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From surviving the athleticism of the A.L. pack to staying ahead of the game in the trenches, FIFA 22 introduces state-of-the-art, hyper-realistic ball physics to capture a new level of ball control. When the ball is in motion, it now maintains realistic characteristics such as its density and the effects of wind. Real players in motion will also take the ball through more varied paces, including faking, hopping and skipping, allowing them to gain advantageous positions and more frequently get into great scoring positions in addition to providing even more variety and entertainment value to the game.

Expanded player control

FIFA 22 introduces a new control scheme, allowing players to use the game’s new control scheme via either the Xbox 360 pad, a wireless game controller or keyboard/mouse. Players can switch between first and third-person view modes using the left trigger and can manage their shooting and defensive abilities using the right and left triggers respectively. Game saves can be made with the A button.

Full control of strikers

The goalkeepers remain central to the attack, but now they are given full control and support, including push-offs, heading and goal kicks.

Ten new, high-performance players

FIFA 22 introduces 22 real-life A.L. superstars. Each of these athletes will bring a new play style and offer football fans unique new gameplay features and a deeper sense of authenticity. These are the players who became A.L. champions on the field, and they will be ready to show why they earned the title of Team of the Year in the End-of-Season Awards announced by EA SPORTS in May.

David Beckham

Beckham features a new presentation and with his first-person perspective he can feel the ball and players’ movement in-game. His new stance will allow him to play a more complete game and give fans the chance to look up to their favorite team icon.

Samuel Eto’o

Eto’o carries a new first-person perspective and brings his signature rapid turns and power dribbling to the game.

Fernando Torres

Torres returns to his Liverpool roots and fans now have the chance to play as one of the club’s star players and favorite new signings in his new first-person perspective.

Steven Gerrard

In addition to his presence on the pitch, fans will


Features Key:

  • Create your dream football club – Grow your football club from youth to senior level in the exciting new FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) editor. Choose your team’s kits, crest, player names, manager and scout. Choose your rivalries and compete with them online. Play as your favourite player and win exclusive rewards by commanding your favourite players.
  • Dynamic, reactive gameplay – Live the rich story of your Pro’s career with a new story-driven presentation. Your Pro’s story will evolve as you play. Each match, experience a new story that progresses as you play.
    • Master your style of play with an explosive new dribbling system
    • Use ball intelligence to move the ball smarter
    • Be the best and take on tougher opponents.
    • Learn your Pro’s physical state and make tactical decisions during the match. Your Pro’s skills, fitness and endurance determine his effectiveness on the field.
    • Dynamic Player AI. The FIFA universe is now inhabited by sentient lives. AI players will react differently to your touch of the ball, and your touch of the ball is the key to the final outcome of the match.
  • Leaderboards – Every match competes across one global leaderboard.
  • Match Day Moments – Made for FIFA Ultimate Team, this feature shows you key moments from your previous matches to quick goalscoring opportunities, plus you’ll be rewarded with items to accelerate your career as well as your team spirit
  • Training – Develop the strength, agility and running skills of your Pro’s custom skills by using The Training Room to practise individual shots and techniques.


Fifa 22 PC/Windows

With FIFA 13, in FIFA 14, and now in FIFA 17, the world’s top videogame series has redefined the way football is played. More than four million sold in just over a year following its release (and with over 2.5 million sold of FIFA Ultimate Team in the same time frame) it has completely redefined the way football is played.

We’re on a journey into ‘Future Football’. This year’s FIFA Ultimate Team reflects the advances in animation and gameplay showcased in FIFA 15, from the original debut of player personalities, to create-a-player, and goal celebrations. It was not all about the game though, features such as the Video Hub, Car Park mode, Pro Clubs, and improved integration with the FIFA Interactive World Cup created a dynamic FIFA Football fan experience.

Powered by football and destined to become one of the biggest eSports titles of 2016/17.


Global Pro Clubs:

Get club-level rewards from engaging in competitions in the FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons experience.

New rewards, including experience, loyalty and global squad call-ups.

New club branding, new kits and stadium upgrades to keep your club on top.

Training facilities, including goalkeepers, coaches and medical teams

Dynamic Hires:

Use team-building actions to hire players from your Pro Clubs and squad.

Powered by football brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.

Tuned gameplay and camera improvements make for more exciting and dynamic gameplay for the whole team.

AI progressions and improvements across all modes make for higher quality and more challenging gameplay.


Let yourself be inspired by the largest and most diverse range of football players in gaming.

Fully licensed player models of up to 45 different nationalities (17 new nationalities for FIFA Ultimate Team) and complete head to toe modeling from kit, crest and boots to hairstyle and facial expressions.

Grow through stages to build your player from the grassroots through to international and international stars.

In-depth Caster and Player personalities.

Improvements to create a player, and customising play styles.

Developed by FIFA expert Michael Petrasso and the FIFA Team.

Premier League Player IDs

Take control of your favorite team’s stars in FIFA Ultimate Team


Fifa 22 Free Download X64

Win the ultimate tournaments against any of the 32 clubs in the world, or on your favourite platform: iOS or Android. Create and share your Ultimate Team with your friends, and challenge them to a series of live matches.

Play the most complete, authentic football game on the planet. FIFA 22 will have multiple improvements. FIFA Ultimate Team will have an in-depth new mode (TEAM QUALITY). It will also be a lot easier to use. The new setup makes use of a new tile-based in-game UI. In FIFA Ultimate Team you will be able to capture and complete more football events and tournaments than ever before. We’re making some improvements to the single player story mode which means it will be more action packed than ever. And we’ve removed the weather system to make better use of your time.Linkbar

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What’s new:

  • A Manual Pass Cap.
  • Matchday Balancing and Replay Reporting.
  • Experience Goals.
  • More training animations.
  • A target line.
  • New Pro Clubs.
  • Tactical Defending.
  • Caravan Missions.
  • Rivals such as Juventus, Borussia Dortmund, and @Arsenal.
  • New Lineups.
  • Playmaker Goal Consequences.
  • Standard Edition Moveable Captures (Traveling)
  • New Free-kick Camera Angle.
  • New Goalkeeper Camangle.
  • Better Matchday Presentations.
  • New Stickers and Branded Kit Editor.
  • Free Kick Precision is now repeatable.
  • Machine Learning now factors in effective shots and penalty kicks when judging players and improving the players’ overall rating. Machine Learning helps you find good free kicks and penalties, which will positively affect your overall skills rating.
  • Improved ball physics surrounding aerial duels.
  • Messi’s ability to control the ball is now supported with accurate ball physics.
  • Future Added: Release at the end of the month for Free.


Free Download Fifa 22 X64

EA SPORTS FIFA is a cross-platform football (soccer) video game series developed by EA Canada (formerly EA Redwood Shores). The FIFA series is currently available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with other systems planned for release in the future.

Latest Reviews

FIFA 18 Review

FIFA 18 is the best football game to come out in years, but it’s not perfect.


[Editor’s note: As we did in reviewing FIFA 17, the following review includes references to the game’s processional performance compared to its competition. The video links for those specific comparisons are available in the review itself. Please see our review policy for more information.]

FIFA 18 takes the best of what made its predecessor, FIFA 17, work and builds upon it, never quite topping its own previous work. That’s its finest achievement; FIFA games are not unlike Master Chief’s achievements in the Halo series—bestowing their creators with a respectable and impeccable career, with little to no competition.

However, while the previous game was a massive and singular achievement, it still had its problems, and FIFA 18 is not perfect.

Let’s start with the good. The foundations of the game are rock solid and there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s the best-looking football game ever to come from EA. The animations are much more responsive this time around, the crowds look great, the gameplay has never looked better and the overall feeling of the on-field action is truly breathtaking. All the little things you’d expect from a FIFA game—the AI’s movement, player positioning, fouling and technique, sound effects, commentary, etc.—are all immaculate.

Obviously that there’s never been anything close to what we have in terms of visuals is not something I could ever take away from EA, but what I did take away was their acknowledgement that this is a progression of the game—and not just a repackaging of the same old thing. I am very impressed that EA has given us this genuinely new look at the game.

Yet while FIFA 18 looks amazing, the game suffers from one big issue that you simply could not see in FIFA 17. Namely, it’s very, very easy to play. Sure, it has all the same problems that other


How To Install and Crack Fifa 22:

  • Download Fifa 22 from below.
  • Use WinRAR to open the file you just downloaded and extract the dmg. file.
  • Open the Battlefield or CFG_Loader folder and open CfgLoader.bat, CfgLoader_Battlefield.reg and CfgLoader_CFG.reg
  • Using your mouse, drag Battlefield folder (Not the CfgLoader folder) to the desktop. Double-click Battlefield folder to launch the game.
  • To adjust the controls, open the configUI.cfg file in the configUI folder and edit to your liking. (To find the configUI folder, search for configUI in Battlefield folder. Don’t use CFG_Loader folder).
  • Save your config, then launch the game.


System Requirements For Fifa 22:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680
Intel Core i7-3770K
8 GB system RAM (DDR3-1333)
Windows 8 or Windows 7 SP1
DirectX 11.0
System Requirements:
Nvidia GeForce GTX680
Intel Core i7-


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