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Chicken Invaders is an action-packed science fiction strategy game where gameplay is combined with expressive animations. Players take control of a force of three aliens, and must fight an alien invasion using a variety of spacecraft equipped with gravity-defying weapons.
Key features:
– Join the Alien forces on a new challenging adventure to fight an alien invasion.
– Explore different environments filled with unique minions and boss battles.
– Experience the original IP mixed with an artistic, expressive style.
– Collect Christmas gifts while saving Christmas.
– Enjoy original Christmas music from the family of Electronic Arts.
Chicken Invaders Christmas Edition content is only available for countries and regions where Electronic Arts offers their products, and may vary for each country or region.
The Chicken Invaders Christmas Edition requires an Origin account, which may be purchased at the Microsoft Xbox website. A seasonal ID or profile must be purchased if you do not yet have an EA account.

If you wish to opt out of the Consumer Opt-Out Registry, type „M.A.D.“ (Manual Addition of Data) in the Customer Data Usage Agreement before clicking „I Agree,“ and then confirm your Manually Addition of Data.

If you are a French customer with a PlayStation account and have not opted-out of the Consumer Opt-Out Registry, you may update your PSN account information here. To change your PSN account information, please log in to your PlayStation®Network account, select „Account Management,“ and click „Edit Account Info.“

The information you enter in the My Sony Network Account section of the PlayStation®Network (PSN) account management menu is used to validate your PSN account, manage PSN network traffic, and identify the specific PSN service(s) or content you are using at the time. The following information is accessed by the Network Services division of Sony Online Entertainment, and is the property of Sony Online Entertainment:

As part of Sony Online Entertainment’s ongoing commitment to protecting player privacy, we are working to improve the security of your personal information. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee a completely secure online experience. Please protect your account information and any personal information that you deem important.

Game Modifications:

Game Features


Players can customize their characters by using various items and weapons, which can be purchased either from the in-game store or sold by looting enemies. Players can also buy various in-game items such as weapons and armor


Ayre Features Key:

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Ayre Free Download is a first-person adventure game with an immersive story line, involving a series of real and fictitious unsolved cases. You will discover in the game the drama of those mysterious incidents that have led us to believe that there is a secret conspiracy hidden in our past.
The game is based on real events and sensations.
Ayre records your input and will react to you in a way that you never anticipated.
For more information visit our website:

Watch the official trailer for the game:

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Written & Directed by: Vladi Radovanović
Executive Producer: Teo Koutvitsky
Producer: Aleksandar Stojanović
Runtime: 60
Engine: Unity 3.0
Image Art: Vladi Radovanović
Sound & Music: Vladi Radovanović, Aleksandar Stojanović
Co-Writer: Vladi Radovanović, Aleksandar Stojanović
Charactors: Tassos Atenasio, Aleksandar Stojanović, Vladi Radovanović
Senior Producer: Petra Mlinarić
Producer: Aleksandar Milovancevic
Executive Producer: Teo Koutvitsky
3D Art: Vladi Radovanović
Sound Editor: Svetozar Vukmanović
Edited by: Aleksandar Stojanović
Proofreader: Aleksandar Milovancevic
Graphics: Vladi Radovanović
Music: Vladi Radovanović
Cinematography & Technical Director: Aleksandar Stojanović
Editing: Aleksandar Stojanović
Planning & Direction: Vladi Radovanović
Platforms: PC (all platforms), iOS

published:13 Aug 2017


Alien Abduction: British UFO files bring in £1 million in revenue

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    • Note: This file contains patches for games only
    • You only need to download the smaller patch that is recommended

    // Copyright (c) 2015-present Mattermost, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    // See LICENSE.txt for license information.

    import React from’react‘;
    import PropTypes from ‚prop-types‘;
    import {Link} from’react-router-dom‘;

    export default class IgnoreLink extends React.Component {
    static propTypes = {
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    children: PropTypes.func.isRequired,

    render() {
    const {options, children} = this.props;



    System Requirements For Ayre:

    MAC MINIMUM: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 (10F2601)
    OS X El Capitan 10.11 (11F7100)
    10.11 (11F7100) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz Memory: 2 GB
    2 GB Hard Disk: 30 GB (recommended)
    30 GB (recommended) Video Card: 1024×768
    1024×768 Resolution: 1024×768
    1024×768 Sound Card: Built-In