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Compiling comprehensive contact lists for marketing purposes is quite a demanding task, especially if you prefer to do this manually.
Still, solutions that make the process swifter and smoother do exist, and Email Extractor URL is one of them.
What the program can do is collect the email addresses it finds on any website you want to analyze, letting you turn the results into comprehensive reports.
Enables you to batch-scan URLs for email addresses
First of all, users should expect a familiar GUI, especially if they have previously used a similar software utility. Getting accustomed to it is nothing to worry about since all you need to do in order to start extracting email addresses is indicate the URLs you intend to inspect.
The next step you need to take is specify whether you want to analyze the same domain only, the same domain and external links, or the same webpage only, with the possibility of listing duplicate items or not.
While the scan could be a lengthy operation, which is to be expected, considering the amount of data the program processes, the results are comprehensive, and there is no room for human error.
Can filter and save the results to CSV or TXT reports
As such, all emails are listed in the main box along with the URL where they were found as well as the number of their occurrences. Needless to say, saving the email list is possible so that you can subsequently generate handy reports, with the supported file formats being CSV and TXT.
But before you do that, you may want to take advantage of the filtering options so that you exclude or to restrict your search to a specific range of email addresses.
On an ending note, Email Extractor URL is an easy-to-use piece of software that allows you to gather contacts from multiple websites at the same time. The program is responsive and lets you control the scan progress, not to mention that it allows you to filter results. As such, given its simplicity and the efficiency it has proved during our tests, it is safe to assume that taking the program for a spin could be a good idea.







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The software product is protected by copyright laws. This software product is a personal freeware product and is provided AS IS, without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
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Monday, December 30, 2016

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Email Extractor URL 1.1.0 Crack + Serial Key Free [Mac/Win]

Email Extractor URL

Get your hands on the best email extraction service, and learn how you can get all your email addresses in one place from not only your own email, but also from any public websites, social media pages, news, magazines, etc.
Email Extractor URL can help you gather email addresses from the following categories:
• Public websites
• Social media
• Online sources
• News sites
• Etc.
When email addresses are aggregated, it makes both marketing and backup work much easier.
It is important to have a clear idea of the benefits of email extraction. It will help keep your contact details up to date, as well as make it much easier to manage your business and marketing campaigns.
No matter how big or small your business is, if you have never implemented email extraction before, you might be wondering about the quality and the effectiveness of the service.
However, these are not concerns if you are getting what you pay for.
The price of the service is very reasonable, but also very effective.
Not to mention the very convenient price, which does not increase when the number of websites grows.
There are no monthly or annual fees, which means that every email address you extract is going to be free, with no additional charges incurred.
If you are the kind of person who is always online, you can definitely benefit from the service.
What makes it even better is the fact that Email Extractor URL is very efficient and allows you to organize your lists in a minute and a half.
Once your database is populated, you can effortlessly extract email addresses from all your sources and create a comprehensive report.
It is also very easy to integrate it with your own email management programs and other marketing tools, which is great, as it saves a lot of time.
Email Extractor URL is a simple-to-use and efficient solution that allows you to extract a large number of email addresses from any website you choose.
Getting an overview of its functionality and potential is easy, and you do not need to pay any fees to start using this service.
What is worth noting is the fact that it is both affordable and reliable, which makes it a very good and value-for-money option.

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Email Extractor URL is a freeware that can be used for finding and harvesting email addresses. You can perform bulk search and count emails, and the program can export emails to a CSV file. The program is easy to use and has clear instructions.

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System Requirements For Email Extractor URL:

Macintosh with PowerPC and/or Intel CPU and 128MB of RAM
The game will run on Macs with PowerPC CPU and 128 MB RAM and will work on the newer Intel Macs.
For Intel Macs, the installation might need a couple of minutes of time while for PowerPC Macs the installation might take a little bit more. If you are using an Intel Mac, it is recommended to install Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4 before installing the game. (10.3 is the most recommended version, while 10.4 is compatible