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Full KeePass 2.x and KeePass 3.x compatibility.
Integrated Dropbox, Google Drive and WebDAV support.
Built-in password generator to help you create the most secure login data.
Biometric security.
Uses a.pwdb file in KeePass 2.x or 3.x format.
Uses a.kdbx file in KeePass 4.x format.
Newer KeePass databases are compatible with AuthPass 1.0.
One-time password generator.
Integrated sync capabilities.
Ability to store the master password and an encryption key file.
Offline synchronization.
Password database synchronization to Dropbox, Google Drive or WebDAV.
Uses KeePass 1.x or 2.x passwords.
Uses KeePass 1.x or 2.x configurations.

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sure there are. And the FERC’s reasoning, though not perfect, is at least a plausible way to protect the consumers without doing the sort of thing we’re being warned against.

Finally, FERC did not, in this case, identify a „right of time-of-day
interconnection“ as a remedy, and that’s unfortunate. Apparently, no
interconnection agreement yet in effect specifies a tariff provision that
would require an LSE to participate in the utility’s peaking power
transmission capacity during the relevant hour. We think the appropriate
remedy here is a writ of mandamus directing FERC to find that a „right of
time-of-day interconnection“ exists and to impose that remedy on the LSE.

We think it important to point out, as the dissent does, that the court has
jurisdiction over the petition. That’s because of the general allegation in
the petition that FERC has acted beyond its jurisdiction or in excess of its
authority. The court agrees with the utility, FERC’s jurisdictional
challenge is not serious; but that doesn’t change the fact that FERC
ultimately has the authority to issue directives for customer participation
in the utility’s transmission peaking activity, and that power is at the
heart of this case.

Richard C. Trevino

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You can also try LastPass:

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Recently, I personally use KeePass. You can find a detailed guide on their website.


How does the ような笑顔 of 眠っていますから lose the negative reading?

I would know this question is very general.
The full text is


I can’t really understand how なから can lose its negative reading.
To me, you can make the sentence as follows, I think:


In that way, I think I can understand the meaning of the full sentence, which is that „when I am working in the garden, I open every day“.
But I can’t say why the なから loses its negative reading in this way.
Can anyone help me with this?


The way you’ve guessed works, but that’s not the complete translation.

In the garden during work, I open every day,

In the garden during work, I do not open every day.

In the garden during work, I am not open every day.

I’ve posted a rough translation above, but as you

AuthPass [32|64bit]

– integrates with KeePass
– create new KeePass files, import them directly
– add custom fields and notes (including file system, URL or database passwords)
– secure vault using biometrics
– Dropbox (1 GB free space) and Google Drive support
– WebDAV support 
End the search for reliable and secure password manager
For any set of credentials, the ability to use one and the same password across multiple accounts is a valuable asset. As a matter of fact, we need to create a password for each and every website we visit and for that, we need to memorize a bunch of different ones, which are usually complex and far from easy to remember. The fact that we tend to use the same password for different accounts is one of the reasons why password managers are really helpful.
The more websites you log into the more possible credentials you may be using and thus easier it is to forget your password or to type it the wrong way. Keeping all your passwords together and using a password manager means you won’t have to remember more than one. 
Imagine the scenario in which you have to log into two or more websites at the same time. In such a situation, you have to first remember the password for one, then type it into a second one and then hit the submit button. If you forgot the password for one account and thus cannot log in, you will have to look for the password in your account, remember it, then type it in another account. Needless to say, this can be a tedious task even when only two accounts are involved. But if you have numerous accounts, it becomes a herculean task and, quite frankly, not worth the effort.
– compatibility with KeePass (adds all KeePass formats),
– KeePass-compatible import
– KeePass-compatible search
– KeePass-compatible password generator
– integrated password manager
– password vault using biometric authentication
– encryption algorithm AES (128-bit or 192-bit) and PKCS5
– local file encryption
– web upload encryption by WCE and HTTPS
– data security: AES (128-bit or 192-bit) and RSA (2048 or 4096 bit)
– Dropbox (1 GB free space) and Google Drive support
– WebDAV support
– authentication: one-time password to protect temporary account passwords
– biometric authentication
– built-in password generator
– native integration to Dropbox (1 GB free

What’s New In?

AuthPass is an open source, light weight, password manager.
It is great for everyone who has multiple logins and passwords to remember. It comes with a biometric lock feature to add an extra layer of security.
AuthPass is based on KeePass and is compatible with KeePass 2.x.
It runs on Windows, Linux and OS X.
If you run KeePass, you can create password database from scratch.
The first field is used to store the master password.
Supported file formats:
kdbx 3.x
kdbx 4.x
kdbx version 3 or 4 exported from KeePass

More detailed description:
AuthPass is an open source, light weight, password manager. It is based on KeePass and compatible with Keepass 2.x. It can create password database from scratch. The first field is used to store the master password. Password entries can be attached to any type of file. Built-in biometric lock feature to add an extra layer of security to all the entries. Password generator.
AuthPass is based on KeePass and is available under GNU General Public License Version 2 (GPLv2). It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
AuthPass is available for free. It is fully opensource.
AuthPass is not a commercial entity and all the licensing costs are cover by the developer.
AuthPass receives no monetary compensation for the sale.
AuthPass is only released under the GPLv2 license so that it is totally free to use.
AuthPass is available on all the platforms that KeePass runs on.
AuthPass is inspired by the open source keepassx project. For further information, you can visit the websites listed below.
AuthPass (with the different versions on different platforms)

AuthPass (windows)

AuthPass (linux/Mac)

For more information on KeePass:

For more information on AuthPass:

System Requirements For AuthPass:

A 64-bit operating system (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10)
A minimum Intel Core i3 or equivalent processor
A minimum of 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended)
A minimum of 20GB of available hard drive space
An internet connection
This game requires the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player (v or higher)