stereo system.

FAPP can play APE and MP3 files as well as play stereo APE files, if you enable’stereo mode‘ in the options. FAPP can be use as a standalone program which can play APE and MP3 files, or you can use FAPP as a sound card for your stereo system (as a sound card FAPP will need to be installed within Windows)

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System Requirements:

NVIDIA® Kepler-based Graphics, NVIDIA® Maxwell-based Graphics, NVIDIA® Pascal-based Graphics, NVIDIA® Maxwell-based Graphics-accelerated Intel® Iris Graphics Technology-compatible, NVIDIA® Pascal-based Graphics-accelerated Intel® Iris Graphics Technology-compatible, Intel® Core™i7-based CPU, 8 GB of system memory (RAM)
DISCLAIMER: Please note that Titan X, Titan X Pascal, GTX 1080, GTX 1080 Ti, GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti and other Pascal-based graphics cards are currently not supported by the!/?p=22869