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– Copy file full path easily: no need to switch to find dialog and select from many options. Just press the „copy file path“ from the context menu.
– Tagged images: the context menu item „copy full path of file with tag“ makes it possible to copy a full path to the tag you want.
– Advanced settings: you can control many configuration parameters, like the interval between 2 copies, the action when it’s time to stop copying (discard copied item, or paste the pasted path to the current directory, or cancel the copy, etc.).
– Includes Explorer.dll
CopyShell Usage:
When you launch the application, you’ll see the left pane of the main window. Drag and drop any file into it and you’ll see the „copy file path“ context menu item. If you want, you can select another item from „Edit“ menu (see details).
In the main window, there’s a sub-window to the left and to the right. You can change many parameters of the application in it, and can set „copied items are saved in a specified folder“ (for example, you can change this folder from „context menu“ > „options“ > „setting up“.
CopyShell Video:
You can see a video of this application here:

You can see the video demonstrating the application features, such as: selecting „this file“ and „that folder“ for copying file path, handling of the cases when there are no files in the current directory and if you click on a shortcut in the current directory, or checking if there is an empty directory on the left-side pane.
You can see the settings sub-window and how it is filled with controls.
You can see the application’s main window, a sub-window to the left and to the right.
You can see the main window’s place in „programs and features“.
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Edmundo F. de Oliveira
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CopyShell Free

CopyShell is an easy-to-use application that add a context menu option in order to copy the full path of the file you have selected into the clipboard.
Since it seamlessly integrates within Explorer, creating a new shell extension, you have the possibility to copy the path by accessing the proper option instantly.
– Support copy your path into the Clipboard
– Quickly copy your path into the Clipboard
– Works with all version of Windows

SearchClipboardMaker is a clipboard manager that makes searching for strings in the clipboard easier than it is already. It was made especially for programmers to have fast access to search strings in the clipboard.
SearchClipboardMaker Features:
– Auto-copying is activated every time you start to use SearchClipboardMaker.
– Just one single button on top of the application window to start searching for a string.
– You can set a hot-key to start searching.
– You can mark the string and the button.
– Adding/updating from clipboard is included.
– Unicode support.

OnScreenClipboard Grabber is designed to capture the clipboard contents and display the information on-screen. This window will appear on your desktop as soon as you copy anything to the clipboard.
With OnScreenClipboard Grabber you can have a transparent area in your application where the current clipboard data will be available to you even when there are programs above your application.
During the capturing process it will not consume CPU or RAM resources.

Custom Clipboard allows you to set any type of data as text to the clipboard. Like other custom clipboards custom clipboard is can be used to copy any text. But in fact, it’s more useful to copy URLs from any application.
Custom Clipboard Features:
– Choosing a type of data to copy
– Copy to current clipboard
– Copy from current clipboard
– Paste from current clipboard
– Paste to current clipboard

ClipBucket is a clipboard utility that allows you to paste formatted text and data to current and alternate clipboard. It can be useful for copying data which you need to copy to the clipboard later but you do not have time to pre-format the content.
ClipBucket Features:
– Paste to current clipboard and alternate clipboard
– Paste from current clipboard and alternate clipboard
– Paste to current clipboard and alternate clipboard

Before Clip Monitor is a clipboard manager application. It allows you to add or remove items

CopyShell Crack For PC [April-2022]

* Copy the selected file path into the clipboard
* Support for 32/64 bits operating systems
* Implement other options than „Copy“, using shell extensions
* Support for more than only Explorer context menu
* Full language support
The basic pre-requisites are:
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 SE, Windows Me, Windows XP or Windows XP 64 bit edition
* After you install the installation file, Run CopyShell.exe in a directory where you can create shortcuts. This directory should have the ROOT owner permission and the Read, Write and Execute permissions for every user.
* If you need to enable the context menu from Explorer, open „Tools->Customize->Context Menu and…->Accessibility->“ and enable the „Open with“ option.
* To test the installation and to verify if the tool works properly, you can use the following command: „copy shell /? /help“. In case of problems, you can always use „copy shell /?“ /help /?“, but please ensure that you don’t use the „?“ option.
CopyShell’s development started in August 2004, when I found a need to have a fast and comfortable way to copy the path of a file into the clipboard.
I’m a Windows programmer since 1995, but I never worked on Windows shells before.
You can contact me at:


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What’s New in the?

System Requirements For CopyShell:

Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Intel Core 2 Duo or faster
2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended)
5 GB of available hard disk space
DirectX 10 compatible video card (an integrated one is supported as well)
Internet connection (standard DirectX required)
Mouse, keyboard, and DirectX-compatible joystick
CoPilot available for Windows and Mac (currently in alpha) for the second method.
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