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The team evaluated the opportunities and threats presented by the motion capture data. Although not yet implemented, promising applications for the HyperMotion Technology include making it easier to analyse and understand the actions of players, increasing overall game speed and providing new camera views, including at the wall, off-ball and inverted. New defensive mechanics FIFA 22 will improve the defensive game at all levels. New player AI behaviour prevents opponents from running, drifting and poking while in possession. This is an evolution of the defensive systems used in FIFA 19 and FIFA 20. New defensive AI should result in more challenging, tactical and unpredictable opponent pressure, and improved control of space in defensive and central areas. As the game runs, defensive AI will use predictable patterns and countermoves to exploit weaknesses in the player’s defensive system. While attacking, AI will incorporate flexible, reactive and intelligent movement and use of space into their tactical approach to create more ‘bite-sized’ game-breaking chances. Tactical training FIFA 22 introduces a series of new, improved performance features: Pro Performance, Player Intelligence and increased player awareness will allow players to continue to make improvements over the course of the season. For more information on “FIFA Performance” and the upcoming “FIFA PES 2017” product visit our “FIFA Performance” page. As a key feature for every player, the “FIFA Performance” dashboard now contains real-time stats, intelligent trainer recommendations and interactive training feedback. New training tools With training, the “FIFA Performance” dashboard features three new training tools. For specific details on how they work, see the screenshot below. Train for confidence For the first time in FIFA, these tools will drive and reward training sessions that increase your confidence on the ball. A combination of real-time movement data and statistics from opposition players in the training environment will determine how likely a pass is to be successful. A combination of ‘chance’ and expected success will also be determined. Players can use the new training tools to drive sessions where they will become more confident with decisions on the ball, both in their own half and out of possession. The tools will use both pre-purchase and in-game gameplay metrics to drive how players can improve. Prepare for the pass As well as giving individual players a confidence boost


Features Key:

  • Physically-based Motion powered physics
  • Improved ball control using improved player models and the all new Sense Motion System
  • Over twice the number of new goal celebrations & celebrations, with more in-depth player-specific celebrations and story lines
  • Over 30 new player models
  • New innovations to FIFA like lasers, goal-cam and added coaches animations
  • Two new FUT modes: FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA Ultimate Team Legend
  • The chance to create your own custom clubs and share your dream teams with friends and the world online
  • Three online modes: Seasons, Leagues and the weekly online tournament called the Global Games
  • World class trophies, expanded leaderboards, social features and more


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FIFA(R) World Cup Brazil 2014 is the official videogame of the FIFA World Cup 2014™. Developed by Electronic Arts Inc., FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 brings to life the excitement, emotion and drama of this year’s highly anticipated FIFA World Cup™ tournament. FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 and the FIFA World Cup brand are owned by EA SPORTS™ FIFA World Cup Brazil. EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 uses the most advanced engine in the history of the FIFA franchise, delivering a new generation of gameplay through several fundamental changes, including improved controls and ball physics, and more ways to play. FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 on Xperia™ Play FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 on Xperia™ Play brings some of the most popular new features to FIFA on Android. Gameplay FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 on Xperia™ Play enhances FIFA’s in-game physics so there’s more ball contact and more contact between the ball and player. The improved ball physics allow for more creative moves and a more natural and varied feeling of control. The PlayStation®Move motion controller is also supported on the Xperia PLAY so that player can use it to execute a variety of moves. More Ways to Play FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 on Xperia™ Play brings innovative new modes such as Ultimate Team, Seasons, and more to the Android market for the first time in the history of the FIFA franchise. Be a part of history and prove yourself in the new League Mode. Create your own unique team of stars and create your own custom league to compete in. Design your own stadium and create the perfect playing environment in the stadium editor and allow users to select the exact field where your teams play. New Season Mode lets you predict and win the FIFA World Cup and crown your Ultimate Team Dream Team. New Friends Mode allows you to compete with your Facebook friends to see who can be crowned the greatest FIFA World Cup manager in the world. New Blog Mode allows you to post your blog on your own page on the PlayStation®Network site. Multiplayer FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 on Xperia™ Play brings all of the multiplayer modes from the PlayStation®Network to the Xperia PLAY. FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 also adds the highly anticipated new co-op and competitive modes of „Take On“ and „Be A Pro.“ Take On Take On is a one-on-one competitive mode where users can battle against each other in the same bc9d6d6daa


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Create your dream team with FIFA Ultimate Team – the FIFA mode that started it all. With new and revised gameplay features, big and small changes to your favorite features, and a new player creator that lets you take control of your very own player, FIFA Ultimate Team will keep you coming back for more. FIFA 22 Ultimate Team – On top of brand new and revised gameplay features, bring your most beloved clubs, players, and kits to life in Ultimate Team. A completely brand new player creator allows you to take control of your very own player, giving you the freedom and creativity to create the player that suits your playing style. Other modes – Live the life of a pro and challenge yourself in Training Mode. Go head to head against a rival in one-on-one Skils Match. Kick off the competitive season in EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues. Get FIFA Ultimate Team for free with a free club and kit on all consoles. Join millions of football fans by playing EA SPORTS FIFA on Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and PC. Enjoy faster gameplay and smoother visuals with the power of the Xbox One X. FIFA features a brand new lighting engine built especially for Xbox One X, with enhanced real-world player models and refined animations. FIFA 21 also runs on Xbox One X at native 4K and will be enhanced on Xbox One X with enhanced 4K gameplay and a native 60fps refresh rate, delivering more lifelike soccer moments. FIFA Ultimate Team gamers can experience high-fidelity gameplay features such as the ability to customize players with better visual fidelity, new contextual animations and interactions, and a new experience for your squads. Xbox One X Upgrade your Xbox One gaming experience with the latest hardware, featuring 4K Ultra HD gaming, 4K Blu-ray, and Dolby Atmos. Play all your favorite games from the biggest franchises like FIFA, Call of Duty, Destiny, and Battlefield and enjoy a whole new level of game-enhancing technology. FIFA 20 Join the party with FIFA 20. FIFA 20 is the only game this year set to deliver the ultimate football experience. FIFA 20 delivers transformative gameplay innovations, including a brand-new ball physics system and FIFA Authentic Player Motion Capture, as well as key new gameplay and social features like Player Impact Engine and Ultimate Team Champions. FIFA 20 features dynamic and immersive gameplay, with more ways to play, more ways to move


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