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=========== ★★★★★ Welcome to Express Delivery World! ★★★★ Starting as a delivery man, you’ll move up in the world! In a rich, modern and fantastic world, Express Delivery World has never before reached such a scale. There are a total of 195 districts which are ruled by 7 districts in the city and mountain. In this gigantic city, people from different walks of life live there. Each has its own laws, customs, customs, behaviors and tastes. Complete different surprises in an interesting world! Choose your own way to develop as a delivery man! It is a competitive and free market, where you can choose the style of lifestyle you want. Your goal is to get your customers’ rewards Become a bigger and bigger delivery man. Collect your customers’ rewards and become the best of them. Collectable In this game, collectable item(s) are essential for your delivery. Only deliveries of these items will be completed. How to play: ======== There are in-game achievements you can unlock. Express Delivery World is mainly for adults and kids with mature ideas, no one of players should worry about people’s affection, We hope you can enjoy this gameplay, meanwhile, please don’t give anyone of us a bad impression. Thank you for your cooperation and support! Features: ========= ● Amazing graphics with bright colors and post-effect effects. ● Ease of play while in-game. ● Non-stop and continuous adventure ● Plenty of challenging tasks and mystery missions ● Active life force ● Rewards will be delivered directly to the client’s home ● Live story ● Free to play ● Strong interactive elements ● The night scene with the lighting and particles will be turned on at night ● Fast loading speed ● Stunning characters! ● Night scenes will be turned on at night ● Stunning character models ● High quality cinematic ● Fully dynamic atmosphere ● Huge variety of items! ● 100+ items (not including the bonus items you collect in-game) ● High quality graphics, realistic animation, and details ● 15 exciting levels ● Deep storyline ● Free eye-catching cut-in and cinematics ● Well-designed map ● Huge variety of items ● Various platforms available ● Cloud saving features ● Global ranking list ● Level up ● Night scenes ● Challenging


Express Simulator Features Key:

  • Game
  • Play games online through Browser
  • Play games online through Phone calls
  • Direct play of all your contents on the simulator (notes, images, videos…)
  • Play games online through Instant messaging
  • Makes multiplayer game with your friends and family
  • Express Simulator is now Stand-alone!

    Express Simulator has been freed from the previous version and is now a standalone running under 100% ActiveX. Tools not used are deactivated.

    In regards to the Windows platform we have now a pc version without the retro side effects such as Wingz and Winglight!…

    Still have a look at the trailer video to have a sneak peek of our new Express Simulator

    More information, tutorials and videos about Express Simulator 3.6 can be found here at:

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    In Express Simulator, the objectives are to deliver goods within a specified time. The player is a courier working at one of many locations to receive goods and deliver them to the customer. How to Play Express Simulator: In Express Simulator, the player is a courier working at one of many locations to receive goods and deliver them to the customer. Gameplay is similar to Delivery Hero, which is more suitable for younger gamers. Dishes: 2-8 players. Its 100% free. The food is a must, you can order any dish you want from Japanese to Chinese, and make your own. Installation: 1- Go to the web URL 2- Create your account on the game, username and password Download and start the program. Main gameplay: This is an online title. 1- When you log in to the game, you will see a screen that requires you to find a game host on the bottom right corner. Choose your game host that is next to yours, and follow the instructions on the screen. 2- You will be given your game host, after this you will be put into a queue, wait for a host to be next to you 3- once the host is next to you, talk to the host to start the game. 4- There are 3 game modes, free, freemium and premium 5- the free mode is normal in multiplayer 6- the freemium mode is you can play with your friends in multiplayer, but the scores are not saved 7- The premium mode is you can play with your friends, and the scores are saved Gameplay: In the game, you can order food that you want from the menu. The prices of the food is different, please type the amount you want and the price The food is shared with all players in the restaurant. If you feel that the prices are too high, you can always ask for a discount. The restaurant manager will gladly reduce the prices to suit the current amount of players. The max cost of the food is 10 000 yuan. If you run out of food, you can always ask the restaurant manager for some food free. You can also order some dishes in the Chinese style, such as: 1- Steamed dumplings 2- Roasted duck 3- Fried dumplings 4- Mashed potatoes and cheese 5- Fish ball, potato sa


    What’s new in Express Simulator:

      2019-With 9Gbps system-grade fiber, The most powerful server hardware, Re-imagined 3D world 07/05/2020 Simulator X is packed with the latest technology. What’s new and improved in SIMULATOR X? The most powerful server hardware, Re-imagined 3D world, New features Simulator X is packed with the latest technology. The mainframe is powered by the latest Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 CPUs and includes 60 GB of Memory, providing users with 10 times the computing capability of prior versions. And the graphics hardware is based on AMD Radeon RX 590, delivering users the most realistic 3D environment in simulators. The upgraded X Apps for Windows and Mac, its X editing toolset, New features, are your collaborative tools to design and refine products, enhance your manufacturing accuracy, strengthen the analysis of the products, or fully enjoy the product’s visual experience. Work together to make great products. A leader in data visualization and test simulation, PTC SIMULATOR X has established a mature and powerful collaboration platform that can be used to develop PLM infrastructure and collaboration tools. We’ve combined our simulation and engineering, design, and manufacturing practices to produce a comprehensive, modular design development solution that emphasizes collaboration. 3D-warping solution to improve user experience. In order to help users to better understand the three-dimensional (3D) shape of products and the interactions between products, we integrated an advanced interactive 3D warping solution into SIMULATOR X. Such a solution can better improve the user experience and accuracy of the simulation results, positively impacting the analysis and prototyping process. 3D-warping solution in simulator When the elements of a product are fully understood, a good simulation is helpful for digital manufacturing. With the optimal balance between interactive experiences and manufacturing integrity, PTC SIMULATOR can develop high-level 3D-warping tools to improve the user experience. Advanced 3D simulation. To make the process of designing manufacturing-driven products efficient and pleasant, we synchronize 3D simulation, product design, and engineering collaboration. Design, engineering, manufacturing and evaluation are unified into a complete process. Product design. On the one hand, mathematical calculations are involved in the process of transformation from engineering data to the product information data. Therefore, by adding the intuitive and expressive capabilities of computer


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