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In FIFA 20, the short passes “Short Pass” and the long pass “Long Pass” have received major changes and improvements. Those changes included:

Players must hold down the button to pass successfully. A once-released pass will result in an unsuccessful pass

Short Pass now reacts to defenders, deflecting them away with a wide arc. A good pass will be the result of close control and a decisive movement, at the right moment, when a player is between the two defenders. While holding down the button a player can pass the ball to players who are not between the two defenders and may collect the short pass for a better and more effective pass.

Short Pass now goes out faster, as a midfielder may not get enough time to get a short pass and get between the defender and the forward.

Long Pass now allows a player to successfully dribble past multiple defenders, passing and weaving between them. Long Pass is great for counter-attacks or pressing.

This year we have a completely new collision model for passes: from 2017, dribble decisions are influenced by the player position, the defender, the ball position, and the opponent. In the screenshot below, the player can see the defender (“D”) and the ball (“B”) position. He can choose “dribble” or “pass” with a higher or lower risk on one of two possibilities: “D” opponent position (high) or “B” ball position (low).

The new collision model for long passes has also received major improvements:

You can now see very clearly the positions of the player in the goal and the ball, as well as visual feedback in the action bar.

Long Pass is always guaranteed, as long as the target player is in the final pass position, and will take you to the final point (like the old Long Pass, but with a new visual animation).

Can now be used from backwards too, making it much more flexible than before.

With the new Long Pass, players may also perform other actions on the ball, such as shoot, pass to a teammate, cross, etc.

A player receiving a pass from another teammate may also perform other actions on the ball, such as shoot, pass to a teammate, cross, etc.

Long Pass can also be performed from another position than the one where the pass was received, making


Features Key:

  • Play as a one of 12 highly acclaimed national teams across 4 game modes
  • Realistic player models and animations, giving every player their own unique and emotion-packed performances
  • Discover what players can do on any pitch, thanks to the new game-changing Movement Intelligence Technology, or MOT. Use power ups, CPU-controlled AI, and online & offline co-op to put your brilliance on display
  • Experience a barrage of game-changing features, such as Improved Set Pieces, Goalkeeper Sweeps, and Shot Control
  • Optimise your tactics and game play through the new pick-your-playmaker feature, and power your whole team through the new Team Play, which lets you select any player in your team to score a new free-kick, take a shot, take a corner, or set up your teammates
  • Play with friends in FIFA’s biggest community yet: new in-game Friend invites and Clubs that let you play with friends who are online, making FIFA a truly social experience
  • New features, gameplay enhancements, gameplay improvements


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EA Sports™ FIFA is one of the world’s most popular games. Players experience the thrill of speed, skill, strategy and competition. Create your dream team from more than 6,000 real players. Go head to head on or off the pitch.

About the Web Version

The Web Version of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 features all the FIFA Ultimate Team™ rewards you could want. With Season Pass, you can also play every game in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team™ with content that unlocks over time.

NOTE: The Web Version is not compatible with the Custom League in the offline mode.

Players and settings may vary according to platform and service. Content and features may vary depending on platform and service. The Web Version of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 features all the FIFA Ultimate Team™ rewards you could want. With Season Pass, you can also play every game in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team™ with content that unlocks over time.

Play as Your Favorite Athletes

The game will let you play as the best athletes in the world, including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Luis Suarez, and more. You can play with customizable new Skill Moves, or improve and unlock different Game Modes to dominate in.

Some features of the Web Version might not be available on all platforms.

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Powered by Football™

Experience the core gameplay of FIFA 22 with vital new additions that feel more realistic to the sport.

Relevant Rules

– New checks for clearances, off-the-ball runs and blocked shots

– Changes to the way you control your player and perform passes

– Shorter throw-ins

– Better suited passing angles

– Improved and more erratic behaviour for the rest of the team

Introduces a New Physics System

– New controls and inputs that feel more natural and realistic

– Features new more defined motion for players through the air, and more unpredictable speed and unpredictability of players

– Passes are more connected and intuitive to each other

– Sticks connect more freely when players pull off passes

– Improved dribbling animation and new Jump Up Mechanics

Realistic Visuals, New Ball Physics, and Real Touch

– Smart Artificial Intelligence system comes with brand new physics for the ball and the surrounding environment

– Improved player models with more


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 Squads and packs of the most powerful players from the past and present, all collected in a new format designed to reveal the best team you can build.

Ultimate Team Champions – A first for FIFA, challenge your friends through the new gamed mode, split into different cups where only the best teams will progress.

Online Seasons – Â Lead your squad to glory at the top of the league through online seasons where you will play a series of matches over the course of a single year.

H2H Seasons – FIFA Ultimate Team’s next evolution: full-scale tournament action, exclusively on PlayStation consoles.

With a number of new control options, FIFA 22 will give you full control of your on-pitch experiences. It’s more immersive, with responsiveness at an all-time high. Run, pass and shoot with ease thanks to the new Control Style, Find & Nudge, and All-Into-One buttons, which are all customizable. With a plethora of new controls, all new gameplay mechanics and more precise ball control, FIFA 22 enhances your abilities to play the game at a high level.

The key to any great football game lies in the authentic, responsive and realistic game play, and FIFA 22 delivers on all fronts. Move like a real footballer, with much improved responsiveness to the ball, players, and the surroundings on the pitch. Enjoy fluid and precise manoeuvres, and shoot and pass the ball with much more control.

The all-new Multicast feature allows you to pass the ball as if it’s a beacon for your team, and set up chances for yourself and the other players. On the pitch, you can breathe life into passes and shots by sending it to your teammates in real-time. This means that players with receive the ball will be able to move towards their ‘receive’ direction to make things happen. The new and improved Real Player Motion Motion Blur technology now provides an even more immersive experience.

E3 2012: FIFA 13’s Creative Director Dan** was on hand at this year’s E3 to deliver a look at FIFA 13 and its brand new modes. Watch the video above to see how these new modes are bringing EA’s FIFA franchise into an entirely new playing field.



What’s new in Fifa 22: