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The full match data will be released as a beta later this year. Some of it will be held back from public consumption, but different datasets, such as player movements on the pitch or how the player should turn, can be viewed and used to modify both player moves and their actions on the ball in the game.

While the game engine is not changing, there is plenty of work being done behind the scenes to make adjustments to help the developers and players on the pitch, as well as others off the pitch.

The Individual Player Data function, which is currently being held back, is not to track a player’s movements or position on the pitch, but rather how they might have moved in real life; the amount of time a defender spent in the offside position for example, or how they move at different speeds. Players will also be able to access each other’s personal data to help with their adjustments for the duration of the beta.

With the game being developed on the PlayStation 4, McLaren’s Director of Esports, Eric Boal, is also present to help with the integration of the data.

“We are not going to be the first game that takes full advantage of the tech,” he says. “It’s going to be the game that lays a great foundation of technology so that the other games can use it.”

Player models from previous games were created using real-life players in motion tracking suits, allowing a lot of control over how players move, from running to jumping and turning.

Boal acknowledges that this level of control is an incredible step forward, but also that it must not go to the extreme; the player models must be playable.

“As designers we don’t want any of the player models to look too weird,” he says. “I’m sure people will say ‘The centre backs look weird, the goalkeeper looks weird, the forwards look weird’. This is how people deal with new tech, so we want to make sure we don’t do anything that is too over the top.”

Instead the idea is to make the player models look as close to how they would in reality, to give players a sense of ‘realism’.

Boal points out that many of the player models in the game are close to how they should actually look, but that the


Features Key:

  • Authentic-looking action on the pitch. FIFA 22 enhances the player models and ball physics giving a more convincing and realistic experience.
  • New motion-capture-powered animation for player interactions and gameplay, allowing you to see more and react faster.
  • New ball-tracking tech. Pick and choose which passes, dribbles, and free kicks actually go where the game thinks they will – unlock a host of new off-ball techniques in dribbling and passing; kick it into corners and flanks with ease.
  • NFC Champions League. More league competitions including the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, plus the return of the UEFA EURO with three more qualifiers to be played from June 2014.
  • World Cup Manager Mode.
  • Improve your club’s performances by managing and training your football squad with new player attributes and unlocking more stars.
  • New audio presentation. Enhanced crowd formations, pitch style, goal celebration and more.
  • Pitch-based gameplay. Play anywhere from four-player quick play, to up to 32-players in 5v5 all-out gameplay.
  • New goal celebrations, including new celebration animations for the Golden Boot winner and the Opponent team.
  • Highlights. Play Championship, FA Cup, UEFA Euro and FIFA World Cup in the new Highlights viewer, with new highlights menus and series modes for all competitions.
  • New My Club page. Create your own club, complete with kits, managers and transfer targets. Take your club to the top as you pull together your best team.
  • New Manager tool. Build your dream team from the best players and clubs in the world. Customise and replay tactics.
  • New walk-off celebrations. Train the kids and the opposition in the latest new walk-off celebrations.
  • Redefined Player Impact Engine


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unlock more than 350 player models and all-new animations to create your own legend.

Press Release


Last year, FIFA 19 announced the arrival of its most comprehensive Real Player Motion (RPM) engine to date. The engine is fundamental to FIFA’s vision of being more immersive than ever and represents the core of the gameplay experience that millions of players around the world have enjoyed for nearly three decades.

RPM is the engine of choice that drives the incredible new animations, comprehensive A.I. and deeper controls you experience in every mode, plus the no-compromise inclusion of the new Frostbite Frost engine that powers EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Now, as we prepare for launch, we want to be as transparent and open as possible in showing you what RPM is and what it enables us to do with the game.

RPM: A Whole New Ball Game

According to a long-held standard in the world of computer games, certain „things“ are considered as critical as the gameplay mechanics themselves.

For example, some of the most iconic titles in the world of videogames – such as the seminal first-person shooter franchise, Call of Duty – revolve around the idea of a soldier, „Mark Six“, traversing a large, detailed 3D environment and eliminating enemies and completing objectives in the process.

These games may be playable in different


Fifa 22

Build the ultimate team from the world’s best players. With more than 300 official players, plus 300 club legends and other FUT characters, you’ll have a squad of your own in FIFA 22. Take on your friends in online games to earn coins and items, or create the ultimate dream team to dominate your opponents in single-player challenges. Every game you play, every FUT card you collect, and every decision you make will define your career. Collect FUT cards and build the ultimate team!

FUT Champions –
Experience the intensity of club soccer like never before with the all-new FIFA Ultimate Team Champions and FIFA Champions experiences. Join online games in FIFA, where you can develop your game, build your team, and challenge the world.

Share your team’s stories in Stadiums mode with up to 24 of your players in 360°, then customise your stadium with your very own graphic identities. The Club Manager brings everything together in a new way with the creation of your own player identity cards. The Club Manager also allows you to share content from your My Team Moments, upload pictures, videos and voice recordings of your favorite players and even publish your own branded merchandise and hats.

Liven up your experience of the game with the all new My Team Moments feature. Log into FIFA Online with friends and challenge them in Online Games to add your achievements, highlights and more, and share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

EASY EDIT – Easily edit clips from your FIFA Online games in Moments. Before, only professional editing suites such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere could edit clips in Moments. Now, anyone can! Easily cut, trim, rotate and remove audio and video clips in online games, and send your final edits directly to YouTube!

Experience new levels of stadium design and connect with fans around the world with all new enhanced stadium design. Design multiple teams within your stadium that you can share with friends, or separate your team into different divisions or states. Bring the soccer world to life in new ways with fans across the globe who can share in your experience of the game with the new Fan Park.

PERSONALISE ME – Mix and match kits, personalized icons and achievements, add personal stories to your FIFA Online account, and even create your own player identities in the new My Team Moments feature. All


What’s new:

  • Revamped Team Combinations
    – Make ever more creative substitutions, built from a greater variety of players.
    – Establish your preferred playing style by choosing different kits
    – Customise your first XI, create your ideal team, and test it out in new training matches
    – Play your way out of difficult situations when facing set-pieces and corners
    – Create the best-balanced team, that completes seamlessly with your current team.
  • Ball Physics, Player Behaviour, & New Stunning View
    – Simulate a dynamic, playable ball influenced by changes in elevation
    – Dynamic dribbling and tackling – react to both open-play and tussle situations
    – Tight, agile forwards will show more close control and defensive duties
    – Improves the intensity and quality of shots, line-ups, and passes
    – Show incredible shots and heavy deflections with console-quality graphics.
  • Career Mode
    – Now powered by the same one-to-one play engine that powers all the major sports titles
    – Unlock a variety of goals, kits, and even crowds
    – Take your journey to the pros as both a manager and a player
    – Test your skills as a player with new Player Career mode options
    – Freeform style gameplay with more free roam and more ways to progress
    – New training matches with three action-packed FIFA ball physics
    – Relive the glory days of the Manager mode
    – Create your own custom venues in the stadium editor
    – Wage your battles for club supremacy with a new league-based campaign
  • New Broadcast Channels
    – Watch your team in cutting-edge 4K ultra-HD for your living room
    – Read the most in-depth breaking news coverage on all the biggest events
    – Follow your favourite teams in the UK and Europe with our new multi-platform, long-form video content
    – Stream our unique live league competition every day, and see how many games you can pack into one epic weekend
    – Stream more football than ever including the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League Live shows

    FA eCAL Premier League squad and integrate images developed from their fans at
    Next generation technology (FIFA 20 just out in 2016) features:
    – Enhanced crowd sounds and crowd reactions


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    New – a new generation of FIFA and EA SPORTS games

    Unleashed on Friday, May 28, 2018, FIFA 22 takes football to the next level with groundbreaking features like New Player Intelligence and smarter Master Trainer AI.

    New – a new generation of FIFA and EA SPORTS games

    FIFA 22 delivers in-depth gameplay improvements, New Player Intelligence and smarter Master Trainer AI.

    What is New Player Intelligence?

    FIFA 22 introduces a new game system based


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    System Requirements For Fifa 22:

    * Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64 bit), XP (32 bit), Vista (32 bit), or Mac OS X 10.6.8 (or later)
    * At least 5 GHz CPU
    * At least 8 GB RAM
    * At least 400 MB of free disk space
    * Internet connection (cable, DSL, or modem)
    * Adblock Plus (desktop edition) with Content Blocking Enabled
    * Download Manager
    * Google Chrome with Java plugin enabled
    * Anti-virus software (bon