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Dungeons of Honor is a Text-Based First-Person Survival Game Where You Play as a Retriever, A Knight, a Spearman, a Samurai, a Viking, a Thief, or other various types of Characters that play in this medieval history.
You take on one of these Classes and hunt for the strong adventurer, or the new Dungeon Master, or warden. Your job is to find him, or her and retrieve items from the new dungeon.
You are free to choose the style of gameplay that suits you, play in a real time 2d view, in a isometric view, fight in real time 3d view, or turn-based.
Dungeons of Honor features, a tavern, a trading post, a throne room, and many other places to visit. Items that you will pick up while playing the game, will add to your Item Pool.
Some of the items will be shields and clothing to protect you from injuries while you are in the dungeon, or more powerful weapons that you can use to increase your survival chances.
Weapons will also have different effects, add to your survival chances. For example, a Longsword will make your health more susceptible to attack. You also get a chance to find old weapons while scavenging.
Dungeons of Honor features a leveling system, where you play an old warrior, and you will find weapons and skills that will improve your character and increase his ability to survive.
-Determined by a Random Number Generator-
I want to create a text-based, first-person survival game, that will be a good entertainment for a couple of minutes.
Would like to develop it to a sequel, with more content and more available weapons, and new maps.
If you enjoy it, a bit of word of recommendation will also be the most welcomed.

Pack Name

Dungeon Of Honor Trailer



Project Assets

I have included some of the parts that I used in the trailer, as well as the finalized version.


On the top of that, more Info and Trailer on the final version will be available soon.

To be honest, it is actually not that bad. What you need to do is not to focus on fitting the graphics (though a lot of people complain about the visuals), but on creating something. There are a lot of good text-games out there, but I think you might get a much bigger response here, since you


Features Key:

  • HOT TUESDAYS @ 11:30pm – 3:45am E S T
  • Netplay – Up to 8 players
  • Random Maps – Unique – No-Commons Maps
  • Random Modes – Solo, Ally, Restricted
  • Random Level
  • Random Weapon
  • Random Melee/Ranged/First / Second Hand
  • Random Ships
  • Experience Point Requirement Before 25hz / Defog If Reached 15hz or Above
  • Turbo throttle Game (Is possible with one monitor)
  • Damage and CPU Limit based Modules, Weapon, Level, Skill
  • Works for Windows 7/8/10
  • If the opponent does not play competently, turn off the game will slowly regain on your part, the game is „Ghosted“ If opponent stopped playing
  • Manual Skill Auto-Firing – disabled If a laptop is used and modal windows are open


Dungeons Of Honor Crack + PC/Windows

– Prologue –
You wake up in a dungeon, notice your weapons and armor are gone, and things are not the same as before…
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What’s New

– New Dynasty & New Levels
– Added New Characters
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Dungeons Of Honor Free 2022

Pretty much a survival game, you can be as hard or easy as you want, in the end if you die, you need to start from the very beginning, like a complete new game.

…To be fair, this game was never meant to be „hardcore“. It’s based around the concept of a map, or a dungeon in a MMORPG, and that’s the story of every dungeon there is. An ever expanding story filled with quest and quests and secrets to be found (New Dungeons, New weapons, New equipment). You need to survive as long as possible. You might end up with a sword through your neck, or that’s what you want. And you can start again from the beginning of the dungeon you were last in when you die, that’s pretty much it. Game could be refurnished to help newcomers to understand how the game is played.
Current Features:

* What you’ll want to know about DOUNGUES OF HONOR,

* A living story, the dungeons will get bigger, and bigger.

* Levels will be filled with loot for you to find as you go.
* New weapons and equipment will come up with regular updates.
* A very detailed map will guide you on your way to find all the secrets of the game.
* Hundreds of weapons with lots of upgrades and combinations.
* Beautiful looking interface with amazing sounds.

Here at the moment you’re playing a new character or the same character in a new dungeon, and you’ll be able to change weapons you have equipped at any time, or switch from them. Also you can find a preview of some of the character classes that’ll be introduced soon.

Next to that, we’ll be introducing features on that will help you to find new weapons and equipment, we’ll have chests to find loot, maybe you’ll be able to use one of our awesome reward videos and unlock some stuff that’ll probably help you in the future.

Dungeons Of Honor Beta Gameplay:

Have fun and good luck!

Current Features:

* What you’ll want to know about DOUNGUES OF HONOR,

* A living story, the dungeons will get bigger, and bigger.

* Levels will be filled with loot for you to find as you go.
* New weapons and equipment will come up with regular updates.
* A very detailed map will guide you on your way to find all the secrets


What’s new:

VIII Walkthrough For Playstation

This will be fast and fun to play. You don’t need a Map for this. Use the map to figure out the coordinates. I will be describing locations on the Map as we play the game.

The Quest takes place in the ruins of Valarjar’s Dungeon. Where: „Your door will take you into the dungeon.“ What you must do: Repair the bridge in the small cave you can see. This can only be done by using the repair tool.

Go through the door to find a map that shows the locations of the rooms. The map is located behind the lever. The key will never be needed, just rotate the lever when the key is needed to open doors to uncover the Map. Most rooms are a few feet wide and you have only a short distance to go between turning the lever and the next door you open. This short distance can be a mile to a little less than one mile with a few jumps if you try to go through a door too soon.

You have two tools at your disposal for use in this mission: The repair tool, and The Light. Repair tool: The repair tool can be used on any open door by pressing the X button. Light: Pressing the L1 button will illuminate the Dungeon. Hold R1 and L1 to make the Darkening effect last longer. Remember: Any doors you open with your repair tool will alert the other Vanir.

Go inside the door you just opened and light up anything you see! Be creative. Go to the next room. There is a yellow lamp on the floor. Click R1 to get the lamp. Keep the light on until you have done all your needed tasks. Enter the room to the right of the yellow lamp. There is a ladder in the room with a candle at the base. The ladder will go up about six floors. Reach the top of the ladder.

Start using the light again. Go the next room. If you use the light, you will alert the other Vanir. There are two rooms here. The top room can be explored, but the floor is low and you don’t want to fall. You’re gonna need a few tools. They are…

The Repair Tool.

The Light.

First go into the top room, with the ladder, and use the Light. Notice any doors you may have to repair. If any door alerts the other Vanir, make sure you repair the one that you were


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System Requirements For Dungeons Of Honor:

Mac / PC Minimum Requirements:
OS: OSX 10.6 (64-bit) / Windows XP
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4GHz) / AMD Athlon 64 X2 (3.2GHz) / Intel Celeron
RAM: 1 GB (2 GB recommended)
GPU: ATI X1950 GT or Nvidia 6800
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard Drive: ~2 GB available space
Screen Resolution: 1024×768 / 1280×1024
Game Console: Nintendo Game