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Photoshop is for serious users. It will be what you want it to be, and no one else can use it to get it to do what you want.

The most important aspect of image editing software — the part you should focus on — is that it gives you a safe place to play with colors, shapes, and layers without damaging the original file. You can undo any changes at will, and you can save images as you work. So you can experiment with how a new image will look without committing to it.

Despite Photoshop’s powerful features, it isn’t the only application that can create and modify images. While it is one of the most powerful programs available, a program like Adobe Illustrator (available only for personal use) offers a simpler workflow that can be more efficient if you’re working for a client or creating articles. Both programs work in the same way with similar options and workflows. It’s simply a matter of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Photoshop’s strengths

Photoshop is the first big application to utilize the Adobe Photoshop Extended program. This program allows a user to create a mask that defines which areas of the image can be modified. It’s a tool that enables you to edit an image as if it were all one layer.

It has a wide range of tools to work with. Tools, as you might expect, are found on the toolbar. You may find them on the fly, or they may appear when you click a tool icon. Either way, the tools are essential. Here are some examples:

• Workflow tools let you apply predefined actions to your image. These actions are used to achieve almost any Photoshop feature, such as making a copy, a duplicate, or a graphic file.

• You can make selections using different tools. For example, the Magic Wand tool selects colors that are similar to those in an image.

• The Crop tool enables you to remove unwanted portions of an image. (Note that this tool was a part of Photoshop prior to version CS6, but now you have to use the Edit → Crop → Crop. A new crop tool is under the Crop tool icon now.)

• Color the image by using the Tools → Adjustments panel.

• Layers are the main way to organize your image. A layer contains one type of object or feature, such as an image, text, or a path. You can create multiple layers to layer on additional features or modify

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Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and up

For Mac users, the minimum requirements are as follows:

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Hardware requirements

MacBook Pro 1.1ghz or newer (2.3ghz or newer recommended)

Notebook or desktop with GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics card + 2GB or more RAM

The CPU is not required to be as fast as 1.1ghz but it should be at least 1.2ghz.

Display resolution: 1920×1080

Graphics card: NVidia 8600 or AMD equivalent

Memory: 2GB or more

7, 62 or 5GB disk space required

512MB video RAM recommended.

Internet speed: 300kbps or more

Internet connectivity required. If you do not have internet connectivity, then please buy a bundle.

Apple USB 2.0 or USB 3.0

Windows 7 and up

Hardware requirements

Hardware specifications:

Windows 7 64bit or higher

Pentium 4 and Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8ghz or higher

Graphic card: Nvidia 8600 or AMD equivalent

Memory: 2GB or more

7, 62 or 5GB disk space required

Internet speed: 300kbps or more

Internet connectivity required. If you do not have internet connectivity, then please buy a bundle.

Apple USB 2.0 or USB 3.0

Since the program does not officially support 32-bit Windows OSes, we suggest that users upgrade to Windows 10 for Mac.

We also suggest that users upgrade to Windows 10 for Mac if they are using Windows 7 and the device has to be connected to a display or printer. The developers have confirmed that 32-bit windows OSes do not work with the program.

Like Mac OS X, 32-bit Windows systems have limitations:

You can not have more than 4GB of memory.

The CPU speed cannot exceed 2.2ghz.

The display resolution cannot exceed 1366×768

Internet connection speed cannot exceed 512 kbps.

Internet connection is required. If you do not have internet connectivity, please buy a bundle.

Recommended resolution for Mac:

If your monitor

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20

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Competing interests

The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

Authors‘ contributions

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New and improved bounty

I have recently had to renew my bounty on SO. My new bounty was less than my previous one. I found out this from the comments that suggested a bounty when I had made my last offer.
This seems like a bad idea.
Previously I had the ability to give my bounty to a single answer or to a new or improved answer.
Now I can’t.
Am I missing something?


You can – and should – offer multiple bounties, allowing you to give points away in more or less proportionate amounts. You can use the same bounty on multiple questions, and the same answer is eligible for all of them.
The main reason for the recent restriction is that awarding multiple bounties will not automatically trigger another bounty phase. This means that when someone doesn’t get all of the points they’re looking for after an answer gets one bounty, you’ll have to pay out the points the next time it gets a bounty.
This reduces the „curiosity gap“ problem. When you up-vote an answer which looks good to you, you expect that the owner will come back and improve their answer. But when a new user comes along and up-votes the same answer, they may think „well, I’m doing the right thing, so maybe it’ll stick around better.“ You may also get new users who aren’t familiar with how the system works, and now they’re being discouraged from voting based on the possibility that the answer will attract another bounty.
There are several other reasons to limit the number of bounties per answer, but when used correctly, multiple bounties make it easier to reward good answers to multiple problems at once, without causing anyone else to fall behind on their own posts.


We’ve recently changed the bounty system. You can still have multiple bounties on a single post.
[note that you don’t need to post a question to trigger a bounty on it anymore; you can just have your own answer, or leave a comment which includes a link to the question you wish to reward]
If that’s the case, consider starting a new bounty on the same question for points a second time.

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