Adobe 2017 Universal Patcher


Adobe 2017 Universal Patcher

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Why does this terminate differently?

char* strcpy_r_s(char* dest, const char* source)

while (*dest!= ‚\0‘ && *source!= ‚\0‘)
*dest++ = *source++;
*dest = ‚\0‘;

return dest;

I am trying to write a function that can be used to reverse the characters in a string.
When I try to compile this code and return the string „test“, the code terminates but the console just outputs the memory address of the memory it is trying to return and not the string „test“ as it should be.
Why does the while loop not terminate as soon as „test“ is reached in this example?


dest doesn’t increment to point to the NULL terminator after the first assignment, so it doesn’t actually get to read the NULL terminator from source. The first assignment becomes the end condition for the while loop, and it terminates without doing anything.


What is the difference between „add-apt-repository“ and „software-properties-common“?

On my 14.04 Ubuntu Server, when I run apt-get update, I see this line:
Hit InRelease

So I go into synaptic to add that PPA, but I cannot figure out what the difference between add-

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