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• Product Support: Email Sender has got a built-in technical support. Our support team is available to solve technical related problems.
• Emails can be sent from your personalized lists – this means that you can create various lists of emails to a unique email list of targeted emails.
• Bulk Email capabilities – it has got a very strong bulk email capabilities. Make it truly useful for you by sending out heavy number of targeted emails to large number of recipients using this email sender.
• Advanced Options – Email Sender has got an advanced options like changing the name and the text that will be shown at the top of the email page to hide the original sender email ID. And it’s possible to hide the original sender name to make the sending of emails more anonymous.
• Custom email content template – Email Sender can be customized with its rich functionality. There are lots of templates available for you to use. You can also add your own custom messages to the email content.
• Built-in Editor – Email Sender has got a built-in edit option. You can design the email pages. And it’s possible to easily add graphics and links to your emails.
• Help system – Email Sender makes it very easy to find and manage the features and help system within the tool.
• Timestamp feature – Email Sender has got a timestamp feature. It’s possible to show how long your email has been sent, the date and time your email was sent.
• CSS integration – Email Sender has got a built-in integration with CSS so you can make your layout look a lot more attractive.
• Print a screen grab – You can easily print out a screen grab of the page that shows your emails page.
• Auto Fill feature – If your page contains a lot of form fields, Email Sender can automatically fill in the missing data.
• Email preview – The Page preview feature helps you see the exact appearance of your email before actually sending it out.
• Spam Reputation – This tool is totally safe and un-spammy. It’s easy to protect your send and get emails from being flagged as spam by doing the following:
– Configuring a spammer.txt file

Emailsmartz Email Sender Basic Crack

Emailsmartz Email Sender allows users to target the audience’s interest according to their age, gender, education, location and user profile.

Emailsmartz Email Sender has some amazing features like .

Robust and easy to use interface.
Emailsmartz Email Sender is web based.It’s use online.
Email Sender supports all major emailing client and program like thunderbird, outlook, gmail, outlook express etc
Emailsmartz Email Sender is compatible with all major web browsers and mail clients.

Emailsmartz Email Sender Features:


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Emailsmartz Email Sender Basic is a targeted email marketing tool that sends bulk personalized emails and newsletters to specific targeted audiences. With the Send Mail To feature, you can send personal messages to a list of recipients using targeted email lists.
Emailsmartz Email Sender is ideal for sending bulk emails, newsletters, targeted and personalized messages. Emailsmartz Email Sender is designed to help you send bulk messages easily with few steps.
You can also create and send targeted mail by using multiple email addresses from the same location.
Emailsmartz Email Sender provides both free and paid versions with different features. Emailsmartz Email Sender Basic is a free version of Emailsmartz Email Sender Standard.
Email Sender version allows you to send up to 1,000 emails per day/month (depending on the server
capacity) with paid version, emails can be sent upto 10,000/month and there is no limit to the recipient count. In general, Emailsmartz Email Sender Standard’s features will stay the same.
Emailsmartz Email Sender Pro’s paid version includes a time tracking system to track the process of mail sending. Emailsmartz Email Sender Pro supports both free and paid versions.

Can I Send an Email Message Targeted to Multiple Recipients?

How do I set up and send a Email Message with multiple recipients?

How do I assign a recipient to receive an email message with multiple recipients?

How do I send a message to a single recipient with multiple recipients?

Can I Send an Email Message with the Same Subject?

Can I send an email message with a Web link?

Does Emailsmartz Email Sender support QR Code?

How do I add a contact card in Emailsmartz Email Sender?

Can I make an email message „Reply-All“?

What can I do to save the email message in Emailsmartz Email Sender?

How do I forward an email message?

Does Emailsmartz Email Sender have an HTML Editor?

How do I make sure the message is delivered to the right people?

What is the difference between Emailsmartz Email Sender and Emailsmartz Email Sender Pro?

Can Emailsmartz Email Sender be downloaded on multiple computers?

Does Emailsmartz Email Sender support Social Media?

What is the Content Tracking feature?

What’s New in the Emailsmartz Email Sender Basic?

Emailsmartz Email Sender Key Features:

Sending Email fast.
Supports different email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.
Developers can choose the recipient address from the list or include a recipient address and subject line for each message.
The recipient list can be created in the custom CSV file or you can use the predefined recipients.
It uses the best sending protocol to send mail through different email clients.
Emailsmartz Email Sender can be

Download Email Sender now, and feel free to download Email Sender here!


Sending multiple messages at a time.
Recipient lists can contain as many as 50,000 recipient addresses.
Message can be send in time-bound manner (in parts).
Emailsmartz Email Sender allows you to create a template for your bulk email and send that with the recipients from list.
Sent items can be viewed and delete in the Sent Items folder.
Use program to send bulk emails with unique message subject and body.
You can send email to specific user, group of users or from a list of addresses.
Emailsmartz Email Sender has a customizable template editor, allowing you to easily insert text and images. You can use HTML, GIF, JPEG, MPEG, or any other image formats and images as Email subject and body.
Many other features:

Send mail in different clients with a single click.
Send mail in a timely manner through HTTP, SMTP, Mail Delivery
Smarter and intelligent email sender.
You can set the sender.
You can send email to multiple recipients.
You can view and delete messages in a Sent Items folder.
Messages can be sent in parts.
Emailsmartz Email Sender can handle long lines of text.
You can preview and edit messages before sending.
You can create a folder to move your messages, or you can use „Send To…“ feature to move them to different folders.
Emailsmartz Email Sender is a powerful application to send emails. It has built-in built-in editors to easily insert text and images into your email. It is easily extensible and allows to add new features to further enhance its capability.

A. What’s New?

1. You can use your Images to add a preview button to your email or email body.
2. You can

System Requirements For Emailsmartz Email Sender Basic:

CPU: Intel i5-6600K or equivalent or better.
RAM: 8 GB or more of RAM is recommended.
OS: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 (64-bit) (other 64-bit OS requirements are compatible with 32-bit version of the game.
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or equivalent recommended, or AMD Radeon RX 580 or equivalent.
Hard Drive: 2 GB free space is recommended.
Sound card: DirectX 9 or 11 compatible sound card