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While drawing graphics with a scrolling window would be sufficient for a clock, that was not the goal here. The real goal was a „cool“ clock, something different, something that was exciting. This clock is that, something very different. It is completely without numbers, hands, or numbers. Just dots, which move every second, representing the time. If you read the dots, from left to right, the time moves from 12 to 11 to 10 to 9 to 8 to 7 to 6 to 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 to 0 to 9 to 8 to 7 to 6 to 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 to 0 to 9, and so on. The clock is 0:00 for 12:00 AM, and stays on until it is updated. The dots, just like the hands on the real clock, stay on a dot for 1.5 seconds. Click on the clock to stop it. Cool Clock Color Codes: A bit of fun at your computer – a new clock application that is made up entirely of dots. It is in your style to make the dots represent the date. Cool Clock Period: The dots move every second. You can count the dots, from left to right, to see how much time has passed. Cool Clock Help: The application uses a base of 6 dots. The dots are colored on the screen in certain patterns. Click on the clock to read the dots. Also – click the X to close the application. Cool Clock Unusual Features: No Hands: Clock program without any hands! No Numerals: No numbers! Clock counting without numerals. No Numbers! Counting the dots without any numbers. No Seconds: Clock counting without seconds! Very Different: This is a program that is different from any other clock program you have seen. Cool Clock V1.1 Released: Cool Clock V1.1 is now available and can be downloaded from the link below. New features in this version include the ability to add more dots, some other dots, and new sounds. This version also includes a new bug that can cause the application to freeze. Cool Clock for Windows 95 (1999-12-15) Please note that this version is only for Windows 95. I no longer have any Windows 95 and I do not believe there are any new versions available. If you are still having problems, then email me. Cool Clock

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When I made Cool Clock, I wanted it to be cool and have some character. So, the design is simple. It is just a grid of dots. The order or the count of the dots makes the time. The clock only counts in multiples of ten, so 1, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 2000 are the dots. No 24-hour and no seconds. Just dots, and the dots. Nothing is easier. Nothing more to learn. Just count them. If they are in a row, you get the hour. When they are in a column, you get the second. When they are in a row and in a column, you get the minutes. Simple, just dots. (Note: I just typed this and it looks cool. Cool Clock wrote it.) There are no examples, so you won’t learn, but if you want to make this, here is a starting point. If the clock goes past midnight, just start over at 1. No need for a reset. You can also get to reset by pressing the ‚ALT‘ key. It will start over. If you put the mouse over the dots, you can see the next dot count. You can see how the clock is getting to the time. If you want to skip the next dot, you can do this by pressing the ‚UP‘ key on your keyboard. If the clock is past the time, then the dots just go back a dot to the previous time, the next time the clock hits the time, the dot count will be the same as the dot count at the time. To help you learn how it works, there is a starter code included. To remind you, this is a Cool Clock Program, and it only works in VB4. By the way, these are easy to make, it is a fun way to learn to program. Comments Fusion RPG is an interesting and fun game that has the player put in the role of an individual trying to get their fictional character killed. This game is based on the plot of the book called „Travelling in Time“ and the movie „Time After Time.“ The objective of the player is to maintain their points while killing a certain amount of their fictional opponents. There are several stats involved in this game. The stats are: health, points, stun, and armor. The health is how much damage the opponent can take before he is killed. The points are the number of points

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Cool Clock is a clock program that uses a graphical technique known as a pattern matrix. The concept of this specific program is the common computer screen can be used to tell the time of day instead of the face of a clock. Features of Cool Clock The cool Clock program doesn’t have a clock face, and instead is a clock on it’s own. Just like with other programs, the dot patterns change in different patterns to indicate the hour. In this application, the dot patterns represents the hours, where 0 is midnight, and a dot is the current time. Patterns The dots‘ patterns are one of the application’s features. There are three main options to choosing the dot’s pattern, and that being: Large dots: These dots are large. Small dots: These dots are small. Lines: These dots are dotted lines. There are two combinations for these three patterns, and those being: Small lines + Large dots Lines + Large dots Input & Output The other feature of the cool clock is the applications‘ input and output system. This application doesn’t have a user interface. Instead, this app has input and output methods that are used to tell the time of day. The first way to tell the time is the input method. Input method (best remembered as „Who’s On First“) To tell the time of day, you would input the date and the time. For example, to input the time is 3 o’clock, you would type in 3. The input is done using the same keyboard that you would use to input a time. The keyboard was set up to indicate the time of day, where the h is for the hours, and the d is for the minutes. For example, the input of the time is 01:02. Output method The output method is another way to tell the time of day. The cool Clock application tells the time of day in a different way than the input method. Instead of using the input method, the output method is used to tell the time of day. In the output method, the dots in the clock show the hour. To output the time of day, you would have the program run through the dot patterns. Examples of dot patterns The dot patterns are used to display the time of day. There are two different dot patterns used to display the time of day. Those being: 10 dots 10 lines Patterns

System Requirements:

There is a minimum configuration of Windows 10 1709 or later. All graphics must be DirectX 9 compatible. A DirectX version that is compatible with Windows 8.1 must also be installed. Approximately 40MB is required for installation. OS: Windows 10 1709 or later Audio: 16-bit or 24-bit sound card with two channels or more is required. Screen Size: The minimum screen resolution required is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The screen size for application installation is less than the required screen size. System Requirements: There