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The motion capture process involves capturing movement details in four dimensions: Forward, backward, up, down, left, right and across, in total of 13 different pieces of data which are then exported to the game engine’s engine model to power the footballing prowess of its matches.

“HyperMotion technology gives us the opportunity to get a better understanding of the context of the game,” lead producer Peter Driscoll explained. “We’ve done a lot of work with the different camera angles. Having a 360-degree coverage helps as it will be able to pick up things that others might not in terms of gameplay and also the presentation and the production elements.”

We’ve done a lot of work with the different camera angles. Having a 360-degree coverage helps as it will be able to pick up things that others might not in terms of gameplay and also the presentation and the production elements.

As a result, he explained, the game engine’s engine model will pick up on subtle moments or movements that could be missed by other cameras.

“We wanted to start with the basic stuff that’s happening in the pitch and how players move,” Driscoll continued. “[With] the technology we’ve got here and the ability to map a player’s movement to the ball and the different players around the pitch, you’ll start to get a better understanding of the game, the context, the flow of the game.”

While there have been several examples of the technology in the past, Driscoll explains that this is the first time it has been applied to a FIFA title. FIFA titles up until now have been seen as “down and dirty” affairs, with players who cannot match the hardware of the more sophisticated games being held back from competing.

“I think when people first look at this they will say, ‘Oh my god, what has happened?’ The biggest thing for us is that it’s a clean slate. You get right away to what it’s like to play a complete game. The context of the game will be there.”

Having more detailed contextual information means more granular control over the whole player model in-game and also the way interactions can be turned on and off.

“When you’re watching a game of football, you don’t necessarily have the


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New kit-rendering technology and restyled kits give greater freedom of expression to players.
  •  Select new Alpine settings that isolate players in the background with less clutter.
  • “Superstar Contracts” allow you to sign any player from your favorite club.
  • A higher level of challenges and rewards in the Player Stance system.
  • New Player Profile, character interaction, and customisation options, allowing you to create your own superstar.
  • New features on the ball, such as cloud networking, a range of new player behaviours, new coverages, and new play styles.
  • FIFA 22 features more game modes and competitions, including Women’s World Cup, the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying campaign, the Champions League group stage as well as the UEFA Champions League final.
  • Brand-new Real Racing.
  • New Insider Program.
  • A new 4G connection by Intel.
  • New coverages for all 3 secondary pass angles (right and left blind spots).
  • Soccer Day and a new Wonder Training feature to give you an amazing training experience all year round.
  • A new system of sensing the ball by physics.
  • All the new kits brought to life with a “living”-engine system.
  • New Player Stance Teammate and into Soccer Nick Screen.
  • Movement by Yourself, Free Kick and Out of Control to maintain a perfect momentum.
  • Simulation and Live Play Roles where the Live Play mode blends into the simulation or vice versa.
  • A new social browser which allows you to use your PlayStation Network account and Facebook.


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FIFA is an authentic football experience, powered by a new game engine, improved on-the-fly goalkeeping and the FIFA World Cup™ experience.

What can I do on the pitch?

Score with precise individual movements, setup precise passing and movement to deliver the perfect through ball, or send players on running raids to open up defences.

The options on offer are endless.

How do I play as a team?

The Women’s World Cup™ is on hand to help us bring the game to life, and you can also play in a virtual reality setting that transports you to the stadiums and situations of the Women’s World Cup™.

What can I do in the dugout?

Unlock the new Coaching career mode, tailor how your team performs with training drills, manage your relationships with players and coaches and make crucial off-the-pitch decisions.

What are FIFA Moments?

FIFA Moments are real-world actions that can change the course of the game.

The FIFA Moments audience has grown since the launch of FIFA 20 and will get deeper and richer with these new features:

New Fakes

Visual improvements to Camera Fakes

Visual improvements to Goal Fakes

Improved camera work in cutscenes

Updated Foul animations

New Shortcuts

Changes to player reflexes

Improved Accuracy

What is Ultimate Team?

Settle into the new career mode, Ultimate Team, and take on other players in the games – on-line and off-line – to collect cards for your ultimate team.

What are Skill Games?

Skill Games are competitions that focus on completing challenges or reaching certain objectives in quick time. The new system will allow you to participate in these contests without the need to play a game of FIFA.

What is the new FIFA World Cup™ mode?

The Women’s World Cup™ is on hand to help us bring the game to life, and you can also play in a virtual reality setting that transports you to the stadiums and situations of the Women’s World Cup™.

The new experience offers a deeper, more fulfilling FIFA World Cup™ experience with live commentary, a FIFA World Cup™ Final experience, a history corner to relive the best and worst moments from the history of the World Cup™, and a timeline of the last five World Cups


Fifa 22

Build your ultimate team of the current crop of the best FIFA players in the game with FUT*. Choose the best-in-class players from within the current FIFA players in FUT*, with new features to make FUT a more realistic experience than ever.

Soccer Training and Skill Games – Featuring over 30 different drills, games, and training scenarios, FIFA 22 features more ways than ever to develop and enhance your football skills. These range from friendly matches to capture the skill of international pros to pass the ball through a cone of fire and from a line of defenders, to capturing that perfect free kick in the net.

Single Player Seasons – Experience the off-pitch experience in FIFA. Players now have the opportunity to plan, strategize, and compete in Seasons mode and experience what it’s like to play for a team for many seasons.

Embed Themes – With a variety of new and updated football styles, we’re creating the most authentic football experience for all. Now you can create your own custom themes that you can easily apply to all of your favorite teams. FIFA 22 builds on your ability to create stunning stadium themes and field colors, while also adding a new, easy-to-use editor to customize your team and stadium imagery.

In-Game Experience Enhanced Through the Game Engine – We’ve spent more time integrating player faces with the 3D faces seen on the field, and reworked both the way your teammates talk to you in training and the way they appear on the pitch. You’ll find that everyone appears more natural to you, and your teammates talk, look, and interact much more like real players in-game.

Add More Flexibility to Player Control – Now you can take on a Player Coach role during the World Cup, for example, and control the actions of your star players by using gestures, positioning, and contextual interactions. In addition, you can use the new console commands – or set specific commands to play one player when the ball is near a specific teammate or gesture.

Now you can add the Controller as a friend and interact more with your teammates. You can use the new Chat and Player Moments features that are included with the Gamepad mode.

New Commentary
Two new commentators bring a deeper understanding of the sport and provide a more intelligent, authentic commentary. You will hear from passionate football fans Ian Darke and Andy Townsend.



What’s new:



Free Download Fifa 22 [2022-Latest]

Create the ultimate team, then dominate your friends with authentic gameplay, tactical freedom and intelligent opponent AI. Star in the most popular competitive game ever made.

The Official Video Game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™

Featuring over 300 official national teams, the incredible visuals and authentic sound of the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, and The FA Cup, and features all 32 venues from around the world.

FIFA Legacy Series Modes

The most popular modes from FIFA 12 return for FIFA 18:

Ultimate Team: the cornerstone of the FIFA series, Ultimate Team mode gives you the ability to build and manage your own virtual playing squad.

Play Now: in Play Now, you can hone your skills online against opponents around the world while playing exhibition matches, league matches, and cups.

Create a Club: Create your very own club, bringing an authentic soccer life to your town, complete with a stadium, training centre, and academy.

MyClub: make your own customizable player, create your own club, take control of the team, manage your team’s player moves and team formation, and build your club into a dynasty.

In addition to the return of fan-favorite modes from FIFA 12, FIFA 18 brings gameplay and gameplay systems improvements that change the game in ways fans have never seen before.

New Free-Kick Mode: „Freekick“ is a free kick mode that sets you apart from other teams. Choose a variety of free kick type, position, direction, and „height“ to perfect your craft. In „Freekick,“ players can be used as a freekick creator or defenders can block players and steal them from the attacker. Players have six different finishes, through both headers and volleys, and players can get „assisted“ or „volleyed“ freekicks.

New Cross-Platform Online Competitions: In addition to online one-on-one action against friends, EA SPORTS FIFA 18 will bring a new story that will also take place online. In Cross-Platform Online Competitions, eight teams will go head-to-head in a tournament. Play on or Xbox Live, with up to four players per team competing in matches.

The Premier League returns with 180 clubs, regular-season and playoff matches, and beautiful new stadiums.

A first-person HUD has been introduced, along with new day


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Requires an internet connection.
NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600 or AMD Radeon® HD 2600 or equivalent.
An Internet connection to play.
Sound Card: Windows® 7 & Vista®.
Laptops: Intel® Core i3, AMD Athlon, or equivalent
Processor, 2.0 GHz or faster.
DVD-ROM drive with 1.5 GB free hard drive space.
Input: Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad