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Most entertainment media on the Internet is rendered using a Flash player, which also needs to be integrated by the web developer, not only possessed the end user. Flash Video Player is such a utility that gives you the possibility to make Flash videos playable on your website.
Lightweight and easy to deploy
Since it is mostly targeted towards development purposes, the application requires you to undergo no installation process and also lacks a dedicated interface. It is delivered in the form of a compressed package that contains necessary files, as well as documentation that helps you easily implement the player in your web project.
A neat alternative to industry giants
You might consider there isn't a great demand of variety when it comes to the utility that renders and plays Flash videos. However, due to the lack of customization options, boredom is a risk factor that can erupt in any given moment.
Amongst the files deployed on your computer, and example is offered that brings up your default web browser in order to get a glimpse of how the player actually works and feels. A modern touch is felt in the design, with necessary playback options emphasized with intuitive and animated buttons.
A little programming experience required
If you're reading this in hopes of simply finding a player capable of rendering Flash videos, your search is in vain. This tool is strictly meant to be implemented in websites, with no offline usage whatsoever.
The provided documentation is more than helpful when it comes to figuring out implementation methods. It represents nothing more that a well-structured PDF document, equipped with step-by-step guidance and exemplification.
To end with
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Flash Video Player is a handy alternative to the already existing giants on the market. There's nothing new brought on the block, but if you want the web page you're working on to be a little different than the rest, this might just be the package for you.







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A.Soft Video Converter can convert videos (any formats of videos, like AVI, MPEG, WMV, DIVX, MOV, VOB, RM, RMVB, RMVB, MP4, SWF, ASF, RMVB, etc) to Flash (FLV) including FLV, F4V, F4M, F4A, F4P, F4X, WTV, etc. You can keep the video(s) for playback on your mobile phone, mobile phone camera, cell phone, PDA and other mobile devices.
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Advanced Settings
To help you easily convert your videos, we built in a lot of settings, such as hotkey, video/audio settings, output settings, audio settings and embed settings, and so on.
Apart from these settings, you can customize your output settings to help you get the best results, and you can also assign different output paths for your different videos.
Video Size Adjustment
You can define your ideal video size and adjust it to your favor.
Remove Background Music
You can remove background music or videos while converting and also remove the sound from the original videos if you want.
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It works on multi-core CPU/Multi

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Video Player is a free Flash video player and a very lightweight and easy to deploy component that helps you play Flash video content.
Video Player Features:
This component is very lightweight and easy to deploy. There is no installation needed and you can use it directly in your web project in no time without setting up any additional files. All you need is to get a copy of the package provided by us to have your project running within a short time. This is a free component and there is no license fees to pay. This component can be used both for online and offline applications. Download this component and get ready to enjoy Flash video playback on your web project.


About us

We are a professional multimedia team that has built its reputation by creating compelling content and outstanding results. We are a team of over 20 active, enthusiastic professionals, between 25 and 35 years of age, all with a background in cinema and television./*
Copyright 2016 The Kubernetes Authors.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the „License“);
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an „AS IS“ BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

package cache

import (


// Clock allows for injecting fake or real clocks into code
// that requires the current time.
type Clock interface {
Now() time.Time

// RealClock implements the Clock interface by returning the current time.
type RealClock struct {
Time time.Time

// Now returns the current time.
func (cl *RealClock) Now() time.Time {
return cl.Time

// UsingFakeClock allows for testing things that depend on the time.
// FakeClock implements the Clock interface so that test code
// can write code that depends on the fake clock and not

Flash Video Player Download

Embed a simple player with Flash Video Player. It includes five different skins and two features like video looping and custom player’s background image.
6 items
Simple player with five skins.
Loop a video from the beginning or the end of the video.
Two features:
Display a custom player’s background image.
Switch from one skin to another.
Free download of the program.
Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Look at the picture of the program
Want to view a video clip? Then you have to be sure that you have installed the appropriate player. It is not enough to visit a website. The user must be equipped with the appropriate player. Before you know it, you may be in a very bad situation, and your data can get wiped out. To be able to overcome the situation, you can choose a program that enables you to play a movie online. Imagine how bored you’d be without the movie you love. You can easily enjoy it without needing to watch it in a cinema. In addition, you also need to provide you a source that allows you to enjoy it. The big task is to find a site that enables you to download your beloved videos.
Flash Video Player Review:
Flash Video Player can provide you with the utmost pleasure. You can easily view your favorite movies with this video program. As the name implies, it is Flash Video Player. It helps you download your movie with a simple click. It is not a program that is difficult to install. You can play any video, regardless of the format you have. It is easy to use and understand. This program can be a great source of entertainment.
Easy to use
It is not complicated to use this program. It does not require you to read much instruction. You are in full control of the program without having to remember a lot of things. It can allow you to play videos from various sources. It is not necessary to download a specific program before you can enjoy your favorite video. You will not have a lot of problems. You can enjoy any video without putting in any effort.
Download videos instantly
You are free to download your video and enjoy it without having to wait for a long time. You can download videos from different sites. It is very simple to do it. You can use it for free. At the same time, it is easy to control the video. There is no need to worry about downloading it. You should just access the right web page. You can be free to play

What’s New in the Flash Video Player?

Online Flash Video Player that you can include on any web pages as required. Easily embed and manage videos on your websites.

With this online video sharing website, you can share videos, music, and photos with others.

Allows you to upload videos from various sources.

You can embed the Flash Player directly on your web pages in an easy manner.

Flash Video Player is really easy to use with a simple drag-and-drop feature.

The HTML code is extremely simple to write.

It adds the Flash Player to your web pages without any difficult integration.

No registration is required, therefore it allows us to share our work with the world.

Its easy interface allows you to add the player to a web page very fast.

With this Website Builder’s support, you can create a completely new website with only a few clicks.

This flash video embedding website allows you to create a fully customized website with a simple drag-and-drop feature.

It is a very fast and easy to use website.

Nothing is required from you except the space you have available in your web page.

Its very simple to use and you can create any type of website with a simple drag-and-drop feature.

This video player website tool gives you all the options that you need to embed and share videos on your website.

This video player website gives you the option to select videos from different sources.


Flash Video Player Key Features:

1. Easy to Use:
This Video Player can be easily included in any kind of website.

2. Embed Videos:
It offers you the option to include videos in your web pages as required.

3. Various Sources:
It allows you to select videos from various sources.

4. Customized Website:
You can customize your website with a simple drag-and-drop feature.

5. Clean and Simple Design:
We have kept the design clean and simple.

6. Fast and Easy to Use:
It is very fast and easy to use and also requires only a few clicks.

7. No Registration:
It does not require any registration.

8. Simple HTML Code:
The HTML code is really simple to use.

9. Live preview:
It provides you with the live preview option.

10. Secure and Private:


System Requirements For Flash Video Player:

We have removed the maximum recommended specs for this build (currently 6.0.1). The current community estimate is that we will likely never go higher than 6.0.3, so if you’re running 6.0.1 you are probably fine. We don’t currently have any plans to change your max specs.
About this patch
This patch adds a new „V“ keybinding (Windows key + V). It takes an alt key as well, but can use the more unusual ones, like F. It binds alt+V to Vimcast.