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Esc Close is designed to re-allocate the 'close' function to the 'ESC' key on your keyboard, enabling you to use it to close a window or a browser tab.
In recent versions of Windows, the ESC key is usually assigned to functions related to interrupting or cancelling an on-going process. Also, it can play the role of a shortcut for choosing a negative answer in dialog boxes, such as 'quit', 'exit', 'abort' or 'cancel'.
However, most applications do not close if you press the ESC key, as there is another combination designated for this purpose, namely ALT-F4, which some users find quite uncomfortable to press. Esc Close is a small utility that can appoint this task to the ESC key, making it much easier to close a window or a tab in any program you are running.
The application runs silently in the system tray, but you should take the time to configure its settings before leaving it to run in the background.
It enables you to build up a list of programs that will be closed when the ESC key is pressed. To make things easier for you, it provides an option that allows you to select items from the list of currently opened windows.
Esc Close can be instructed to close a tab or the entire window when the ESC key is pressed twice or three times in a row. And even if this program is active, the standard shortcuts assigned to these two actions (CTRL-F4 for tab closing and ALT-F4 for window closing) still work.
The ESC key is associated to a 'stop' action, while closing a window or a tab is done using other combinations. Esc Close can make it possible for you to close a window by pressing a single button, not to mention that its position to the upper right side of the keyboard is more comfortable and accessible.









Esc Close [Mac/Win]

Esc Close is a small utility that configures the function of the escape key to close windows, tabs or webpages.

– Esc Close is not available for Mac OS
– This application is for Windows 7 and newer versions.
– This application is not compatible with older versions of Windows, such as Windows XP or Windows 2000.
– This application can not be used to close a web browser.
– The application does not change the appearance of the Esc key

Download at

Esc Close Free

Esc Close Free is a shareware application that is designed to help you find windows (and possible browser tabs) that you left open on your computer.
The application can be used as a simple window recovery program, or as a tool for killing time by randomly closing open windows for as long as you want.
You can use the ‚Find Internet‘ option to find still open, or not yet closed, tabs and windows on the Internet. You can also save the state of a specific window or tab, and restore it later.
Esc Close Free also comes with useful system tools such as a shutdown timer and a color converter, to name just a few.
This utility is designed to find the windows that are open on your computer. If you close a window without saving its state, you won’t be able to reopen it or even start it again.
Esc Close Free features some basic and powerful tools to help you find the windows that are open on your computer, and if you have accidentally left them open, you can simply close them by running Esc Close Free. This application is designed to assist you in:
– Avoiding the frustration of leaving a program or window open that you don’t need anymore, without ever being able to find it again.
– Finding all the windows that are open on your computer, quickly and easily.
– Finding open windows (and possibly browser tabs) that are active on the Internet, so you can easily return to them later.

– There is no Windows shortcut to close a window or tab (if the program allows multiple windows/tabs open).
– Esc Close Free doesn’t change the appearance of the Esc key, and doesn’t add another keyboard shortcut to close a window or a tab.
– Esc Close Free doesn’t close a program if you haven’t saved its state.
– Esc Close Free has no integration with Windows Task Manager.
– Esc Close Free requires at least 8

Esc Close Crack+ Download

1) Esc Close Free Download will close all the windows that you have open in your system.
2) Cracked Esc Close With Keygen can close only one application per click. There is no need to stop the others.
3) Esc Close remembers the applications that you have closed recently.
4) You can add new programs to the ‚Exit List‘ from the program’s ‚Settings‘ menu.
5) Enter the ‚Startup Settings‘ to change the programs that are run on startup.
6) Each program has a list of its ‚HotKeys‘ button.
7) ESC key is also assigned a ‚Stop‘ function in the ‚Settings‘ menu.
8) It works to stop all the open windows, tabs, applications on your desktop.
9) It works without any hardware.
10) It works on all operating systems, e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and so on.
1) The ESC key works as a ‚Stop‘ key.
2) The ESC key is only used to close windows and tabs, not to open them.
3) You can change the default settings using the ‚Settings‘ window.
4) Esc Close remembers the open windows that you are most likely to use, in case they are not closed when the program is restarted.
5) Each program has its own ‚HotKeys‘ button.
6) You can control the order of the programs that you want to close using the ‚HotKeys‘ window.
7) You can open the ‚HotKeys‘ window from the ‚Settings‘ menu of each program.
8) An option is provided to assign a key combination to each window or tab that you wish to close.
9) It can be added to the start-up menu.
10) It can be run without any hardware.
11) It works on all operating systems, e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and so on.
12) In each program’s ‚HotKeys‘ window, you can change the hotkey for each window or tab that you want to close.
13) The application saves you from repeating yourself by closing unwanted applications every time.
14) You can add new programs to the ‚Exit List‘ from the program’s ‚Settings‘ menu.

ConvertMDI to Swing is a tool to convert (from MDI to Swing, or Swing to MDI) Windows based applications to your Linux environment. It

Esc Close

• Features:
– Reallocate the esc key to closing an app or a browser tab.
– Create, edit and show your own list of programs, and even change the’stop‘ key to a window/tab closing button.
– Configurable hotkey to close windows/tabs.
– Configurable hotkey to cancel a running process.
– Close as many windows/tabs as you want when pressing the ESC key once, or twice, or three times.
• Quick install:
– Super small, with an installation time of only a few seconds.
• Install
– Click the OK button and the process will start automatically.
– Close esc key for browser/top bar
– Right click anywhere you want to close a window and press Esc and a new tab/window will appear under the cursor.
– Right click and press Esc twice to close a browser or once to close a tab.
– Scroll view esc key now closes the view of a browser or an app.
– If in a browser, you can right click in the page you wish to close, and Esc is the shortcut to close it.
– If you open on a new tab on the previous tab/window, it will close.
• Configure
– In the Configuration dialog, you can choose the hotkey for the esc key, and decide how many times the ESC key has to be pressed to close the current window/tab.
– You can also decide whether esc closes the browser window or the tab.
– You can choose if you want to close all the windows/tabs of the current process, or if you want to save any window/tab currently opened when you close.
• Supported languages: English, French, and Spanish
• To install in the future
– Move Esc Close to your computer.
– Open a ‚command line‘ window and type the command ‚Esc Close.exe‘ to start it.
– If it is asked if you want to close all the windows/tabs of the current process, press the ‚Yes‘ button.
– Choose where you want to place the application so it will start directly on pressing the esc key.
– Click the ‚Save‘ button.
– Then click the ‚Play‘ button to check the status of the installation.
– If the process has not started, follow the instructions in the ‚Install‘ section.
– After the process has started, follow the instructions in the ‚Configuration‘

What’s New In?

Esc Close is a powerful, easy-to-use application for a better task switching, window closing and interrupting experience.
Use it if you have a problem closing windows or closing tabs in programs you use frequently. You can set it to interrupt your apps as you close them or to minimize their windows as you leave them. That way, you can get out of any program quickly and easily.
Esc Close comes with an easy to use, multithreaded helper-thread that runs in the background in Windows and plays the role of a watchdog-thread that monitors all applications and interrupts them when it detects closing.
Esc Close includes a powerful profile manager that stores all settings and enables you to modify all of them in an easy way.
Esc Close also works on Windows 7 with no problem. It needs a 64-bit version of Windows and you must have the latest one.
Esc Close Examples:
Once you install Esc Close, you will see a small icon in the system tray. You can start the application using it.
If you have more than one tab of an active window, you can open it in a new window, by pressing ESC-W followed by the tab number.
If you have more than one open window, it is possible to close them all by pressing ESC-O and then adding a number for each one.
If you have more than one tab in an active window, it is possible to close them all by pressing ESC-W followed by the tab number.
And if you have more than one open window, it is possible to close them all by pressing ESC-O and then adding a number for each one.
If you are using Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge or any other application that you use frequently, it is possible to interrupt them as you close them using the Esc Close helper-thread.
And Esc Close can replace the default F4 shortcut key with a custom assigned one which works well with shortcuts like Alt+Tab.
This app is licensed as freeware.
ESC Close offers an easy-to-use profile manager. It allows you to store all of your settings, enabling you to modify them in an easy way.
Esc Close has a built-in help file that provides detailed instructions.
ESC Close Important Information:
Esc Close is a freeware program. You should download and install it as part of your operating system.
You can download it from this link:

System Requirements For Esc Close:

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