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Just add the line:

to the beginning of your.profile file.
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Shells are picky, by the way; so if you use the Apple, it may not behave the same way. To see what else it will try to do with your command, you can add set -x at the beginning, or use bash -x.


Solve and square the value from a trig equation

I have a trig equation:
I need to find the $x$ value that make the function: $y^2=f(x)$
Someone told me that I have to solve the equation first and then square the result.
The problem is I dont know how to do that stepwise.


Let’s square the equation, and simplify:
Then, $y^2-\frac{x^2}{4}\cos^{6}x=0$, or $4y^2-x^2\cos^{6}x=0$.
Now, squaring $4y^2=x^2\cos^{6}x$:
A similar thing happens for the next step.

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Use C1••΄™to•automate•data•entry•processes”or•query•data•using•the•field•processing•tool•within•C1•(•supporting•Microsoft•Access•2000•and•Access•2003•and••win•2K•and•XP).•To•install•the•AutoCAD•Portable•system•simply•and•simply•run•AutoCAD•and•and•then•close•all•the•Windows•with•the•window•button…the•window•will•close…then•open•the•Portable•AutoCAD•folder…Openâ€